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Buff Monster's "Strawberry Terry" Release

buff monster artist

Buff Monster, a huge street artist and American painter, who adamantly expresses confidence, individuality, and happiness throughout his art pieces. His work embodies happy, unique and brightly colored characters that are printed onto all sorts of mediums such as, prints, walls, stickers, toys, plush and much more.

print on wood cut to shape buff monster strawberry terry

One characteristic or theme Buff Monster repeats throughout most of his works is the color pink. To Buff Monster, pink symbolizes confidence, individuality and happiness. Buff Monster has become a successful artist, and has worked with many recognizable brands such as, Disney, Kid Robot, Sanrio, Hello kitty, and much more. He has also painted large mural projects and many of his paintings are displayed at galleries around the world.

Strawberry Terry buff monster printonwood2

Prints on Wood has worked with Buff Monster to release one of his new pieces, "Strawberry Terry." Many of his art works are based on the things he likes. For example, "Strawberry Terry" and many of his other collections are about ice cream.

Strawberry Terry by Buff Monster in progress

This piece is awesome because we are having two different options available during its release. "Strawberry Terry" will have a cut to shape option for $100 and a framed option for $150. Our framing option is fairly new, and we're so please to see the nice finishing touch it gives to every piece. "Strawberry Terry" will be available on our webpage starting today through Friday, August 21st.

Strawberry Terry” Release Details
Print Size: 12”x12”
Medium: 1/2" Natural Gloss
Price: Cut to shape print: $100; Framed: $150
Availability: Sale starts at 10 am on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 and ends on Friday, August 21, 2015 at midnight.

Buff Monster print on wood strawberry terry