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  • OuterSpace Projects x ABV Gallery x POW Release Party


    Thursday, June 23rd, Atlanta's ABV Gallery -- which is founded by friend of POW and skilled muralist Greg Mike -- is joining forces with Prints on Wood and OuterSpace Projects to celebrate the release of several limited edition prints. This is the place to be Thursday to grab some exclusive eco-friendly art, plus grab some sold out prints from the POW vault. Each print comes with the option of including a custom frame.

    All of the prints included in this release measure in a 14"x14" and will be availalbe for $100. While prints will be available at ABV Gallery, they will also be available in a time released online release beginning at 1pm PST on Thursday and ending Wednesday, June 29th at midnight. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will go towards benefitting the FCancer Organization.

    Simply RSVP here for entry into the event, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those exclusive online released prints to come.

    The following is the list of the artist that will have releases:


    arlin bear wood print_frame_front arlin bear wood print_detail
    Matt Gondek

    Matt Gondek wood print_front Matt Gondek wood print_detail
    Greg Mike

    greg mike print on wood_frame_front GREG_MIKE_PARADISE
    Drew Merritt

    Drew Merrit ABV Gallery wood printdrew merritt detail
    Mac Stewart

    mac stewart wood print_frame_front MAC_STWEART
    Felipe Pantone

    Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE61 wood print_frame_front Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE61 wood print_detail
    Tommy Bronx

    Tommy_Bronx_wood print_front Tommy_Bronx_14x14_wood_cut

    wolf_dog front wolf_dog detail

    2alas_skull_rose wood print_front 2alas_skull_rose_detail

    In another part of the gallery, find exclusive, sold out POW collaborations from artists:

    Jeff Soto
    Buff Monster
    Nick Walker
    Tara McPherson
    Drew Merritt
    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez
    James Haunt
    Mab Graves
    Jeff Gillette
    Luke Chueh
    Ron English

  • Greg 'Craola' Simkins @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

    greg craola simkins 8


    Over the weekend, we ventured out to Los Angeles' Merry Karnowsky Gallery which is currently hosting the latest exhibition by street artists, fine artist and friend of POW, Greg Craola Simkins. The show, entitled "Beyond Shadows," opened May 21 and closes June 18th. This is definitely one for contemporary art enthusiasts not to miss.

    Within this exhbition, Craola plays with a new method of production called "Drips," or "Drips Scripts" where paintings consist of a mix of graffiti style and fine art. On the topic of this style and Craola's latest works: ". . Despite their disparate styles, a reverence for graffiti aesthetics, punk rock sensibilities, and formal painting practice all unify Simkins’ new works. His surfaces are meticulously layered and treated to achieve a weathered patina of old paint and tags, sometimes layered for years. This laborious process coopts the aesthetics of the dilapidated buildings and alleyways that serve as incubators for street based art, and allows Simkins’ works to breach the walls between his paintings, his audience, and the outside world."


    Dash (our 10 yr old son) had control of the camera part of the time, so you will see a little of his perspective in the photos mixed in with images we nabbed of Craola's latest exhibition.


    greg craola simkins 17


    Craola's style of painting is highly inspired by narrative stories and literary assertions, conveying a myriad of age-old insight. Some of the literary works still referenced in his artistry include The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis,The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, and Watership Down by Richard Adams.


    Craola began painting graffiti under the name CRAOLA as a teen in Southern, California. The craft informed him on color theory, structure, perspective and a number of addition creative pragmatics. He later went on to refine his talents while attending Cal State Long Beach, where he graduated with his Bacelor's of Fine Arts.



    greg craola simkins 4

    "Beyond Shadows" is Craola's largest, and most varied, exhibition to date. Representing a medley of color, texture and context, Craola's "Beyond Shadows" is one of the highlight exhibitions of the incoming summer season. On the topic of his latest exhbition, Craola shares:

     My artistic journey began as a child daydreaming and creating strange realms where anything was possible. It later turned into going on adventures, writing on walls in the shadows of night. What if those walls began to crumble? What would we encounter as we emerge on the other side? Would it be lands full of flying fish, giant birds, and Noble Knights? Would I belong or fit in? Journey with me over the wall as we discover what lies beyond the shadows. - Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins


    greg craola simkins 3

    greg craola simkins 5

    greg craola simkins 6

    greg craola simkins 10

    greg craola simkins 14

    greg craola simkins 11

    greg craola simkins 12

    greg craola simkins 13

    greg craola simkins 16

    greg craola simkins

    greg craola simkins2

  • Air+Style Virtual Art Gallery

    Just in case you missed Shaun White's Air+Style event at the Pasadena Rose Bowl last weekend, here is a second chance to experience the Prints on Wood booth. (minus the sun, rain, snowboarding, music, live art, free mini-prints, who needs all that anyway! And you save $50 a ticket too)


    After a grueling 9 hours of set up, the booth is complete!  And the one of one, signed prints fit in just perfectly.

    soto_03_1_Mountain Giants by Jeff Soto

    soto_01Night Nest by Jeff Soto

    Luke_01 (1)

    Leak by Luke Chueh (unavailable)

    Luke_03 (1)Bird and the Bee by Luke Chueh (unavailable)

    KMNDZ_01All Eyes on Me by KMNDZ

    Craola_03Mary Becoming Annette by Greg "Craola" Simkins

    Craola_01Never Alone by Greg "Craola" Simkins (sold)

    Haunt_01Imagine by James Haunt

    Haunt_03See All by James Haunt

    Plus a couple live pieces by Luke Chueh and Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez

    IMG_7562 IMG_7563

    The outside of the booth looked just as good by the end of the day.

    IMG_7567James Haunt going non-stop

    IMG_7629Craola and Jeff Soto, working side by side

    IMG_7554Craola and family

    IMG_7574Craola's final piece before the rains start to come (and Joe the booth builder extraordinaire!)

    Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.58.04 PMJames Haunt's finished mural

    IMG_7580Jeff Soto's finished piece

    IMG_7582and a bit of good humor

    IMG_7572Calling it a wrap!  (Soto, Craola, KMNDZ)

  • Air + Style Weekend

    The workday after a great weekend is always a tough one to snap back into. The week’s begun churning and we've snipped off our Air + Style wristbands. While we settle back into the world of staplers and paper cuts, we can’t help but reminisce on that one time kids gathered 'round to gaze at art pieces, then lost their minds to their favorite musicians. Sounds like every festival huh?

    Good vibes were going Saturday morning while we prepped the POW booth for incoming spectators. With the stage to our left and the 16 story ice slope to our right, We couldn't have gotten a better seat in the house.


    Our friends, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Johnny KMDZ, Jeff Soto, and James Haunt were up and at it priming and painting their canvases for the day ahead.

    IMG_0922Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez live painting

    As temperature rose, things really started heating up at the event.


    Art fanatics and curious spectators buzzed in, out, and around our booth to get their art fix...

    IMG_1141 FullSizeRender(4)

    chat with our featured artists...


    check out the live art..(major props to this guy who sat for HOURS, making a time lapse video on Simkins' piece)

    FullSizeRender(6)and swipe the mini prints we were giving away.


    At the table, spectators got to hashtagging sharing and posting on our Instagram and Facebook page. All 300 of the mini-prints were gone faster than you can shout “free miniprints!”

    FullSizeRender(7) IMG_0957

    It was awesome to see first hand each of these artists in full effect. Clusters and crowds of Air + Style attendees gathered round to see what the featured artist were concocting at their canvases.

    KMDZ took a break from the paintbrush to shoot the breeze with a budding artist, loaded with questions about composition, technique, and who knows what else.


    A very sleepy yet excited Luke Chueh rolled in just in time to start up on his canvas and attracted one heck of a crowd while doing so.


    Graffiti legends, Greg "Craola" Simkins and Jeff Soto got busy emptying spray cans on to our 20x8 foot walls


    Jumping right back into it from his vacation in Jamaica, James Haunt didn’t miss a beat and painted right alongside the two graffiti artists.


    With rain, rain and more rain coming in on Sunday, our featured artists kicked it into high gear finishing up their pieces before the rain got a chance to.

    Good thing they did too, our time at the Air + Style event was cut short by the weather. Drenched in rain on the foggy Sunday morning, we knocked it all down, packed up shop and said our goodbyes.

    IMG_3609IMG_3599 IMG_3619

    In spite of the sucky weather, It's been great experience taking part in the epic snowboarding event. We would like to say a big thank you to our artists and buyers for all their support. You all had the biggest hand in making the event what it was, a memorable success.

  • Chopping Block: Greg "Craola" Simkins

    For most of us, childhood ends where peach fuzz sprouts into the first few chin-hairs or when "nap time" suddenly becomes a fond yet oh so distant memory. For Greg "Craola Simkins, the child inside thrives as a driving force behind his  whimsical artwork. Using fable-like characters and intense detail, the renowned artist has set a large impression on the different areas of today's art scene. With over 10 years of experience in street art, Simkins has made the rare, seamless transition into the world of fine art. Drawing from his experiences as a graffiti artist, the surrealist creates pieces all of which tell a unique story. This week, we got the chance to have him talk a bit about his.

    POW: One thing that stands out prominently about your work is the intensely precise formation of detail.  This detail doesn't seem to change despite the canvas, be it a large graffiti wall or a small painting.  How do different canvases effect you as a painter?  Is it harder to paint a large graffiti wall vs a small painting?

    SIMKINS: I've actually always taken a different approach with my walls versus my canvases. I tend to compartmentalize everything I do. I enjoy doing my graffiti lettering on walls the most and find it freeing and much more of a physical act then something I would do on a canvas. There is always a time element that is specific to both. With a wall, I like to work faster because everything is working against you, daylight, people around, drive time, deadlines at home. That's why i almost always keep my wall stuff to my roots which is graffiti, even if I'm not painting freeways and underpasses anymore, there is that engrained feeling of being against the clock. Plus I just like doing letters a lot, there are a lot of abstract elements to it. Now on my canvas work, its a whole different story. I have a different time allotment and can allow myself to explore those weird places in my imagination more freely. I can get rid of the outside distractions and basically tell a story with my paint brushes. I definitely do something different with each tool I use. There is a specific thing I lean towards with charcoals as opposed to pencils as opposed to pen and ink, computers, spray paints and acrylics, etc... Every once in a while they cross over, but I enjoy the difference each has to offer.

    phoca_thumb_l_goodknightGood Night by Greg Craola Simkins

    POW:Your pieces have a very whimsical fairytale-like air to them. I read that sometimes while painting, you become so captivated with thoughts, you put down your paint brush and pick up a pen to write down the story behind characters or scenes in your painting.  Is this true?  If so, what do you do with the stories connected to different pieces?

    SIMKINS:I definitely do. Sometimes the story of what I am painting reveals itself through through a spontaneous character added to the scene. Sometimes it makes itself apparent only once the image is fully rendered, and I can see the attitude in the eyes. I will write down the things that pop in my head as I paint. Lately I've been getting up early and taking walks down by the beach. There is a certain area which has become the muse for the world I paint and I have chosen the mornings to be my writing time. This last summer I have written more than anything previously and it hasn't even been in accordance with any specific paintings. It's all based off my White Knight Character Ralf and his adventures in "The Outside", but there are a lot of things to it that I would never be able to paint. I feel like I am writing this stuff just to make sense of why I paint and to open new doors in that world. I am preparing for my next sol show  right now and am finessing myself fitting new characters into my pieces that I was writing about. I'll go back to my notes and read through and remember a train of thought and it sparks some new imagery and ties together old images from previous works so as to unite years of work into a whole. I love bringing back old characters like the Strawberry Octopus and my Blue Jays and giving them a purpose, something more than just being and interesting image. I have only shared bits and pieces of these stories with a few people. I find that it feels really personal for some reason and prefer to keep them to myself. I'm not an easy share when it comes to explaining them as I feel it mint take away from the viewer their initial connection to the work. Perhaps somewhere down the line after tremendous amounts of editing, I'll be able to fully share this stuff, but for now, to keep it simple, the canvas works I do are glimpses and snapshots in the world "The Outside", some through the eyes of Ralf (the white Knight) and others through the eyes of the birds and inhabitants of that world.

    maryannette_POW_10x10Mary Becoming Annette by Greg "Craola" Simkins

    POW:  Our next print release with you features a print titled, "Mary Becoming Annette", does there happen to be a story behind this piece?

    SIMKINS: She fits in the story well and is connected to a large painting which depicts her in a much different state. I won't go into

    it all but this is before she turns herself into the with puppet queen. That's all I can tell you. In the background of the piece "The Pearl Thief" also makes an appearance.

    PicotheWhalePico the Whale by Greg Craola Simkins

    POW: Speaking of stories, I read about a short film you have in the works called "I'm Scared", can you tell us more about it and when it will be available?

    SIMKINS: This is an exciting project that wouldn't have come together with out he insistence and skills of my friends Dan Levy, Pete Levin, and Robyn Yannoukos. It is based off of a bedtime story called "I'm Scared..." whichI had been telling my oldest son for the last couple of Years. It was a fun way of exploring all the things that go bump in the night in a funny way so as not to be scared. With the addition of our second son, the idea of having bad advice from big brothers to little brothers about all the things he should be scared of came into the picture and we decided to have it told through the young version of my character Ralf (The White Knight) when he was just a boy and the leader of "The Scared Scouts". Watching the project come together and the amazing team of artists that Dan, Pete, and Robyn assembled has been amazing. These people are at the forefront of stop motion animation and I am amazed at what they can do. I am not sure on the exact release, it is a short and will be released with a book positioned a a children's book/concept art book, so it may live online with a release party. All the details still need ironing out, but I can tell you that they are wrapping up scenes as we speak and this thing is getting close. Feels like only yesterday that we did the Kickstarter, but in fact it has been a long process and many hard hours put in by a dedicated team who I have nothing but respect and gratitude for.


    POW: I don't know if an interview is complete without asking at least one question about your graffiti days.  What I find the most ironic about wall murals today is the enthusiasm behind them compared the the enthusiasm against them just 10-20 years ago.  They seem about equal, almost a complete flip.  Instead of running from the police, facing fines and jail time, now you are paid thousands of dollars for the same act of art expression.  What has been your personal experience and feelings in regards to graffiti art then and now?

    SIMKINS: I will always love graffiti. Looking through "Subway Art" when I was 17 (yes I got a late start) turned my art in a whole new direction. It energized that creative part in me to want to learn and grow as an artist. It still does. And sure occasionally I'll do a gig where I get paid to paint live. But that's not all the time. And yes , I have stopped painting illegal walls since starting a family. I have watched how it has turned out with friends and feel I put in my street work and dues in those early years. But. I still maintain the same mindset and approach to painting walls now, that I did back then. I enjoy painting with my crew members from CBS, WAI and Bashers, as well as writers from other crews. I prefer we get some random permission wall or a wall in a cutty spot that won't bother anyone, and just rock burners and have a good time. It is way harder to get the time to go paint walls these days, but it something that I feel I will never let go of, like it will always be a part of me. I am alway drawing letter schemes and it somehow feeds my imagination to with over to "The Outside" as a switch. One turns on the other turns off and vice versa. They do meet occasionally, and I have yet to fully realize where that will go, but I have time to find out.

    GOBBLERLORESThe Gobbler by Greg Craola Simkins

    POW: We are excited to have you be apart of the our booth at the Air+Style event this weekend.  Are there any hints about what we may see on your 20 foot x 8 foot wall mural?

    SIMKINS: Thanks for inviting me. I have been having fun playing with my name in the color scheme associated with it. The last three walls I painted were takes off of this. I like to incorporate my version of Oswald the Lucky rabbit into my walls sometimes and he might make an appearance.


    Thank you Greg for taking the time to let us into your world and give us a glimpse into the mystery behind your pieces.

    For more information on Greg "Craola" Simkins, please visit: www.imscared.com

  • Shaun White's Air+Style

    When Shawn White's team asked us to be apart of the Air+Style event at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, we had no other answer then... can we bring our friends?

    Do you remember DCon?  The big pink booth is back, only this time it's super-sized to 20' x 8' walls on all three sides.


    Why so big you ask?  Our friends are coming to add some creative touches to the outside walls.  We added fresh white panels on the back for live mural painting by Jeff Soto, Greg "Craola" Simkins and James Haunt.




    The auction is not only happening outside the booth, inside the booth will exhibit large wood prints by the all the artists plus live painting by Luke Chueh and Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez.

    A special print release with Luke Chueh and Greg Craola Simkins will be available plus a few mini-prints.  Remember those Soto-Fish mini prints from DCon?

    Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.39.52 AM

    They are back and they brought some of their friends this time!  New mini-prints from Craola, Luke Chueh, James Haunt and KMNDZ will be available exclusively at Air+Style.  You can only pick one... which will it be?

    And so the countdown begins! We’re a few days away from the Air+Style event and we are PUMPED to be a part of the action-packed sporting event. Taking place at the Rose Bowl Stadium, the sporting competition is going to have a 16 story snow jump, killer fashion, great food, and high-energy performances from today’s hottest artists including our good friends Sleigh Bells.


    Grab a free mini-print and get your art fix, checking out striking pieces created by the renowned artists.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.43.55 AM

    We don’t know if this weekend can get any better but we’re ready for it be here already.  It’s always a good time when we link up with these artists. With the live music, good food and the world’s greatest snowboarders and skiers mixed in, this weekend’s bound to be a blast. Come by, and check out what we’ve got going on. You never know what’s going to happen and you don’t want to miss it.


    For more information about Shaun White's Air+Style event, please visit: http://www.air-style.com/

  • Designer Con 2014

    It would be hard to find a person that has not heard of ComicCon, well at least in Southern California.  You know, that little convention in San Diego with an attendance of over 130,000 people.  Well, it wasn't always that popular, just a few years ago it was a relatively modest comic book and science fiction/fantasy convention.   It was also a place were up and coming, along with established pop artists could show and sell their latest work.

    In recent years, because of the rising booth space costs and the expense, not to mention hassle, of attending ComicCon, many artists and vendors began to look for other options.  Two of those vendors being October Toys (Ayleen Gaspar) and 3D Retro (Ben Goretsky) who happen to be the co-producers of.....yep you guessed it, DesignerCon.

    DSC00867 Considering they are both manufactures of collectable toys, it made sense that DesignerCon initially focused on collectable toys and figures.  Within a few years, pop art found its way in through a natural crossover as so many contemporary artists release both toys and prints interchangeably.


    We found out about DesignerCon or more commonly know as "DCon" just after the 2013 convention.  After a few enthusiastic reviews, we couldn't wait for DCon 2014!   With months of planning, booth building, print making behind us, on Friday, November 7th we were ready for DCon!

    Setting up the booth:  Here is where the fun begins!  We roll into DCon and see Jeff Soto setting up his booth right behind us and To Die For setting up on the other side, we could not have asked for a more perfect combination of neighbors....umm well uhh.. asking helps too. (thanks Ayleen and Ben!)  Not sure if Soto will be as excited to be our neighbor next year after he pulled out the longest sliver I have ever seen.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.30.52 PM

    Sorry Jeff, that looks like it hurt, good thing it wasn't your drawing hand.

    Immediately we begin uncrating and setting up the booth walls, hanging the art and in no time the booth begins to take shape.  Before we finish Luke Chueh swings by, after fighting a few hours of Friday night LA traffic to sign his Boba prints and the marquee print.


    I think he was just as excited as we were about the release the next day.

    Before we go, Jason Limon finishes signing the Catcreeper figures and Berrytop Swirlpapa.  He is jumping back and forth from setting up his booth to taking care of the print release with our booth.   That's after a 20 hour drive from Texas the day before!  Your amazing Jason!


    As they begin to kick everyone out of the hall we are the last to leave, but at long last, the booth is done!


    DAY 1: D-Day is here and we are ready...well almost!  Before the show opens Chris Ryniak stops by to sign the official DCon prints, with not much sleep, I won't mention how many times we lost count signing the prints.  My brain definitely needs a few hours to warm up when computing large math problems like 12 plus 1.


    As if right on cue, in comes the beautiful Tara McPherson ready to sign her release of Umibozu Lake.  A little Starbucks and a silver sharpie is all she needs to get through 100 prints in no time flat!


    Once those are done, we are ready to roll!  Oh wait, where's Jeff Soto??  His booth is right behind us... we steal him over for a few minutes to sign his prints.


    Nathan Ota comes by and creates the perfect photo opp with Jeff and the big marquee prints.


    Then Nathan grabs a chair and begins to draw on the back side of each print in his DCon release of Early Bird.


    It was amazing to see first hand his immense talent and desire to give each print a special touch, making each one a sort of original.

    Boba! Boba! Boba!  For the first hour of the show it was the most used word and for about two hours, Luke was busy signing and doodling on the back of the prints.

    DSC00835Just like Nathan, Luke Chueh took his time to draw a unique sketch for each fan who patiently waited in an line that stretched on for over an hour.

    DSC00893 DSC00906

    Luke was busy signing prints for over two hours until he had to run off to another booth that was releasing his vinyl toy. Around that time Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez was there to pick up where Luke left off.  Johnny's print "Nothing New Under the Sun" was his first release with us, we were pumped to premier it at DCon.

    DSC00912 DSC00914

    Maybe we just got lucky but every artist we worked with at DCon was gracious, down to earth and most of all generous with the time they spent with each fan that came to visit them at the booth.

    In between signings we broke away from the booth to walk around the convention, do a bit of shopping ourselves and meet some of the other vendors.

    One of the first stops was at one of our favorite artist's booth, Jason Limon.  His hand made figures were incredible, we couldn't leave with out taking home one of the strange creatures.


    IMG_6438This ^^^ lucky fellow has a new forever home with us.

    But our home was not complete with out a few other peculiar looking creators to keep him company. IMG_6460

    The only problem is you can't take just one, you know.. they get lonely.  Yep, we have a pair, not identical twins, fraternal, they have the same momma, Circus Posterus.

    By the time we got back to our booth To Die For was hosting an artist signing with Craola and the line was overflowing down the isle.  Afterwards he stopped by our booth to sign his marquee print, "Puppets Pathos“.



    Always incredibly friendly and polite, it was great catching up with Craola before he had to leave to another event that evening.  Which also marked the end of Day One!  And an unbelievably great day at that!

    DAY 2:  One of the best part of Sunday was opening the convention at 10 am, but the next best thing was opening with Jason Limon signing at the booth.


    The release of our first dimensional art piece, The Catcreeper, was the brain child of Jason.  The first sketch was drawn on this plane ride home after his first visit to Prints on Wood.

    catcreeper-1We love to experiment with new ideas and materials so we jumped at the opportunity to try something new.

    Speaking of new, Jeff Soto's marquee piece, The Soto Fish, was a collaborative print/original piece where we alternated printing and painting on the medium including a bit of hand laid gold leaf on the tooth of the "fish".


    This was a test run for a smaller edition of prints coming soon in 2015.

    For DCon, Jeff re-released "The Guitarist Seeker" in a limited edition larger print, twice the size as the original 6x6 release.  DSC00971 IMG_6466

    Probably the most sought after print at our booth was the little Soto Fish prints that were given away for a IG post and mailing list sign up.  By Sunday afternoon over 400 Soto Fish prints had swam into the arms of happy DCon attendees and most of them signed by the artist himself.
    DSC00980 DSC00982

    Rounding out the day, Tara McPerson came back to a line of fans eager to meet her.

    IMG_6468 IMG_6470

    Her marquee piece "Supernova II" was a personal favorite and may be a release coming soon...


    At the conclusion of Designer Con 2014, we were extremely pleased with the whole experience and cannot wait until next year to raise the bar further. We already have tons of ideas floating around to make the event even better (Hint: double the size?). We would also like to sincerely thank our artists and buyers for their continued support. Without all of you this could not have been made possible. Thanks to you, we are able to successfully create art that embraces style rooted in sustainability.   See you next year!


  • Prints on Wood x DCon 2014

    In just a few days Designer Con 2014, other wise know as "DCon", is coming to Pasadena Convention Center.  No longer a one room convention with a few toy vendors, DCon has grown to over 300 artist and toy vendors including yours truly.   Beginning on Saturday, November 8th, the doors will open at 9:00 am with a admission price of just $5 per person per day.  No wonder the hype and anticipation of this event is growing each day and hour as we inch closer to Saturday!

    For those planning to attend DCon, we have nine exclusive print releases that will be available beginning Saturday at 9 am with signings by each artist through out the weekend.  In addition our booth with feature a single (1/1) large print by each artist that will be available for sale at the show.

    Don't have extra cash but want a cool print on wood? Come by our booth #512 and receive a free Jeff Soto mini print*.

    The following is a list of each print release and the time of the artist live signing at the booth.


    The Guitarist by Jeff Soto

    Signed and numbered, 12" x 12", $100

    Jeff Soto live signing: Sunday 12:30 - 1:30 pm

    McPherson-Umibozu Lake

    Umibozu Lake by Tara McPherson

    Signed and numbered, 12" x 12", $100

    Tara McPherson live signing: Saturday 9:30 - 10:30 am and Sunday 2:00 - 3:00 pm

    Picothewhale_prog (1)

    Pico the Whale by Greg "Craola" Simkins

    Signed and numbered, 5" x 7", $60

    Greg "Craola" Simkins live signing: Saturday 1 - 2 pm

    Boba Full Web

    Boba by Luke Chueh

    Signed and numbered, 9" x 12", $100

    Luke Chueh live signing:  Saturday 12 - 1 pm

    Jason Limon-Berrytop Swirlpapa

    Berrytop Swirlpapa by Jason Limon

    Signed and numbered, 11" x 14", $120

    Jason Limon-Catcreeper toy

    Catcreeper by Jason Limon

    Signed and numbered, dimensional print, $125

    Jason Limon live signing: Sunday 11 am - 12 pm

    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez

    Nothing New Under the Sun by Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez

    Signed and numbered, 11" x 14", $75

    Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez live signing: Saturday 2 - 3 pm


    Early Bird by Nathan Ota

    Signed and numbered, 8" x 8", $65

    Nathan Ota live signing: Saturday 11 am - 12 pm

    DCon print- Chris Ryniak

    DCon 2014 by Chris Ryniak

    Signed and numbered, 8" x 8", $40

    Chris Ryniak live signing: Sunday TBD

    *receive Jeff Soto mini-print free by tagging or following @PrintsonWood

  • Chopping Block: Greg "Craola" Simkins

    This week, we release our first print with Greg "Craola" Simkins, called "Still I'm Grateful", a partnership we are really excited about!  A few days ago we were able to catch up with the California native to find out more about his creative process, musical influences, and latest project, a stop motion animation film!



    POW: When I first look at your art, I become lost in the different directions and characters of the piece, but at the same time it pulls me in deeper where I find a connection that would have otherwise been missed.  How do you go about creating such surreal pieces of art?

    Craola: I start with an element, a bird, an old couch, a book. I then look through my sketchbook at all the places my mind has been going. I keep a pretty current sketchbook full of notes and thumbnail drawings of ideas that I want to paint. I flip through the book and look for the most interesting content and then start adding them together in the attempt of composing a dynamic image filled with outlandish things that wouldn't really exist together. To say that I 100% know what I am doing when designing the next piece to paint is a lie. What I do know is that there is a place where these things exist, and there is a story unfolding, I am just creating the next snapshot in that place trying to capture everything that is going on. I call that place "The Outside" and I attempt to escape to it every time I paint. Most recently, the 8'x6' piece "Good Knight" had me locked in that world for many months. It was hard putting down the brush and leaving it when it was done. I need to do more pieces like that. It's where I can truly get lost.

    Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 11.53.18 AMGood Knight by Craola

    POW: I was looking around and stumbled upon your “Be Street” play list, which I was jamming out to by the way! Such a diverse mix of genres. Does music affect your art in a way or is it just a means to escape while working?

    Craola: A lot of pieces and ideas have jumped from the lyrics of musical artists. I look at all the mixed mash of genres as a historical timeline of growing up. The more classical, Jazz, big band, oldies stuff is what my parents and Grandparents would listen too when I was young. I have great memories of listening to my Grandpa sing Perry Como songs. The kids songs and folks songs are from the old cartoons I enjoyed as a kid and still do. The old hip hop was from my obsession with late 80's and early 90's rap. From there on I was deeply influenced with Punk rock and most my life was spent seeing shows and being involved with bands and had my toe in that world out here in the South Bay of Los Angeles. I designed show fliers, band merch and album covers for many of the bands that came out of our area. I was always into rock bands like the Cure, the Smiths, Nirvana, Violent Femmes, Sonic Youth, Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles and anything that they influenced as well so I guess you can say I am completely all over the place with my musical interests. There is too much good stuff to listen to to lock yourself to one genre because you are trying to identify yourself with a subculture.

    unnamed-4Still I'm Grateful by Craola

    POW: You recently made a stop motion animation film titled “I’M SCARED”. Can you tell us a little bit more about the movie? Where can we view it?

    Craola: We are actually still working on the Short and it is about to go to animation. The sets, puppets and props are all finished and I am excited to see what will become of this little piece of film we are making. The team involved has all been top notch and I am beyond humbled and appreciative of all there hard work.

    POW: Personally, I am in love with your graffiti work above all your other stuff, but that is just my personal taste. Is your creative process different for each medium? (Paintings, Illustrations, Graffiti)

    Craola: Definitely. My approach changes for each medium, but especially with my graffiti work. If I am doing letters, I really don't need a sketch, Although I do them and bring one to the wall, I generally just start with the 'R' or the 'A' and then throw the sketch away and try to make the piece flow with the wall. It is good that all these outlets fulfill a different need. It's like an itch that needs scratching. When I am painting a canvas, I want to paint a wall, When I am painting a wall, I want to ink some cartoon inspired tattoo flash, when I am doing that, I want to do some finely rendered pencil or charcoal drawings, and when I am doing that, I want to design logos and vector art in the computer. Each is satisfying in a different way but comes together in the end under the envelope of this same world I like to create.

    Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 11.55.56 AMSafe Haven by Craola

    POW: You mention in your bio that you were inspired by Hawaii’s pristine natural settings to create several of your worlds, so to speak. What other locations do you channel through your art?

    Craola: It's funny, that last trip to Hawaii made sense of a lot of what I do. It's all about habitats and the creatures who live there. But I want those creatures to journey into other places. Places that I haven't even been. Maybe it's my own desire to travel and see the world more. I definitely have the ocean town I live in when I create, even when you down't see the water, its just out in the periphery. Forests and cliff sides, caves and wells, trees and open places. That's where my head goes whether its not always conveyed.

    CRAOLA_mural_GraphaidsCulverCity1Craola's mural outside Graphaids in Culver City

    POW: Out of all the murals you have done, do you have a favorite? Where are some of the places I could go to see one of your murals?

    Craola: I don't think I have a favorite. I always enjoy the time spent with my friends at each wall so it is hard to choose one. Anytime I get to paint with Dabs Myla and Witnes is a good time and this last wall we did together in Long Beach was a lot of fun. I just painted a wall on Washington near USC with my WAI & CBS crew members and that was a lot of fun. Painting walls has taken me to some interesting places. All up and down the coast to every corner of California, some pretty shady spots in the earlier years before marriage and kids, spots that we weren't always sure we would get out of intact. To some invitations to  great locations like Miami art Basel and similar. The furthest I have gone was to Croatia for a graffiti Jam a few years ago. It is a highlight for me as I got to hang out with many graffiti artists who I have respected for many years growing up and beyond stoked to have gotten to paint with Sub and Ces, two of my all time heroes in the scene. I have become great friends with Sub and have learned a lot from his vast knowledge of all types of art. He is the true multi-talented renaissance man in this art world of ours, go look at his work or just google Tony Curanaj. Your mind will be blown. If you want to see some local walls, I have a few running around Los Angeles and Orange County. A new large one is on the side of Graphaids in Culver City which I am stoked on especially since they are my favorite art store by far. Go check it out and dip inside and get some supplies, they have everything!


    For more information on Greg "Craola" Simkins, please visit http://www.imscared.com/

  • Craola - Live Painting at Tarfest

    What do dinosaurs, tar pits, art and music have in common?  Well if you were in LA last weekend, Tarfest!  A little outdoor festival with music, beer garden, food trucks, kids activities and live painting by world renown artist Greg "Craola" Simkins.... only in LA.


    Right next to the twisty balloon guy on one side and bubbling tar pits on the other, Craola, Nicola Verlato and devNgosha each work their magic on an 8 foot by 12 foot blank canvas.


    What emerged on Craola's canvas was a beautiful red feathered bird, almost the same height as a person.


    Nicola Verlato finished his piece right before the sun set, after seeing all the detail in the painting, it's amazing he finished it in one day.


    devNgosha completed a larger then life skull, that feels like it is coming off the page looking down at your little face. A beautifully mystifying piece.


    The festival, held on the grass next to the La Brea Tar Pits, is a annual event with a mission of “excavating future culture” in the Miracle Mile.

    DSC00653 (1)

    Now in its 12th year, its seems to be reaching the goal!  With many thanks to our friends at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery, who are a big part of organizing the event, for extending us an invite to come enjoy a beautiful day in the city.

    For more information about Tarfest, please visit: http://www.tarfest.com/

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