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Desert Trip

  • Desert Trip Wood Signage

    Desert Trip is just around the corner. With that being said, the creative minds behind Desert Trip needed wood signage to prepare for the trip, so they turned to us to help them.


    When attendees arrive to the dining area, our wooden archway sign will be the first thing they will see.

    Our sign is hand-cut and cut-to-size for the perfect design. It is also printed on eco-friendly plywood. The ink is printed directly on the wood and then UV cured to dry. The natural wooden appearance of our sign is unique and stands out among its plastic counterparts.

    Here is another one of our wooden signs that will be greeting concert-goers as they leave.


    We've also got our Desert Trip wood print signs prepared to lead the way to the Craft Beer Barn.


    However, we don't just do large wood signs. Here at Prints On Wood, we also make custom letters!

    Our letters can be used for designing, decorating, or can even be purchased as gifts. We can typically create these letters in any size or style, depending on the buyer's preference.

    These are some custom letters we've made for the upcoming Desert Trip in Indio. Our letters were made naturally and are also printed on eco-friendly plywood. They are carefully cut and painted to our client's requests. The same process for creating the large wooden signs is also applied to our letters. Letters can also come in be ordered individually or in large quantities. south-north-event-wood-signageservice-staff-desert-trip-wood-signage-wood-letters-prints-on-wood

    Prints on Wood is typically able to do any fonts or styles. No request is impossible!


    Our wood prints are loaded up and headed to Desert Trip! Let us know if you see them!

  • Coachella Desert Trip Drink Menus

    Desert Trip is a 3 day concert that will take place in Indio, California during the month of October. This event features some of the most iconic and influential rock and roll artists, including: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and etc.  But music isn't the only thing to you'll get to experience - there will plenty of on-site culinary experiences as well!  Look for the large wooden archway we made to find your way to the "Culinary Experience."


    Desert Trip promises to bring some of the biggest culinary names in the industry to help prepare their menus. Some of these people will include world-famous chefs, including: Curtis Stone, Ludo Lefebvre, and Duff Goldman. Their dishes will be paired with wine and beer for further enjoyment. Desert Trip also promises an extraordinary "beer experience," at their Craft Beer Barn, which features an extensive list of microbrews and specialty cocktails.  This Craft Beer Barn event signage we made will be a circular wood print hung under Culinary Experience archway.


    When the Desert Trippers get thirsty while watching the show, they will be able to order off the wooden menu of drinks we printed.   The custom-made wooden sign lists all of the drink offerings that will be available to attendees.  With that being said, let's take a look at what drinks are being offered:



    The list includes a variety of beer and wine selections, many from award winning sommeliers and winemakers.  Desert Trip is guaranteed to be one to remember.

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