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James Haunt


    If Lisa Frank and Patrick Nagel had a baby, it still wouldn’t have been as awesome as James Haunt. Exploding with passion and, oozing neon colors, the sultry work of James Haunt is like Pop Rocks + Coke  for your eyes.


    Based out of Los Angeles, James Haunt feasts on a steady diet of skateboarding and UFOs. His talent has taken him all over the Golden State, allowing him to spread his vivid viewpoint throughout the streets of California.


    Having worked with James over and over again in the past, that’s why we’re bringing him back to the Air + Style Festival this year in his hometown of LA!

    James Haunt (alongside BumblebeeLoveYou and StarFighterA) will be doing what he does best, live painting a full sized mural of his sick art. We’re also giving away 3 seperate mini prints of James’ work, so stop by and try to get your hands on all 3!

    For more information on Air + Style, please visit airandstyle.com

  • AIR + STYLE 2017

    Air & Style is coming back to Los Angeles this February 18th and 19th for 2 days jam packed full of snowboarding, music and art! And just like every year, Prints On Wood is bringing the heat with the hottest artists at our booth!

    Located in the Hansen’s House, the PRINTS ON WOOD booth will have live mural painting on the outside by 3 of our favorite artists!

    STARFIGHTER A also known as Christina Angelina, shown above channeling her passion through her painting of pensive portraits...

    BUMBLEBEELOVESYOU rocking his black and yellow stencil art featuring kids in striped t-shirts having fun...

    and JAMES HAUNT coming at you like Patrick Nagel on acid!

    Inside the booth, we’ll have MATT GONDEK destroying your childhood with his explosive pop art...

    alongside the modern art marble madness master, Teddy Kelly, both of which will belive painting on canvases!

    So stop by the Prints On Wood booth to say “Hi” and check out these masters holding it down! We’ll also be handing out mini fine art wood prints featuring the Art of James Haunt and BumbleBeeLovesYou, so don’t forget to grab one before you leave!

    For more information on this event, please visit airandstyle.com

  • OuterSpace Projects x ABV Gallery x POW Release Party


    Thursday, June 23rd, Atlanta's ABV Gallery -- which is founded by friend of POW and skilled muralist Greg Mike -- is joining forces with Prints on Wood and OuterSpace Projects to celebrate the release of several limited edition prints. This is the place to be Thursday to grab some exclusive eco-friendly art, plus grab some sold out prints from the POW vault. Each print comes with the option of including a custom frame.

    All of the prints included in this release measure in a 14"x14" and will be availalbe for $100. While prints will be available at ABV Gallery, they will also be available in a time released online release beginning at 1pm PST on Thursday and ending Wednesday, June 29th at midnight. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will go towards benefitting the FCancer Organization.

    Simply RSVP here for entry into the event, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those exclusive online released prints to come.

    The following is the list of the artist that will have releases:


    arlin bear wood print_frame_front arlin bear wood print_detail
    Matt Gondek

    Matt Gondek wood print_front Matt Gondek wood print_detail
    Greg Mike

    greg mike print on wood_frame_front GREG_MIKE_PARADISE
    Drew Merritt

    Drew Merrit ABV Gallery wood printdrew merritt detail
    Mac Stewart

    mac stewart wood print_frame_front MAC_STWEART
    Felipe Pantone

    Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE61 wood print_frame_front Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE61 wood print_detail
    Tommy Bronx

    Tommy_Bronx_wood print_front Tommy_Bronx_14x14_wood_cut

    wolf_dog front wolf_dog detail

    2alas_skull_rose wood print_front 2alas_skull_rose_detail

    In another part of the gallery, find exclusive, sold out POW collaborations from artists:

    Jeff Soto
    Buff Monster
    Nick Walker
    Tara McPherson
    Drew Merritt
    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez
    James Haunt
    Mab Graves
    Jeff Gillette
    Luke Chueh
    Ron English

  • New Print Alert! James Haunt Releases "Mystery"


    Just in! Designer, muralist and full-fledged multi-faceted artist, James Haunt, hits us with his fifth Prints On Wood installment titled, "Mystery."

    After a well-received series of limited timed release prints, Haunt returns again with his latest launch, set to unveil April 8th. "Mystery" is a 14 in. x 25 in. print on sustainable birch wood showcasing the artist's signature galactic, spaced-out and color-infused style. The Los Angeles native, born James Gillette, has worked under his pseudonym and alter ego James 'Haunt,' for several years. The artist, who holds a collegiate background in digital art and design, works to bring his creations to life on small and large scale platforms for audiences internationally.

    As a muralist, Haunt's work can be found extensively throughout the streets of Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond. His vibrant creations are accented by pops of colors and bold lines, gracefully constructed to produce a career's worth of iconic, female-centric work.

    His intrigue with the female face stems from his desire to display areas of emotion in subtle and not so subtle ways. Through focusing on the face, eyes and lips, he's able to playfully toy with a number of expressions through one, consistent and universally appreciated vehicle.

    With "Mystery," the title does well encompassing the gist of the piece. An enigmatic gaze peers through the subject's impossibly blue eyes, alluding to vibes of seduction, longing and secrecy. To make this James Haunt limited timed release print a part of your growing art collection, be sure to make your purchase here between April 8th and April 14th.

    Additionally, be sure to scroll below to catch visuals of James live in action as he erects "Mystery" as a mural right at the POW offices. Plus, be sure to check back for an exclusive one-on-one interview with the artist in the days to come.

    MYSTERY_james haunt print on wood

    MYSTERY_james haunt wood print DETAIL

    MYSTERY_james haunt wood print FRAME

    MYSTERY_james haunt wood print


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