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Corey Helford Gallery

  • Lori Nelson and Mab Graves @ Corey Helford Gallery

    lori nelson 3

    Recently, Los Angeles' Corey Helford Gallery opened a pair of really great shows by some of today's leading female artisans including friends of POW, Mab Graves and Lori Nelson. On May 28th, Nelson debuted a solo exhbition titled "Cryptotweens Are Like," while Mab Graves showcased a series of her recent works within a three person group exhibition curated by artist Caro.

    lori nelson 6

    On the topic of her latest exhibition "Cryptotweens Are Like," Nelson shares:

    “I am focusing on a parallel world with mythological and magical almost-human creatures experiencing very human feelings and in recognizable earthly situations. I am drawn to adolescents as subjects because, for a brief time, they necessarily inhabit a land that is neither childhood nor adulthood, but rather a thorny connective forest that all must stumble through. Forests, we all know, though dangerous and spooky, can also be quite magical. In my recent work, I strive to show my human and semi-human subjects, my "Cryptotweens", in a precise instance where they are occupying this middle place, at once vulnerable and yet also experiencing power for the first time."

    lori nelson 10

    Nelson goes on to continue stating:

    "Many of the “Cryptotweens” in this exhibit wear ecstatic expressions on their faces reminiscent of the innocents and saints of traditional religious art when a veil has been lifted and knowledge and divine power revealed. It is this dual aspect of innocence and knowledge that for me defines tween and teenhood. It's a look that is not easily described and hence the title for this collection, "Cryptotweens Are Like". In my mind, the ending for that unfinished sentence would not be a word but rather something unspoken like a facial expression or gesture, an “emoji”, if you will, describing just what it is to be neither here nor there. I wish to capture the fleeting moment before the child emerges from the forest and reality and selfawareness sets upon her.”

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    lori nelson

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    On sight, Mab Graves' latest three person group exhibition revolves around an outwardly obvious topic: FOOD-- and angry food at that. "The Epicure and the Furious Food" further highlights Graves' unique ability to add character and personality to a number of subjects.

    mab graves 3


    Her ability to straddle the world of cartoons, anthropomorphism and fine art act as a rarity in today's global art market. More than a quirky illustrator sporting a gaggle of paint brushes and pens, Mab Graves is a young artist whose knack for creating unique and recognizable contemporary pop surrealist paintings is undeniable.


    mab graves 2


    Be sure to take a gander at our interview with the artist conducted at the 2015 DesignerCon aaaand keep your eyes peeled on a NEW and soon to be released Prints on Wood x Mab Graves collaboration to be announced in the coming days. Find out more by staying tuned to the POW blog here, and by following us on Twitter and Instagram today.

    Mab Graves Talks Origin Stories and the Dream World with POW


    mab graves

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    mab graves 2

    mab graves 3

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  • "Asymmetrical Diptych Party" @ Corey Helford Gallery


    Mandy Cao Mandy Cao


    Over the weekend, Corey Helford Gallery unleashed a beautifully curated group show at their new downtown location titled "Asymmetrical Diptych Party," consisting of POW artists such as Luke Cheuh.

    The exhibition features a series of diptychs -- a piece of work broken into two separate parts, but functions as one conclusive work -- created specifically for the exhibition by the show's stellar roster of contemporary artists.
    Participating artists include: Andrew Brandou, Annie Owens, Beau Stanton, Billy Norrby, Brandi Milne, Brian Donnelly, Caia Koopman, Cathie Bleck, Greg Gossel, Jennybird Alcantara, Joe Hengst, Kent Williams, Lola, Liz McGrath, Luke Chueh, Mandy Cao, Mikael Takacs, Michael Mararian, Michael Page, Mike Stilkey, Nicomi Nix Turner, Shawn Barber, Soey Milk, Travis Lampe, Van Arno, and Yumiko Kayukawa.

    The show will be on view now, until February 13th. Check out some of the work displayed, below.

    Brandi Milne Brandi Milne
    Nicomi Nix Turner Nicomi Nix Turner
    "We're All Connected" by Caia Kooman Caia Kooman
    Cathie Black Cathie Black
    "Dokebi Light Study: Inconnu" by Soey Milk Soey Milk
    "Hyousou - Epipelagic" by Yumiko Kayakuwa Yumiko Kayakuwa
    Beau Stanton Beau Stanton
    Kent Williams Kent Williams
  • Ron English "NeoNature" Opening @ Corey Helford Gallery


    NeoNature, a colorful dive through the mind of contemporary pop illustrator, Ron English, opened this Saturday, December 12th, at the newly unwrapped Arts District location of Los Angeles' Corey Helford Gallery.

    On view now till January 9th, the premier show centers around the theme of evolution— described by the show's press release as "the flaw that propels civilization." Showcased throughout the body of work, English offers up a multitude of mediums to make his point, ranging from paintings on canvas, to sculptural figures to poignant pieces of performance art depicting what appears to be an evolved species of gun-wielding cow.

    Within the show, English offers his adaptation of the concept of 'evolution,' breaking down what the word means for an array of creatures; expect diabolical looking chihuahuas and ruinous reptiles among others.  In his usual fashion, English bites off a fantastically large existential topic, producing work surrounding the notion of evolution that is of course elite in its execution and mastery, but is wild, absurd and completely punk rock.

    Attended by hundreds, the show brought out many appreciated attendees from the curious general public, to collectors and local artists. The crowd that night included POW artists Greg "Craola" Simkins, Lola and Luke Chueh, as well contemporary favorites Shepard Fairey, Gary Baseman, Brandi Milne, Shag, Korin Faught and Natalia Fabia.

    For a taste of the show's progressive content, and to catch the waves of few underlying social, cultural and political themes, scroll below. Also, to view and purchase exclusive POW x Ron English prints, view the artist's catalog of available collaborations here.

    ron-english-neonature-corey-helfordron-english-neonature-corey-helford.jpg2ron-english-neonature-corey-helford12ron-english-neonature-corey-helford.jpg3 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford5ron-english-neonature-corey-helford7ron-english-neonature-corey-helford8ron-english-neonature-corey-helford4 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford9 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford10 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford11 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford13

  • Chopping Block: Bob Dob

    When we first meet Bob Dob at ComicCon this summer we instantly knew we had to figure out way to do a print on wood with him!  We immediately connected with this artwork and ended up buying his ComicCon exclusive, newest Mouseketeer Army figure from 3DRetro.  This Friday we are excited to release our first fine art wood print with Bob Dob called "California Here I Come" which first debuted at the Corey Helford group show, "Art Collector Starter Kit II" on August 30th, 2014.   In case you haven't had a chance to meet Bob, we figured we would share a quick interview we had with him a few weeks back.



    POW: Bob, your bio states you were once studying musical theory in college but decided to switch to art after having taken drawing and painting classes. What did art do for you that music just couldn’t?

    Bob: I was playing in a Thrash/Punk band at the time and there wasn't much theory in that genre. Most of what was being taught in Music at El Camino College was theory. Now I appreciate the theory being any song or musical piece.

    San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Mouseketeer Army Vinyl Figures by Bob Dob - Mouseketeers Liberty & Devil LockMouseketeer Army figures by Bob Dob

    POW: I like that you add a dark twist to otherwise safe themes in your pieces. Is this how you view the world around you?

    Bob: I am rather morbid in my thinking, I think it's  a release for me to get it out in my artwork so I can be more positive on a daily basis. There's always a humorous spin in each work though.

    Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 1.17.19 PMCalifornia Here I Come by Bob Dob

    POW: Tell us a little bit more about your piece “California Here I Come”, which you will be releasing on wood this upcoming month. What was the inspiration for it?

    Bob: I love California. It's a very diverse state. One of my favorite TV programs was hosted by a man named Huell Howser called California Gold and the theme song for it was "California Here I Come".  I put a punker playing a Ukulele riding a Grizzly Bear which has been killed off in California but it's on our state flag.  Trying to capture the diversity.

    Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 1.22.38 PMBeer Head by Bob Dob

    POW: I really love your use of clouds as a backdrop in your art. They remind me a lot of Rene Magritte’s work. What do the clouds in your imagery represent?

    Bob: Rene Magritte has been an influence on my work, yes.  The clouds and blue skies represent hope in most of my work.  A sense that things are going to be OK.

    POW: How has your upbringing and current life in Southern California inspired your creativity?

    Bob: Growing up in Hermosa Beach is the reason I do what I do today.

    image_paint_43Where Crows Dies by Bob Dob

    POW: I notice a lot of you characters are tattooed and wearing Misfits t-shirts. Are there musical genres or even films, which influence you as an artist?

    Bob: The Misfits were a big influence on my band as well as my paintings. Chinatown, LA Confidential are movies that I enjoyed and anything James Ellroy has written.


    Bob is a man of few words but holds great talent!  Thank you Bob for letting us pry a bit into your world.

    For more information on Bob Dob, please visit: http://www.bobdob.com/


    ch1POP-EYECONIC Opening Night, March 15th, 2014

    Since the release of the first X-Men movie back in 2000, TV and Movie executives have placed some major bets on nerds, nostalgia, and the internet hoping to cultivate a pop-culture apex in the darkest nether regions of our subconscious.

    ch8BOBA by Luke Chueh

    Fast forward 14 years later and all you hear about these days is Gritty-Reboot-This and Saturday-Morning-Cartoon-Turned-Film-Adaptation-That, all sold under the premise of watching Megan Fox run around yoga pants for an hour and a half. (A movie trend I'm TOTALLY cool with!)


    Oh, they're making a Ninja Turtle movie where they're aliens instead of mutants? Popeye gets all Deepak Chopra and embarks on a spiritual journey to discover the meaning of "I yam what I yam!"? They cast Ben Affleck to play Batman!!?

    ch6WOLFBATMAN by Paul Frank

    While we collectively groan upon hearing that our favorite childhood franchise is getting bastardized and transformed into some lack luster 90 minute commercial to sell happy meals, you know damn well you're still going to go see it!

    ch4POP EYE CON by D*Face

    Why is that? It's because that even though they're fictional characters, by learning their life story in short all-encompassing 30 minute incraments over the years, Pop Culture icons feel like family. (Which reminds me, I haven't called Launchpad McQuack in a while.) 

    ch9THXPD by Carlos Ramos

    I know, that's an incredibly dorky thing to say, but think about how incensed you were when you heard Spike Jonze was making an adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are? (For those of you who actually LIKED that movie... take your Trilby, Toms, and fixe-gear bike and go buy some Pabst Blue Ribbon you neck-bearded freak!)

    ch10BELIEVE by Nate Frizzell

    But alas, there's still hope. While we have lost faith in Movie Studios to treat our nearest and dearest tv-shows / cartoons / comics / videogames with the upmost respect and delicacy, we dorks are still here for each other.


    Think about it... tickets to Comic-Con are harder to get than tickets to Coachella. Get a bunch of guys together in a room and someone is bound to start quoting Anchorman! Star Wars is so mind numbingly huge, we now have girls pretending to like it on Facebook! (SPOCK IZ TOTEZ MY FAV JEDI! GAWD! IM SUCHA NURD!!!1)


    This is why we at Prints On Wood decided to make the schlep to West LA and payed a visit to the Corey Helford Gallery. This past Saturday was the opening night for the Pop-Eyeconic group show boasting some of the biggest names in art right now. D*Face, Paul Frank, Ron English, SHAG, even Prints On Wood's very own Lola was showcasing their art at this fine event honoring the imaginary people we know and love.

    ch2UNTITLED by Peter Gronquist

    While we can't be sure whether or not Guardians of the Galaxy won't suck (I'm optimistic), we're confident that our mythical friends are safe in the hands of the great artists featured at this show. Who better to create art commemorating these characters than people like you and me who grew up with them. Best part of all, we made a bunch of new (real) friends while we were there.


    The Pop-Eyeconic Group Art Show is currently running at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City and ends on Friday, March 28th. For more information on this event, and the artists featured, please visit: http://www.coreyhelfordgallery.com/

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