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  • Think outside the box

    Looking for a way to capture your audience's attention, be a little edgy and have a product that last?  Look no further - two of our customers saw the potential of "thinking outside the box" for their marketing pieces.

    Goa Taco printed their menus on wood - Looks great! Simple, but has that hip look.  Goa Taco is everything but ordinary, so why have ordinary signs?  If you have never been to this establishment, they have locations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and New York.  It is a taco like no other...Who's hungry??  Let's Goa and get some good food! You'll recognize the great wood prints.

    Kobrick Coffee, who has been in business for over 90 years in New York City, created a beautiful vintage matte sign with our black frame for their famous Gelato.  The vintage matte finish allows the wood grain to show through which gives the artwork a natural look and feel.  Thinking outside the box and finding new ways to market your products is where we can help!

  • Coachella Wrap Up

    It has to be done. I know you don’t want to let go but it’s time. We don’t either, we worked so hard on Coachella and we want our work to be cherished and loved forever. But it’s been weeks since Coachella has happened and it’s finally time to wrap it up. Before we say bye and let go of the good times, let’s go through some photos from our work this year to reminiscence.

    The iconic ferris wheel and line up poster. Did you really go to Coachella if you didn’t get a photo with these things?! Hope our line up posters were helpful when deciding who you wanted to see next. We print these out every year when we help out with Coachella signage, it’s a must! With only so many days and hours to live up Coachella, planning ahead is necessary.

    Ahh yes, food. Coachella is filled to the brim with delicious food and drinks for you to try. I bet you tried some of the best food during your visit to Coachella. You have us to thanks for the signage! How would you know where anything was if it wasn’t for our signs. We did so many food signs, you wouldn’t even believe it. For a lot of the food signs we had to produce a sign AND die-cut letter to go on top of the sign to really make them pop.

    Our street signs! The amount of these coroplast street signs we produced was endless. But hopefully they helped everyone out a bunch around the venue! We saw a ton of photos from camping that had our street signs in them. So glad everyone loved them!

    Lastly we have set time signage! When to be at which stage to catch your favorite artist. Did you take a look at any of these?! I’m sure you did! They are huge and insanely helpful when trying to decide who to see next.

    Well, that’s it. Our trip down memory lane has ended. Until next year Coachella! Unless… you have some photos you want to show us. Send it our way! #chella4ever

  • Jason Brammer's Open Studio Party

    All photos in this post were provided by Carasco Photography

    Recently we were given the opportunity to produce some custom size art wood prints for artist Jason Brammer. Jason Brammer is a visual artist, painter, and muralist based in Chicago, Illinois. Brammer is well known for surreal paintings and drawings, murals, and site-specific installations. Brammer has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications. Brammer has also created a large-scale public mural for the city of Chicago, a live painting for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, installations for LinkedIn and Dark Matter Coffee, and concert posters for My Morning Jacket, Todd Rundgren, and Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy.

    Brammer recently hosted an open studio party on April 8, 2017 5-9P.M. The event was an exhibition of Brammer’s original art. New art pieces and prints were displayed for the first time during the event. The party was hosted at their Humboldt Park studio Chicago, Illinois. The event was open to the public and admission was free for everyone. The event was extremely successful with over 400 people who attended the event. Additionally, the event also had an array of festivities that added high excitement to the party. There was beer, tacos, coffee, a dragon cake, dj sets, and a musical performance by Brammer himself! They even built a halfpipe inside the studio for attendees to do some skateboarding.

    We were asked to produce a variety of wood prints for the open studio party! They were displayed and put up for sale at the merchandise booth during the party. The art pieces were stunning and we were so excited to be producing the wood prints for Brammer. We asked how the pieces sold and were told that the pieces were very popular and that a few sold out at the event!

    We have a ton more photos from the event that you must see! Take a look at all the exciting photos below from the event.

    DJ sets were performed by Sky Society.

    A musical performance by Jason was performed involving tribal drum and bass loops layered with lush atmospheric soundscapes.

    The exterior of their studio building.

    We are so happy that we had the chance to take part in this great event!


    For the first time ever Prints On Wood is excited to announce our very first Fine Art Sale! Save 20% Off* of your favorite P.O.W. Artist Releases when you use the promo code LOVEART at checkout!

    With hundreds of prints to choose from, order some of our favorites that are still available (while supplies last) but act now, because these will go fast!


    Ben Mendelsohn Raccoon - Renee French / Available in 30"x30" and 10"x10"


    The Nose Knows - Luke Chueh / Available in 30"x40" and 10"x15"


    The Dark Side - Matt Gondek


    Balducci the Marvelous -  Joe Ledbetter


    Totem -  Joe Ledbetter


    Hello Hero Hero Hello - KMNDZ


    Keith Morris - Edward Culver


    Kiss Teletubbies - Ron English


    Quiet Company - Dan May


    Early Bird - Nathan Ota


    Snow White Revere - Jennybird Alcantara


    *Offer not valid on Treason Gallery / Obey Table Print releases.

  • Mountain High Wood Signage

    This weekend, we were busy making lots of wood signage for Mountain High. Mountain High is Southern California's closest winter resort, and is a great place to visit for the holidays. It's split into 3 different regions - North, East, and West. Each region has its own unique features and offers different activities, but they all contain the same charm.

    This year, Mountain High is offering a reusable Quick-E ticket for visitors without a season pass. With a Quick-E Ticket, visitors can skip ahead of the long ticket lines. Simply activate your card online and you'll be good to go! Visitors with a Quick-E ticket will also save $10 on all purchases. By using this ticket, you even can guarantee your reservation in case of a sellout. Because they're reusable, tickets are also environmentally friendly. How cool is that? mountain-high-signage-e-ticket-wood-signage-prints-on-wood-high-quality-wood-print

    To help Mountain High bring attention to its new Quick-E Ticket offer, we've made large wooden signs to advertise their new promotion.  These signs will be displayed all around in large and sturdy frames to help maintain their shape and appearance. Keep an eye out for them as you explore!

    mountain-high-signage-e-ticket-wood-signage-prints-on-wood-high-quality-wood-print-2To find out more about Quick-E tickets, click here.

  • Desert Trip Wood Signage

    Desert Trip is just around the corner. With that being said, the creative minds behind Desert Trip needed wood signage to prepare for the trip, so they turned to us to help them.


    When attendees arrive to the dining area, our wooden archway sign will be the first thing they will see.

    Our sign is hand-cut and cut-to-size for the perfect design. It is also printed on eco-friendly plywood. The ink is printed directly on the wood and then UV cured to dry. The natural wooden appearance of our sign is unique and stands out among its plastic counterparts.

    Here is another one of our wooden signs that will be greeting concert-goers as they leave.


    We've also got our Desert Trip wood print signs prepared to lead the way to the Craft Beer Barn.


    However, we don't just do large wood signs. Here at Prints On Wood, we also make custom letters!

    Our letters can be used for designing, decorating, or can even be purchased as gifts. We can typically create these letters in any size or style, depending on the buyer's preference.

    These are some custom letters we've made for the upcoming Desert Trip in Indio. Our letters were made naturally and are also printed on eco-friendly plywood. They are carefully cut and painted to our client's requests. The same process for creating the large wooden signs is also applied to our letters. Letters can also come in be ordered individually or in large quantities. south-north-event-wood-signageservice-staff-desert-trip-wood-signage-wood-letters-prints-on-wood

    Prints on Wood is typically able to do any fonts or styles. No request is impossible!


    Our wood prints are loaded up and headed to Desert Trip! Let us know if you see them!

  • The Remix Project

    Here at Prints on Wood, we like to help and involve ourselves with people who we can help put a smile on their face. We had the amazing opportunity to print and donate a few wood prints for the students at The Remix Project. The Remix Project is an academy that was started to help young people that have a disadvantage and are in under served communities. The Remix Project wanted to gives these students an opportunity to express themselves through a creative circuit by providing educational programs and facilities to help these students succeed.


    (Anna Keenan & her 5 students)

    We worked together with Anna Keenan, an extremely talented photographer who has photographed for many celebrities and other popular productions, to help her with a photography class of 5 students she taught at The Remix Project. She was able to give these students many opportunities, along with bringing in models and photographers to help them with this amazing artistic journey. (Below is a group photo of the models and photographs with her students).
    Remix Project + Studio Shoot
    Will Mars
    Chad Dickinsonchad_dickenson_Careof_karla_moy
    Above are few of the students that were available to take a photograph with their artwork. When these photos printed on wood were received by the students their faces lit up. It's amazing how such a simple act can put a smile on someone's face.
    More information on Anna Keenan's students click the link below
  • POW Chats: A Conversation with "Pixel Hearts" Curator, Chogrin

    chogrin pixel hearts

    In celebration of the upcoming video game-centered PIXEL HEARTS exhibition taking place at Gallery 1988 (WEST) this Friday, we chat with curator and mastermind behind the event, illustrator and designer, Chogrin.

    POW had the absolute delight of providing over 100 artists with pixel heart-shaped panels for the exhibition, and as expected, the outcome is too great, definitely something you have to see. This is one of the coolest exhibitions we've been able to be a part of stylistically, so we're super excited. Catch a sneak peak of the work here.  And as promised, learn more about Chogrin and get hella nostalgic over 80s and 90s video game greatness, here.

    1. Hey Chogrin. Tell me a little about your creative background; when did you begin drawing?

    I've been drawing all my life. When I was about 12, I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue professionally and as a career. My creative background consists of everything I grew up with...From toys, children's books, comics, animated shows, video games, 80s & 90s movies, to the artwork on Trapper Keepers. My current style of drawing is a mixture of all these things, but also about 84% inspired by the works E.C. Segar, Ub Iwerks, and Osamu Tezuka.

    3. Who are a few more of your favorite artists/creative influences?

    So many people. I'd say artists such as Mike Mignola, Akira Toriyama, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Picasso, and Oswaldo Guayasamin. My creative influences have been Ub Iwerks, Osamu Tezuka, Jorge Gutierrez, Guillermo del Toro, Walt Disney and many more.

    2. Can you tell me about your connection to video games? Do you remember your first console for instance?

    I clearly remember my first console being the NES and the games I remember playing the most were Circus Charlie, Ninja Turtles, and Super Mario Bros. But it wasn't until the Super Nintendo that I really remember and absorbed the worlds, characters, and stories behind games like Super Mario World, which is what my piece is paying tribute to. In a way, video games grew up along with my generation.


    4. Tell me about your upcoming group exhibition, PIXEL HEARTS; how did the overall idea come about?

    I've seen a lot of art shows where artists paint on a specific shaped canvas and have always thought that a "PIXEL HEART" canvas was a great idea to do a video game, pop-culture art event. I'm pretty sure this is the first art show to feature this kind of unique canvas, which I'm pretty excited about.

    5. How did you go about curating the art with the artists? What kind of directions or parameters were they asked to work within?

    I have a specific group of artists that I work with on all my shows, but in each show I also try to bring some new artists that I haven't worked with and that I admire. One of the exciting things from these shows is to meet new artists and make new connections worldwide. For this show 100+ artists from around the world are paying tribute to video game culture in their own artistic interpretation. You will see artwork of anything video game related. EXAMPLES: The Power Glove, any video game console, game cartridges, etc. The show will be a mix of digital and traditional art. Giving artists the pixel heart canvas has led to some beautiful and unique art pieces that I can't wait for everyone to see. All I can say is that If you love video game pop-culture this is the art show event you've been looking for!

    6. What other projects do you have on your plate as 2016 continues to unfold?

    PIXEL HEARTS will be my only art show for 2016, and I don't know if I plan on doing anymore after that. If a good opportunity presents itself, I might do another one, but for right now I'm focusing more on my own artwork and other personal projects I've been wanting to take on. All in all, my whole experience in curating group art shows for the last 6 years has been very rewarding and I can't wait to embark on my next adventure!

  • Vivian Maier: Photographs from the Maloof Collection @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery


    Vivian Maier: Photographs from the Maloof Collection opened Saturday January 16th at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Downtown LA. Maier is noted as being one of the most iconic street photographers of the 20th century, having only come to the attention of the mainstream art world after her negatives were discovered by John Maloof at an auction house in Chicago in 2007.

    Maier took more than 2,000 rolls of film and produced tens of thousands of negatives focused on street photography and architecture from destinations including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, the American Southwest as well as Manila, Bangkok, Beijing, Egypt, and Italy.

    Having worked as a nanny most of her adult life, Maier was described by those she cared for as “a free spirit, but also a proud soul” - “a quasi Mary Poppins figure.” Although Maier became impoverished towards the end of her life, several children she'd once cared for pooled their resources together and paid for an apartment, and other necessities for Maier in her later years. Unbeknownst to them, a storage locker that contained a slew of negatives taken by Maier had been secretly hidden away.

    The Maloof collection is comprised of roughly 90% of Vivian Maier’s work, which has been meticulously reconstructed, archived and catalogued. The collection consists of 100,000+ negatives, vintage 'lifetime' prints, hundreds of rolls of film, home movies, audio-tape interviews, cameras, documents and various other items.

    Vivian Maier: Photographs from the Maloof Collection exhibits a selection of over 65 exclusive and existing photographs, including modern silver gelatin prints in limited edition of 15, modern color prints, and a rare selection of vintage ‘lifetime’ prints. There will also be a special display of ephemera on view including cameras and other personal items of the artist's.

    Maier died in 2009 at the age of 83, before the extent of her legacy had been fully understood or revealed.

    Vivian Maier: Photographs from the Maloof Collection is on view at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery between now, and February 27th.


  • "Asymmetrical Diptych Party" @ Corey Helford Gallery


    Mandy Cao Mandy Cao


    Over the weekend, Corey Helford Gallery unleashed a beautifully curated group show at their new downtown location titled "Asymmetrical Diptych Party," consisting of POW artists such as Luke Cheuh.

    The exhibition features a series of diptychs -- a piece of work broken into two separate parts, but functions as one conclusive work -- created specifically for the exhibition by the show's stellar roster of contemporary artists.
    Participating artists include: Andrew Brandou, Annie Owens, Beau Stanton, Billy Norrby, Brandi Milne, Brian Donnelly, Caia Koopman, Cathie Bleck, Greg Gossel, Jennybird Alcantara, Joe Hengst, Kent Williams, Lola, Liz McGrath, Luke Chueh, Mandy Cao, Mikael Takacs, Michael Mararian, Michael Page, Mike Stilkey, Nicomi Nix Turner, Shawn Barber, Soey Milk, Travis Lampe, Van Arno, and Yumiko Kayukawa.

    The show will be on view now, until February 13th. Check out some of the work displayed, below.

    Brandi Milne Brandi Milne
    Nicomi Nix Turner Nicomi Nix Turner
    "We're All Connected" by Caia Kooman Caia Kooman
    Cathie Black Cathie Black
    "Dokebi Light Study: Inconnu" by Soey Milk Soey Milk
    "Hyousou - Epipelagic" by Yumiko Kayakuwa Yumiko Kayakuwa
    Beau Stanton Beau Stanton
    Kent Williams Kent Williams

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