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Greg Rivera

  • Greg Rivera & Lamour Supreme Release "Rejects" Out Now!

    REJECTS Lamour and greg prints on wood


    Just in! Greg Rivera and Lamour Supreme set to release "Rejects" out today, February 12th. This very limited one week timed release is  going to be one you don't want to miss, created by two artist you don't want to sleep on.

    You may be familiar with Greg Rivera by a pseudonym-- Greg Mishka. He is the president and co-owner of the New York-originated apparel and toy brand, Mishka, and is a long time illustrator and graphic designer. Lamour Supreme -- who undertook his name as an homage to John Coltrane, inspired by the musicians track "Love Supreme" -- has been collaborating with the Mishka brand for several years.  Luckily for us, we get to enjoy the culmination of the two in the form of the newly released "Rejects" print.

    REJECTS Lamour and greg wood print


    "Rejects" includes a slew of illustrated creature friends penned by both Rivera and Supreme. The two-man piece is the first release with POW for both artists, making it a gem for die-hard fans of the Mishka creepy/horror/comic aesthetic.

    The square-cut print, measuring in at 12x12 inches, is printed on sturdy and sustainable birch wood. You can purchase the print with, or without a custom black frame, to fit your home or office decor needs. Be sure to make your purchase by February 18th to ensure "Rejects" finds a special place at your abode. Click here to learn more about the prints, and to make your purchase. Till next time!


    REJECTS print on wood Lamour and greg

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