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    In today's modern times, buying maps at a gas station is considered out of the way, now that cellphones have maps and GPS built in them. Artist Jazzberry Blue takes this concept and uses it to create one of a kind art pieces that are also maps of places around the world.


    Although artist Jazzberry Blue prefers to stay out of the limelight, Blue uses art as a form of communication. The art wood prints included in this blog include a map of Portland and a map of Baltimore, although some of the other prints Jazzberry Blue has create includes a map of Budapest and a map of Mexico City (just to name a few). baltimore-map-wood-print

    These prints can be purchased on our website, and can also be framed or ordered in a variety of sizes. By adding this custom fine art wood print to your home, not only are you adding to your collection, but you're also bringing a bit of the world into your home. Order yours today!

  • Jazzberry Blue

    Jazzberry Blue is an abstract artist that creates geographical pieces. He makes maps of popular and iconic cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, and much more, with similar abstract patterns and color schemes of oranges, blues, and blacks.

    jazzberry blue_Printonwood

    He also created a series of maps in a black and white color scheme. Although these maps aren't as geographically accurate as your very own navigational system, Jazzberry Blue takes the unique essence of each city and incorporates it into an abstract piece. These abstract maps are printed onto wood.  Almost every major city you could visit in the US and internationally has been turned into an a cool abstract colorful map printed on wood. Jazzberry Blue _ Printsonwood1

    Jazzberry Blue is quite a clever artist. He makes concrete subjects that cannot seem abstract into abstract art works, which make his pieces even more fascinating. Jazzberry Blue not only creates maps, but he also creates national parks, typo-geography, travel, and book covers all in his own style.

    Jazzberry blue prints on wood

    It's always an adventure to figure out what cities are being shipped out each week. We have many of Jazzberry Blue's pieces available on our webpage today,  http://www.printsonwood.com/artists/jazzberryblue.

    Jazzberry_Blue_ Los Angeles_Print on wood

    To see more of his amazing portfolio, visit his webpage at http://www.jazzberryblue.com/.


    In addition to having a pen-name that sound like a delicious Squeezit / Blow-Pop flavor that would inevitably stain your teeth, Jazzberry Blue is kind of a big deal around here. Ever since Jazz uploaded his stylized maps onto the Prints On Wood artist gallery, he has become our number one selling artist for the past several months in a row. This week I hatched an elaborate plan while twirling my mustache to uncover the secrets of his lucrative success under the cunning guise of an interview. But alas, all was for naught. My nefarious scheme was foiled by Jazz reciprocating with intelligent succinct answers that in no way were indicative of his clever business dealings.


    You win this round Jazzberry!



    POW: When I was visiting your website I noticed that your portfolio contains 60+ maps of major cities. Are you a Cartographer by trade, or is it more of a hobby?

    JAZZ: Definitely not a cartographer. I am basically more of an abstract artist who got sidetracked while seeking new shapes and curves and compositions. Maps wonderfully puzzle together thousands of in-congruent little pieces to generate a particularly grand composition you cannot find anywhere else in our world.

    JBB_1JERUSALEM MAP by Jazzberry Blue

    POW: A large portion of your work contains stylized illustrations of exotic locations in the form of maps and posters. Have you had the opportunity to travel the world and visit all the destinations featured in your artwork?

    JAZZ: I ended my formal education during my first year of university with plans to travel the world. My first stop was India which became my home for several years as I was able to live a modest, stress-free life selling original paintings to tourists. Because of visa restrictions, I had to spend a lot of time in a few other countries throughout southeast Asia and the middle east, but I always found my way back to India because really found peace amongst the people and their culture. I don't create a lot of artwork related to India because it has been a difficult emotional transition back to the west and I am trying to re-develop roots in my homeworld before I loose touch completely. Learning digital design has significantly helped me relearn and re-pace myself the language of our modern systems.

    JBB_2VISIT INDIA by Jazzberry Blue

    POW: When illustrating an area you haven't actually visited, do you perform any sort of extensive research into the history or aesthetics of the location? Do you also implement the same process when illustrating a map?

    JAZZ: In general I try not to do any research. I try not to work with reality as my muse which is required for the maps. I am a perfectionist so structured maps cause me to dwell in extreme closeups and city plans for too long. After each map I have to make several abstract or surreal pieces just to keep my mind balanced or else I feel like I am actually working at a job.


    POW: Your surrealistic illustrations remind me of old Jazz records. I see a lot of Jim Lora in your style, who's well known for his artwork featured on prolific Jazz records during the 40s and 50s. Are there any other lesser known artists, be it from this genre or time period, that you feel influenced your style as an artist in any way?

    JAZZ: I love the jazz inspired work of Flora especially during his forages into the macabre. Even without knowing their names artists like Flora, Shag, Steinweiss and David S. Martin have had a large impact on my work, mostly through second hand or even third party sources as their visions have formed the basic structures of modern digital graphic design and illustration as a whole. it is hard not to be over-influenced by any such individual creator who have perfected their own techniques because I am still developing my own illustrative style.

    JBB_4JUNKMAIL by Jazzberry Blue

    POW: As a featured artist on Prints On Wood, your map wood prints continue to sell incredibly well. What is it about these prints that you feel makes them resonate so strongly with our visitors?

    JAZZ: Maps have a wonderful ability to transform between strange abstract formations and identifiable locations which speak to individuals on a global level. Your Birch wood appears to provide the perfect organic balance to their modern urban designs, creating unique, ready-to-hang wall art.


    Thank you for your time Jazz, from one beatnik to another... namaste!

    For more information on Jazzberry Blue, please visit his website at: http://www.jazzberryblue.com/

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