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Buff Monster Releases "Key Lime Karl," Third, and LAST, in Series of Wood Prints


Between now, and Midnight on Friday, January 15th PST, you can get your hands on the third and final installment of Buff Monster's wood print series." From "Strawberry Terry," to "Vanilla Camilla" all the way to the newly released "Key Lime Karl," each of these prints is certified cool AF and here's why.

Not only has each been a limited timed-release print -- hand-signed and numbered by the artist -- they've also been available for purchase as a framed print with a stellar contrasting back splash, orrr an equally stellar a cut-to-shape, multi-dimensional print. Variety is always awesome when the options are so cool. Some purchased all four priorly released versions of Buff Monster's wood print series, and some were simply waiting around for the very lovable Karl to make his entrance.

To reiterate, "Key Lime Karl" will only be available for a limited time, so make your purchase in the next 48 hours in order to ensure that Karl will be on his way.

To learn more about the cut-to-shape version of "Key Lime Karl," and to make your purchase, click here.

To learn more about the framed version of "Key Lime Karl," and to make your purchase, click here.

And to check out a very insightful Q&A with Buff Monster from DesignerCon 2015, click here!