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  • 3 Notable Artist Releases of 2016

    If you ask all of us here what we love the most about Prints On Wood, we'd say it would be working here! But if you asked us what our favorite releases of the past year were, then our collective opinion starts to fluctuate. While we couldn't completely agree 100% on which print we liked the best, there were definitely 3 we all seemed to think were pretty cool...



    What can we say about Shepard's talent that hasn't been said already? We don't care, because his work always deserving for it to be said again! Shepard's work always looks great... whether it's slapped on the back of the a street sign, wheatpasted on the side of an electrical box, or spray painted on the entire side of a building. Being our second collaboration with OBEY, we decided to include some of their iconic street style with each of these prints being spray painted by hand with gold paint. Hang it on your wall or rest your coffee and a couple of books on it... there's no wrong way to rock this bad boy.



    Limited only to a signed and numbered edition of 100, Dutch artist Handiedan came out with guns blazing on Vigo En Mortis. Her work is truly mixed media, combining intricate digital art elements with three dimensional hand cut layers that require painstaking detail. Her work is almost like a WHERE'S WALDO for designers and artists alike, containing flourishes, currency notes, Pin Up Art, sheet music, skulls, and a myriad of other graphic art staples. What impressed us the most about Handiedan's art was how beautiful is translated as a wood print.



    I think we all liked this piece by Renee French becuase STU is a lot like all of us... cute and weird! I mean c'mon... just look at him! Those bulgey eyes, those little arms, that fluffy white fur! I just want to take him to work every day in my pocket and feed him skittles! What is STU? Is he a rat? A squirrel? A gopher? We don't care, he's STU... and that's good enough for us!

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