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Jason Limon

  • Artist Spotlight: Jason Limon

    Prints on Wood was recently visited by artist, Jason Limon! He stopped by to personally sign each fine art piece we had printed. This piece is called Light and is a limited edition fine art custom wood print with only 20 copies! 

    Jason Limon is both a painter and a sculptor. His amazing work has been displayed all over the United States in multiple galleries. His work has also reached some parts of Europe as well. He style is based on mythological creatures and paranormal cryptids portrayed with a hint of humor with a dose of strangeness. We have worked with Limon many times previously and each of his works sell out time after time! They are a real crowd favorite.

    Here is another piece that demonstrates Limon’s style. This one is called Meridiem. Through this piece you can see his character brought to life in dimensional form. With the previous knowledge of how quickly Limon’s pieces sell I would definitely jump on the opportunity now.

    For more information about Jason Limon, please visit http://www.limon-art.com/

  • New Print Alert: Jason Limon Debuts "Meridiem"


    San Antonio, Texas- born painter and sculptor, Jason Limon, is somewhat of an honorary POW veteran in a sense. The creator of mythological and paranormal creatures has produced a total of 53 Prints on Wood collaborations thus far. His 53rd installment in his POW run, titled "Meridiem," just released today, and its a cryptic little creature with a story.

    "Meridiem" is a term meaning noon or midday pulled from the ancient and often referred to as "dead" language of Latin. The term is tied into the concept of time showcased throughout Limon's latest POW release. Within the piece is the visual term "meridiem" laced in with the English word "post" and the latin word of "ante." Broken down, "post meridiem" translates to afternoon and "ante meridiem" translates to "after noon," creating the AM and PM-related time abbreviations.

    meridium_front jason limon print on wood

    The dream world and the concept of time as a subtly fleeting concept seems to be the underlying sentiment of Limon's latest work. Measuring in at 9 x 12 in., "Meridiem" is a dreamy little treat for your home or office with highly contrasted tones, amazing details and cryptic undertones adding to its allure.

    Known in the illustrative circuit for his easily recognizable design, his series of over four dozen POW prints is quite astounding. Limon began as a graphic designer, executing 12 years in the field before changing his focus to painting and illustrating full-time. Jason Limon's last Prints on Wood collaboration "Light Rider" released back in March of this year and is a great place to start if you'd like to see more of his work. Check out his entire POW catalog by simply heading here.

    And to grab a piece of Limon's magic while available, you can purchase "Meridiem" now through August 12, here.

    meridium_jason limon print on woodmeridium_front_frame jason limon print on wood


  • Jason Limon Releases "Light Rider" March 4th


    For Jason Limon's 22nd release with Prints on Wood, we're treated to an extension of the artists mythological, mystic and fabled  tell tale style. Beginning Friday, March 4th at 11am, the painter and sculptor will release "Light Rider" in a limited run of 20.

    The San Antonio, Texas-born artist grew up inspired by his surroundings, starting early with the creation of his doodled figures and scenarios. He attended San Antonio College in the Visual Arts & Technology program, and began a career in commercial graphic design in 1995. Here, he found a love and a skilled understanding of type, color and composition. Limon spent over a decade creating iconic and brand-signifying logos and designs before devoting his full time work to creating art by hand and brush.

    Limon's paintings have now come to showcase the progressive skill the artist encompasses to create strange, absurd and quite lovely fine art works with mythic creature in daft scenarios. To nab a bit of this farcical excellence in wood print form, be sure to mark your calendar for March 4th and make your purchase here!




  • POW x Jason Limon "Orb Evolution"


    Released today in a very limited run of only 20, painter and sculptor, Jason Limon hits us with "Orb Evolution."

    Jason is no stranger to POW, as this is his 21st -- yes 21st -- release with the team. For obvious reasons, we love working with Jason and seeing what he has to offer with each release. This time around, we see Jason sticking in line with his always spectacular highly pigmented, colorized and fantastical style.

    For "Orb Evolution," audiences are offered up what feels like a loving little orb ready to elevate to the next realm. Based off of mythology and mysticism, Jason Limon's paintings contain highly contrasted and  expertly crafted mythological beings, all holding their own unique impression within the work. With 22 prints released through POW thus far, Limon has exercised many printing options, including a 12 inch tall, 3-dimensional, little friend named "Cat Creeper."

    For "Orb Evolution," we're offered up a 6 x 12 inch print, printed on sustainable and highly durable birch wood. This cleverly designed piece is an ideal shape to input a beautiful vertical print into your wall art collection. Additionally, each print in this limited run of 20 will be signed and numbered by the artist. "Orb Evolution" is available now, so make your purchase before they're gone!


  • Designer Con 2014

    It would be hard to find a person that has not heard of ComicCon, well at least in Southern California.  You know, that little convention in San Diego with an attendance of over 130,000 people.  Well, it wasn't always that popular, just a few years ago it was a relatively modest comic book and science fiction/fantasy convention.   It was also a place were up and coming, along with established pop artists could show and sell their latest work.

    In recent years, because of the rising booth space costs and the expense, not to mention hassle, of attending ComicCon, many artists and vendors began to look for other options.  Two of those vendors being October Toys (Ayleen Gaspar) and 3D Retro (Ben Goretsky) who happen to be the co-producers of.....yep you guessed it, DesignerCon.

    DSC00867 Considering they are both manufactures of collectable toys, it made sense that DesignerCon initially focused on collectable toys and figures.  Within a few years, pop art found its way in through a natural crossover as so many contemporary artists release both toys and prints interchangeably.


    We found out about DesignerCon or more commonly know as "DCon" just after the 2013 convention.  After a few enthusiastic reviews, we couldn't wait for DCon 2014!   With months of planning, booth building, print making behind us, on Friday, November 7th we were ready for DCon!

    Setting up the booth:  Here is where the fun begins!  We roll into DCon and see Jeff Soto setting up his booth right behind us and To Die For setting up on the other side, we could not have asked for a more perfect combination of neighbors....umm well uhh.. asking helps too. (thanks Ayleen and Ben!)  Not sure if Soto will be as excited to be our neighbor next year after he pulled out the longest sliver I have ever seen.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.30.52 PM

    Sorry Jeff, that looks like it hurt, good thing it wasn't your drawing hand.

    Immediately we begin uncrating and setting up the booth walls, hanging the art and in no time the booth begins to take shape.  Before we finish Luke Chueh swings by, after fighting a few hours of Friday night LA traffic to sign his Boba prints and the marquee print.


    I think he was just as excited as we were about the release the next day.

    Before we go, Jason Limon finishes signing the Catcreeper figures and Berrytop Swirlpapa.  He is jumping back and forth from setting up his booth to taking care of the print release with our booth.   That's after a 20 hour drive from Texas the day before!  Your amazing Jason!


    As they begin to kick everyone out of the hall we are the last to leave, but at long last, the booth is done!


    DAY 1: D-Day is here and we are ready...well almost!  Before the show opens Chris Ryniak stops by to sign the official DCon prints, with not much sleep, I won't mention how many times we lost count signing the prints.  My brain definitely needs a few hours to warm up when computing large math problems like 12 plus 1.


    As if right on cue, in comes the beautiful Tara McPherson ready to sign her release of Umibozu Lake.  A little Starbucks and a silver sharpie is all she needs to get through 100 prints in no time flat!


    Once those are done, we are ready to roll!  Oh wait, where's Jeff Soto??  His booth is right behind us... we steal him over for a few minutes to sign his prints.


    Nathan Ota comes by and creates the perfect photo opp with Jeff and the big marquee prints.


    Then Nathan grabs a chair and begins to draw on the back side of each print in his DCon release of Early Bird.


    It was amazing to see first hand his immense talent and desire to give each print a special touch, making each one a sort of original.

    Boba! Boba! Boba!  For the first hour of the show it was the most used word and for about two hours, Luke was busy signing and doodling on the back of the prints.

    DSC00835Just like Nathan, Luke Chueh took his time to draw a unique sketch for each fan who patiently waited in an line that stretched on for over an hour.

    DSC00893 DSC00906

    Luke was busy signing prints for over two hours until he had to run off to another booth that was releasing his vinyl toy. Around that time Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez was there to pick up where Luke left off.  Johnny's print "Nothing New Under the Sun" was his first release with us, we were pumped to premier it at DCon.

    DSC00912 DSC00914

    Maybe we just got lucky but every artist we worked with at DCon was gracious, down to earth and most of all generous with the time they spent with each fan that came to visit them at the booth.

    In between signings we broke away from the booth to walk around the convention, do a bit of shopping ourselves and meet some of the other vendors.

    One of the first stops was at one of our favorite artist's booth, Jason Limon.  His hand made figures were incredible, we couldn't leave with out taking home one of the strange creatures.


    IMG_6438This ^^^ lucky fellow has a new forever home with us.

    But our home was not complete with out a few other peculiar looking creators to keep him company. IMG_6460

    The only problem is you can't take just one, you know.. they get lonely.  Yep, we have a pair, not identical twins, fraternal, they have the same momma, Circus Posterus.

    By the time we got back to our booth To Die For was hosting an artist signing with Craola and the line was overflowing down the isle.  Afterwards he stopped by our booth to sign his marquee print, "Puppets Pathos“.



    Always incredibly friendly and polite, it was great catching up with Craola before he had to leave to another event that evening.  Which also marked the end of Day One!  And an unbelievably great day at that!

    DAY 2:  One of the best part of Sunday was opening the convention at 10 am, but the next best thing was opening with Jason Limon signing at the booth.


    The release of our first dimensional art piece, The Catcreeper, was the brain child of Jason.  The first sketch was drawn on this plane ride home after his first visit to Prints on Wood.

    catcreeper-1We love to experiment with new ideas and materials so we jumped at the opportunity to try something new.

    Speaking of new, Jeff Soto's marquee piece, The Soto Fish, was a collaborative print/original piece where we alternated printing and painting on the medium including a bit of hand laid gold leaf on the tooth of the "fish".


    This was a test run for a smaller edition of prints coming soon in 2015.

    For DCon, Jeff re-released "The Guitarist Seeker" in a limited edition larger print, twice the size as the original 6x6 release.  DSC00971 IMG_6466

    Probably the most sought after print at our booth was the little Soto Fish prints that were given away for a IG post and mailing list sign up.  By Sunday afternoon over 400 Soto Fish prints had swam into the arms of happy DCon attendees and most of them signed by the artist himself.
    DSC00980 DSC00982

    Rounding out the day, Tara McPerson came back to a line of fans eager to meet her.

    IMG_6468 IMG_6470

    Her marquee piece "Supernova II" was a personal favorite and may be a release coming soon...


    At the conclusion of Designer Con 2014, we were extremely pleased with the whole experience and cannot wait until next year to raise the bar further. We already have tons of ideas floating around to make the event even better (Hint: double the size?). We would also like to sincerely thank our artists and buyers for their continued support. Without all of you this could not have been made possible. Thanks to you, we are able to successfully create art that embraces style rooted in sustainability.   See you next year!


  • Prints on Wood x DCon 2014

    In just a few days Designer Con 2014, other wise know as "DCon", is coming to Pasadena Convention Center.  No longer a one room convention with a few toy vendors, DCon has grown to over 300 artist and toy vendors including yours truly.   Beginning on Saturday, November 8th, the doors will open at 9:00 am with a admission price of just $5 per person per day.  No wonder the hype and anticipation of this event is growing each day and hour as we inch closer to Saturday!

    For those planning to attend DCon, we have nine exclusive print releases that will be available beginning Saturday at 9 am with signings by each artist through out the weekend.  In addition our booth with feature a single (1/1) large print by each artist that will be available for sale at the show.

    Don't have extra cash but want a cool print on wood? Come by our booth #512 and receive a free Jeff Soto mini print*.

    The following is a list of each print release and the time of the artist live signing at the booth.


    The Guitarist by Jeff Soto

    Signed and numbered, 12" x 12", $100

    Jeff Soto live signing: Sunday 12:30 - 1:30 pm

    McPherson-Umibozu Lake

    Umibozu Lake by Tara McPherson

    Signed and numbered, 12" x 12", $100

    Tara McPherson live signing: Saturday 9:30 - 10:30 am and Sunday 2:00 - 3:00 pm

    Picothewhale_prog (1)

    Pico the Whale by Greg "Craola" Simkins

    Signed and numbered, 5" x 7", $60

    Greg "Craola" Simkins live signing: Saturday 1 - 2 pm

    Boba Full Web

    Boba by Luke Chueh

    Signed and numbered, 9" x 12", $100

    Luke Chueh live signing:  Saturday 12 - 1 pm

    Jason Limon-Berrytop Swirlpapa

    Berrytop Swirlpapa by Jason Limon

    Signed and numbered, 11" x 14", $120

    Jason Limon-Catcreeper toy

    Catcreeper by Jason Limon

    Signed and numbered, dimensional print, $125

    Jason Limon live signing: Sunday 11 am - 12 pm

    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez

    Nothing New Under the Sun by Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez

    Signed and numbered, 11" x 14", $75

    Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez live signing: Saturday 2 - 3 pm


    Early Bird by Nathan Ota

    Signed and numbered, 8" x 8", $65

    Nathan Ota live signing: Saturday 11 am - 12 pm

    DCon print- Chris Ryniak

    DCon 2014 by Chris Ryniak

    Signed and numbered, 8" x 8", $40

    Chris Ryniak live signing: Sunday TBD

    *receive Jeff Soto mini-print free by tagging or following @PrintsonWood

  • Chopping Block: Designer Con 2014

    What is Designer Con?  A few months ago we asked ourselves the same question after several artists told us we needed to check it out.  At ComicCon we got a chance to meet the people behind the Designer Con, Ayleen Gasar (Toy Break / October Toys) and Ben Goretsky (3DRetro).  We found two people not only passionate about artists, collectors and art makers but more importantly creating a non-chaotic, fun environment for everyone to enjoy.   After attending ComicCon that was music to our ears!  Not to say their won't be plenty to see and experience at Designer Con.   To find out more details of what to expect at Designer Con 2014, we sat down with Ayleen Gasar.




    POW:  Can you give us a bit of history at Designer Con and how it came to be?

    Ayleen:  Designer Con was founded in 2006 under the name Vinyl Toy Network. The show was created to bring together artists, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the vinyl toy/collectible figures market. As the show grew over the years, we realized that the art behind the vinyl toy movement and some of the elements that helped shape VTN are somewhat out of the "vinyl toy" scope. In 2009 we decided to rebrand the convention with a less restrictive name that would let people to know that the show includes not only vinyl toy companies, but companies from all aspects of design and art including toys, original art, clothing, printing, plush, jewelry, etc.


    POW:  What kind of audience does Designer Con draw each year? Are there people of all ages?

    Ayleen:  Absolutely! We have a little something for everyone at Designer Con and welcome attendees of all ages! Toy collectors, art fans, and families come to see the latest designer toy offerings, discover new artists, and chat with their favorite designers. We even have several attendees who travel from other states and countries to attend and partake in a weekend of exclusives and con fun!

    POW:  What kind of artists and designers are displayed at Designer Con?

    Ayleen:  We have quite a variety of vendors and artists at Designer Con who bring all sorts of goods such as original art, prints, customs, apparel, jewelry, plush creations, designer/vinyl figures, vintage toys, etc. Designers, creators, artists, sculptors, manufacturers, and more come together at DCon to show off their work, share ideas, and meet fans in a casual, fun environment.


    POW:  Besides exhibitions and signings, are there other events that allow the audience to become fully immersed in the show such as workshops and Q+A?

    Ayleen:  Yes! This year we have not one, but two awesome art shows inside the convention - one Lego themed show presented by STUDS and one custom vinyl toy show curated by Lulubell Toys. We will also be hosting a variety of panels with creators, manufacturers, collectors, and more on the main stage throughout the weekend. Details on all of the panels and events happening within Designer Con will be available on our site DesignerCon.com closer to the show date.


    POW:  How has Designer Con evolved from its initial beginnings?

    Ayleen:  This will be Designer Cons ninth year and although the show has evolved in many ways, we like to think we are still succeeding at creating a fun, community oriented event for artists, creators, and fans alike. The show was founded and still run by companies who are also vendors which is why we strive to provide a fun, safe, comfortable environment for fans, artists, and vendors to meet! The biggest evolution, of course, has been our size. We have grown quite a bit since our first show in a 1,100 sq. ft. meeting room to over 70,000 sq. ft. at the Pasadena Convention Center this year with over 300 vendors and artists.

    We look forward even bigger and better shows every year through the continued support of our amazing vendors and attendees. Without you, this show would not be possible, so from all of us at Designer Con, thank you!


    POW:  What can we expect to see at this years show?

    Ayleen:  Aside from over 300 incredible vendors, there will be two art shows and several panels/presentations inside the convention throughout the weekend. Several of our vendors are also planning booth demonstrations ranging from live drawing to 3D printing to crazy new design things we haven't even seen yet! We also have an afterhours party in the works for Saturday night, so stay tuned to DesignerCon.com for more info on that!


    POW:  How long does it take to fully prepare for Designer Con?

    Ayleen:  All year! We work on organizing all aspects of the show year round and it ranges from part time hours to full time hours as we get closer to the event date.


    Thank you Ayleen!  We are excited to be apart of the show this year and plan to have DCon exclusive prints on wood and live artist signings in the booth with several artists including Jeff Soto and Jason Limon.  More information coming soon!

    For more information on Designer Con 2014, please visit: http://www.designercon.com/


    If you're a fellow sufferer of Trypophobia (the irrational fear of objects with small clustered holes) like myself, then every time you see unholy displays such as the inside of a cantaloupe or a lotus seed pod, you want to grab the nearest rock and smash it like a frustrated cave man trying to ignite a fire.

    This proved to be a huge point of contention for myself when I was assigned to research the work of Jason Limon for this interview. On one hand, his work is awesome and he's teamed up with Prints On Wood to offer an upcoming timed release! On the other hand, the hundreds of tiny little circles in most of his paintings made my skin crawl while my left eye twitched violently.

    Alas, I had to man-up and cast my neurosis aside because if I didn't, who else would get this article done? (I'm the only one around here who knows how to use they're, their, and there correctly.)


    JL1(Photo Credit: Kidrobot)

    POW: Even though the imagery in your artwork is quite provocative, given your abilities, it seems that you like to pull your punches so that it's not truly disturbing and almost kind of cute. Is this in any way intentional, and if so, why?

    JASON: That is true. I don't want stuff to come across too shocking or obscene, but I also don't want it to be on the hokey side. For me, I think it's just about getting a viewer to examine a piece and bring on a variety of emotions — to question what is happening in the painting and how they feel about it. Should they be a little disturbed or laugh? As to why, I guess I'd say that may come from me always questioning life and reality. As a kid you always wonder "what if" and as an adult most of us stop asking that question after learning the actual "parameters" of the world we live in. I continue to ask "what if" and try to imagine how things can be without those parameters.

    JL2DARK SPIRALS by Jason Limon

    POW:  When I was a little kid, certain visuals in movies such as Roger Rabbit (Judge Doom), Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (Large Marge), and The Thing (the whole damn movie) would haunt my nightmares for years to come, though looking back on it now, I find those same visuals kind of funny.

    As the father of 2 children, did you / have you ever shielded them from any of your paintings until they were old enough to see the humor and beauty in your work?

    JASON: I can see Large Marge and Judge Doom being funny now, but you're not still scared of The Thing? I love that movie, it still creeps me out a bit. My kids have watched that movie (and others I thought were amazing when I was young) and they don't at all have the same reactions I did, of course. We were lucky to live through those movies and watch the whole industry change and develop over time.

    I never felt I was painting anything vulgar or too much for a young mind to handle. I haven't hidden any of my art from my daughters. I leave them in the open while I work so they can have a look any time. I do enjoy their reactions to my art and sometimes intrigued by their questions, some which spur further exploration on my part.

    JL3FOLIAGE by Jason Limon

    POW: Every artist refines their work over time until they find the niche they feel most comfortable working in. What experiences as a young artist would you say guided you into honing your nature-based style of surrealism?

    JASON: I didn't really begin honing my painting skills until after more than a decade of working on a computer to make art so it took me a good while to "loosen up". I had grown up drawing a lot and that helped, but what has guided me most with developing a style is just that: loosening up and allowing things to come out as they do naturally. Early on I started to develop a story involving the planet and plant-life, exploring how nature becomes dominate again and balances the world out. I referred to quite a bit of nature while producing that series of art.

    OriginsORIGINS by Jason Limon

    POW:  I've read that you studied Graphic Design in college, which afforded you the ability to apply those skills in a commercial environment. What aspect of working as a Graphic Designer inspired you to pursue it as a profession, and what in particular about the profession inspired you to ultimately focus your abilities on fine art instead?

    JASON: I did work as a graphic designer for a good while. I believe that part of my life helped me develop my use of color and a love for typography. I drew a whole lot in vectors (Adobe Illustrator) and no matter how much I did I could never get the same effects that I could by hand. It all started to feel somewhat stifling and I craved doing things by hand again after some time. As a designer I would also flip through tons of illustrator promo books which did influenced me to get more serious about painting.


    POW: In regards to your timed release with POW: Catcreeper On The Prowl, can you tell us a little bit about the Catcreeper? Why did you paint him? What does he want with all those cats? Does he eat the cats after he catches them? :(

    JASON: At the start of this year I decided I would focus on stories of the paranormal to help induce a large amount of monsters or cryptids to be unleashed. In this case I had sketched out some ideas for a humanoid swamp creature and this is where it lead me. Really it is just thinking about things in reverse. If a cat decides to claw at a fish and eat it, does anyone care about the fish? I've had a few comments from people wondering why I hate cats. Some of the comments come across as being kind of angry. The truth is I've always liked cats since I was a kid and had them around growing up and still have a cat in our home now. The thought of a giant fish monster getting some revenge on cats is just funny. I wouldn't think that the Catcreeper would eat a cat, but only has lots of fun scaring and being a nuisance to them.


    CATCREEPER ON THE PROWL will be offered as an 11 x 14 limited timed release, signed and numbered by Jason Limon. This 3/4" thick print will be offered on bright white and retails for $100. CATCREEPER goes on sale on Monday, April 28th @ 12 pm, and continues through the week ending on Saturday, May 3rd @ 12 pm.

    For more information on Jason Limon, visit his website at: http://limon-art.com/

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