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  • Pixel Heart Show a Huge Success

    pixel heart show 2 For the month of February, Chogrin, an illustrator & designer whose work is inspired by classic American & Japanese cartoons, put together an amazing show that appreciates the month of love and the video gaming community. With the help of Prints on Wood and Chogrin, we created 89 pixelated heart panels to fill the walls at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles. Chogrin brought together 100 artists to conceptualize the idea of video games through pixelated wooden hearts. Some of these custom shape wood prints were printed and others were directly painted onto.


    pixel heart show pow The Pixel Heart Show will be open until the 20th of February. For those who want to go see it, you still got a few days! It is definitely a show you want to see. The wood prints really stand out against the white wall because each heart is imbued with a lot of bright colors. Chogrin curated such an amazing show for the gaming community and we are honored to be a part of it. Prints on Wood strives to produce quality work to make such events come together.
    To view more images of the Pixel Heart Show visit the main website,
  • POW Chats: A Conversation with "Pixel Hearts" Curator, Chogrin

    chogrin pixel hearts

    In celebration of the upcoming video game-centered PIXEL HEARTS exhibition taking place at Gallery 1988 (WEST) this Friday, we chat with curator and mastermind behind the event, illustrator and designer, Chogrin.

    POW had the absolute delight of providing over 100 artists with pixel heart-shaped panels for the exhibition, and as expected, the outcome is too great, definitely something you have to see. This is one of the coolest exhibitions we've been able to be a part of stylistically, so we're super excited. Catch a sneak peak of the work here.  And as promised, learn more about Chogrin and get hella nostalgic over 80s and 90s video game greatness, here.

    1. Hey Chogrin. Tell me a little about your creative background; when did you begin drawing?

    I've been drawing all my life. When I was about 12, I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue professionally and as a career. My creative background consists of everything I grew up with...From toys, children's books, comics, animated shows, video games, 80s & 90s movies, to the artwork on Trapper Keepers. My current style of drawing is a mixture of all these things, but also about 84% inspired by the works E.C. Segar, Ub Iwerks, and Osamu Tezuka.

    3. Who are a few more of your favorite artists/creative influences?

    So many people. I'd say artists such as Mike Mignola, Akira Toriyama, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Picasso, and Oswaldo Guayasamin. My creative influences have been Ub Iwerks, Osamu Tezuka, Jorge Gutierrez, Guillermo del Toro, Walt Disney and many more.

    2. Can you tell me about your connection to video games? Do you remember your first console for instance?

    I clearly remember my first console being the NES and the games I remember playing the most were Circus Charlie, Ninja Turtles, and Super Mario Bros. But it wasn't until the Super Nintendo that I really remember and absorbed the worlds, characters, and stories behind games like Super Mario World, which is what my piece is paying tribute to. In a way, video games grew up along with my generation.


    4. Tell me about your upcoming group exhibition, PIXEL HEARTS; how did the overall idea come about?

    I've seen a lot of art shows where artists paint on a specific shaped canvas and have always thought that a "PIXEL HEART" canvas was a great idea to do a video game, pop-culture art event. I'm pretty sure this is the first art show to feature this kind of unique canvas, which I'm pretty excited about.

    5. How did you go about curating the art with the artists? What kind of directions or parameters were they asked to work within?

    I have a specific group of artists that I work with on all my shows, but in each show I also try to bring some new artists that I haven't worked with and that I admire. One of the exciting things from these shows is to meet new artists and make new connections worldwide. For this show 100+ artists from around the world are paying tribute to video game culture in their own artistic interpretation. You will see artwork of anything video game related. EXAMPLES: The Power Glove, any video game console, game cartridges, etc. The show will be a mix of digital and traditional art. Giving artists the pixel heart canvas has led to some beautiful and unique art pieces that I can't wait for everyone to see. All I can say is that If you love video game pop-culture this is the art show event you've been looking for!

    6. What other projects do you have on your plate as 2016 continues to unfold?

    PIXEL HEARTS will be my only art show for 2016, and I don't know if I plan on doing anymore after that. If a good opportunity presents itself, I might do another one, but for right now I'm focusing more on my own artwork and other personal projects I've been wanting to take on. All in all, my whole experience in curating group art shows for the last 6 years has been very rewarding and I can't wait to embark on my next adventure!

  • "Pixel Hearts" at Gallery1988 Honors the Love of Video Game Culture


    Prints on Wood is lucky enough to hold an amazing place in the art world, constantly working with creative individuals and artists to make memorable work. For the upcoming month of love, POW has the pleasure of seeing the curatorial efforts of Ecuadoran artist, Chogrin -- plus a bit of a POW-infusion -- unfold in a unique and festive way.

    As a designer, illustrator and curator, Chogrin is beloved online -- as well as the 4 dimensional realm -- for his creative works, utilizing the style and execution of both American and Japanese cartoons as his influences. His next curatorial adventure quite noticeably combines a staple of both cultures -- and a first love of many, many young artists -- as the underlying theme for the show.

    Opening February 5th, "Pixel Hearts" is a group exhibition featuring over 100 artists from around the world, each paying tribute to the glorious aesthetic nature of video game culture. The event is set to take place at Gallery 1988 (WEST) , so you know it's going to be a star-studded night for the neighborhood.

    The event is set to feature a total of 228 heart shaped pixel panels, supplied by POW, and customized by 100+ creatives from around the globe. Each artwork is printed on a 12x12" wood panel that's 3/4" thick, and cut into a pixelated heart shape design.

    Video game and 8-bit lovers  rejoice, this night is specifically for you. So next Friday, grab your girl and your art show shoes and make your way to LA.

    "Pixel Hearts" opens February 5th at 7pm at Gallery1988 (WEST), located at 7308 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046​.

    Keep up with Chogrin at www.Chogrin.com.



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  • No Ghost Logos Charity Event

    no ghost logo pow

    Ghostbusters (1984) was a movie that about a few guys who got kicked out from their University, and became ghostbusters for a living. The Ghostbusters community has created a documentary called "Ghostheads" to share the Ghostbusters fandom around the world. These Ghostheads have traveled around the world meeting fans, visiting hospitals, and raising money for charities.

    ECTO-1 no ghost logo pow

    Photo of Sean Bishop's ECTO-1 Replica

    On Friday, October 30, 2015, there will be The No Ghost Logos Charity event held in Burbank curated by our good friend Chogrin. There will be an art gallery and an appearance of Sean Bishop's ECTO 1 replica. Chogrin has brought together 30 artists from around the world to interpreted the "No Ghost" logo in their own style. The No Ghost Logos Charity event will have an art show at the "Creature Feature Art Gallery" displaying all of their pieces from 7-9 PM. This event is a tribute and fundraiser for Michael C. Gross, the creator of the famous Ghostbusters logo. Gross has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and they wanted to dedicate this event to him in appreciation of the huge impact he has made on the Ghostbuster film and history. Michael C. Gross is extremely passionate about art and really appreciates the Ghostbusters community.

    Michael C. Gross Pow no ghost show

    (Photo of The late Harold Ramis with Michael on the set of Ghostbusters (1984))

    Prints on Wood had the opportunity to be able to sponsor this cool event! We will be printing all 30 pieces for the No Ghost Logo interpretations. We are super excited to see how everything will turn out and can't wait to be a part of the Ghostbuster fandom!

  • Strong to the Finich! A Tribute to Popeye the Sailor Man

    Anyone that is anyone in this day and age fondly remembers watching Popeye cartoons on a Saturday morning whilst having their favorite cereal. Since Popeye’s creation in 1929 by American cartoonist Elzie Crisler Segar, the sailor man himself has appeared in thousands of comic books, television shows, and video games. Not to mention his very own live action movie starring the now late and great, Robin Williams.


    It’s no wonder POW was excited to work with artists Chogrin Munoz and Salba Combe, who along with many others, came together to collaborate on a Popeye the Sailor inspired art exhibit at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles this past Friday.


    “Strong to the Finich! An Official Popeye Tribute Art Show: Celebrates 85 years of Popeye the Sailor Man” included art from more than 100 artists from around the world, and was curated by Chogrin himself, in collaboration with King Features Syndicate.

    Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 1.25.36 PM

    All Hands on Deck by Chogrin 

    Chogrin, who hails from Ecuador, has been a long time fan of Popeye ever since he was a child and stated that putting together a show inspired by the iconic cartoon has been dream of his for a long time.

    It was no wonder then that POW jumped at the chance to be a part of this special moment by coming to together with both Chogrin and Salba for two unforgettable prints on wood.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.05.56 PM

    Fishing Mermaids by Salba Combe

    Chogrin’s piece, “All Heads on Deck” is a 24" x 24" wood print priced at $500 available through the Hero Complex Gallery.  Artist Salba Combe’s piece, titled  “Fishing Mermaids” is 11” X 17” and also currently available.   If you any of you are in the Los Angeles area sometime this month, the art exhibit runs through September 21st in the Hero Complex Gallery located on 2020 South Robertson Blvd, Studio D and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11AM-6M.

    For more on the Popeye Art Exhibit, visit the Hero Complex website at http://hcgart.com/

    For more on Chogrin Munoz, visit http://chogrin.tumblr.com/

  • Chogrin Munoz X Guillermo Del Toro

    Most fans can only dream of meeting their idols, but Joseph Game, know in the art world as Chogrin Munoz, is living that dream. Last year, the famous film director Guillermo Del Toro personally visited a gallery that Chogrin curated in tribute to his films. This year, he was invited to participate in the exhibit for the first ever DelToroCon, which will be happening online this weekend, July 10-13.


    Guillermo Del Toro at Chogrin's show

    Chogrin, whose works for this specific exhibit focus on Del Toro’s original films including Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, and Pan’s Labyrinth, was ecstatic to receive an invitation to the con. Most of the other artists were invited because they had worked on Del Toro’s films, which he jokingly described as being in the “Del Toro circle.”


    “Guillermo is so great to fans. A lot of the time he ends up working with them, hiring artists like myself to do concept art or storyboards for his films.”

    Chogrin’s own interest in Del Toro’s work began about ten years ago when he got Blade II on dvd and watched the special features (which featured del Toro).

    “I saw a Mexican director who was passionate about his work. As somebody from latin America, I was immediately inspired and moved as an artists and began to study his original film work, and what he had to say. I’m just an artist / fan that hopes to be able to work / collaborate with Del Toro someday. That is one of my dreams. I have such respect and appreciation for that man, a true master.


    Chogrin is an established curator in addition to being an artist.

    “It started as kind of a joke of doing art galleries for everything we liked,” he laughed. “My friends and I graduated from art school about seven years ago and were saying that we should do art shows about what we were passionate about.”


    The West Coast had galleries featuring pop art and culture, which is what the Philadelphia-based graduates wanted to replicate on the East Coast.

    “We found a comic book store with a gallery area- well, a blank wall- and that was kind of our opening ground for experimentation.”

    After their first successful show, Chogrin and his friends were asked back, which has multiplied into over thirty art shows in the last six years.


    “It’s kind of like being a band,” he said, “and art shows are like going on tour.”

    The majority of artists he features in his shows return every year, which produces a sort of rapport, and drives him to keep improving his shows. Each year, the shows get a little more refined, and everybody goes up a level.


    “We try to make works that everybody talks about, that they want to keep coming back to,” he explained.

    For more information about Chogrin, please visit:  http://chogrin.tumblr.com/.

    If you are interested in learning more about DELTOROCON2014, please visit: http://deltorocon.com/.


    Mike Mignola's Hellboy is now officially 2 decades old. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles has joined forces with POW's favorite customer / Ecuadorian artist: Chogrin, to pay tribute to everyones favorite big red knot-headed demon.


    Chogrin has selected over 100 illustrators from around the world to pay tribute to Mike Mignola's Hellboy Universe in an official art show that will celebrate 20 years of Mignola's character & comics.


    The Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show will premiere this Friday (May 2nd) at the Hero Complex Gallery (www.hercomplexgallery.com), and it will feature artists printing their final artwork through Prints On Wood.


    For more information about this event or to preview artwork, please visit the following links:





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