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Jennybird Alcantara


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    Ben Mendelsohn Raccoon - Renee French / Available in 30"x30" and 10"x10"


    The Nose Knows - Luke Chueh / Available in 30"x40" and 10"x15"


    The Dark Side - Matt Gondek


    Balducci the Marvelous -  Joe Ledbetter


    Totem -  Joe Ledbetter


    Hello Hero Hero Hello - KMNDZ


    Keith Morris - Edward Culver


    Kiss Teletubbies - Ron English


    Quiet Company - Dan May


    Early Bird - Nathan Ota


    Snow White Revere - Jennybird Alcantara


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  • OuterSpace Projects x ABV Gallery x POW Release Party


    Thursday, June 23rd, Atlanta's ABV Gallery -- which is founded by friend of POW and skilled muralist Greg Mike -- is joining forces with Prints on Wood and OuterSpace Projects to celebrate the release of several limited edition prints. This is the place to be Thursday to grab some exclusive eco-friendly art, plus grab some sold out prints from the POW vault. Each print comes with the option of including a custom frame.

    All of the prints included in this release measure in a 14"x14" and will be availalbe for $100. While prints will be available at ABV Gallery, they will also be available in a time released online release beginning at 1pm PST on Thursday and ending Wednesday, June 29th at midnight. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds will go towards benefitting the FCancer Organization.

    Simply RSVP here for entry into the event, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those exclusive online released prints to come.

    The following is the list of the artist that will have releases:


    arlin bear wood print_frame_front arlin bear wood print_detail
    Matt Gondek

    Matt Gondek wood print_front Matt Gondek wood print_detail
    Greg Mike

    greg mike print on wood_frame_front GREG_MIKE_PARADISE
    Drew Merritt

    Drew Merrit ABV Gallery wood printdrew merritt detail
    Mac Stewart

    mac stewart wood print_frame_front MAC_STWEART
    Felipe Pantone

    Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE61 wood print_frame_front Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE61 wood print_detail
    Tommy Bronx

    Tommy_Bronx_wood print_front Tommy_Bronx_14x14_wood_cut

    wolf_dog front wolf_dog detail

    2alas_skull_rose wood print_front 2alas_skull_rose_detail

    In another part of the gallery, find exclusive, sold out POW collaborations from artists:

    Jeff Soto
    Buff Monster
    Nick Walker
    Tara McPherson
    Drew Merritt
    Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez
    James Haunt
    Mab Graves
    Jeff Gillette
    Luke Chueh
    Ron English


    jb2Prints On Wood is proud to announce our collaboration with Jennybird Alcantara on our very first diagonal wood print: Sacred Heart! 

    This 8" x 8" limited edition timed release will be signed and numbered by Jennybird. Scared Heart retails for $60 and will be offered on our 3/4" Bright White canvas. Sale ends Friday, May 17th at 12:00 pm.

    Order your copy of Scared Heart today!


    For those of us who grew-up with AOL and dial-up, the mere mention of artwork that features the mythological joining of woman and beast makes you wish you and your friend didn't go on the internet that one time his parent's weren't home. While this pairing is more commonly used to solicit cheap thrills, when done correctly, the combination of nature and femininity can make for some truly wonderful art. A perfect example of this would be the tasteful imagery contained in Jennybird Alcantara's oil paintings.

    This week we had the opportunity to speak to Jennybird about her floral interpretations of the capillary system, her affinity towards religious imagery, and her upcoming limited edition timed release with Prints On Wood.



    POW: You frequently unite the female form with different animals in your pantings. Why is that?

    JENNY: I feel very connected to animals, I love their physical beauty and am intrigued by the purity of their nature. I enjoy exploring the symbolism animals embody that have been placed upon them by humans as well creating new relationships with that nature as seen though my artistic lens. Since my paintings come from my own experience of life and I'm female, then it's most natural for me to focus on the female form in my work. When the 2 are fused together the female character is taking on the attributes of the animal character and visa versa.

    JB2THE FIRST BUNNY WAS A DEER by Jennybird Alcantara

    POW: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that you were interested at becoming a veterinarian at some point. Would this explain the stylized dissections of your painted creatures?

    JENNY: I was never seriously interested in being a Veterinarian, I think this must have come from an Interview where I was asked about the animals in my work and I reflected upon being a young child and 'wanting to be a vet' when in my child mind that meant listening to their heartbeat and generally hanging out with them. I remember, at some point, realizing that a Vet had to sometimes 'cut them open' and that completely changed my mind.

    In general in my work I am interested in 'uncovering', the uncovering of what is hidden in the heart and mind, the secret places of the soul, the things beneath these flesh and bones that we all wear. Or as I've said before "what may be beneath the skin or under the petticoats of extraordinary girls" Dissecting the animal, human, plant body's and integrating them, hybridizing them with other parts of living things are in a way my metaphors and symbols of this life journey, they are keys to doors not yet opened, they are about uncovering mystery and finding connection in all living things.

    jb3ANATOMY OF ENDEARMENT by Jennybird Alcantara

    POW: Many of your visuals parallel Religious iconography, such as the sunbursts, hand gestures, and suffering expressions in your paintings. Is this done to compliment or caricature the spirit of these themes?

    JENNY: I love the precious nature of classical religious and mythological paintings , the gestures, longing, suffering, Love, Reverie and search for enlightenment. I like to infuse into my paintings the feelings of a holy encounter with ones secret self, nature and the sublime mysterious unknown and 'Canonize' my characters giving them a similar 'Saintly' status as the figures in religious paintings of the past, while remaining separate from religious dogma.


    TALISMAN by Jennybird Alcantara

    POW: As a self-described feminist, do your thoughts and opinions on gender-equality ever manifest itself through your work?

    JENNY: I don't really see my work as political in nature at all, it's really more of place for my fantasy world to come to life.

    JB5SACRED HEART by Jennybird Alcantara

    POW: I understand that your upcoming limited POW release: Sacred Heart, is one from a series of four heart themed paintings. Could you describe the inspiration behind this image? How did this series come to exist?

    JENNY: I've been exploring the heart in different ways in my art for about as long as I can remember. The original idea for these 4 in particular came from the title of a painting I've yet to paint called 'Snow White Inside' the idea was basically what Snow White might look like inside her body. I wanted these pieces to be a mainly rosy and white palette. I have a recurring series of paintings that resemble pink dissections on a black background to enhance the feeling that you are looking at a foreign hybrid specimen of sorts, these 'animal heart' paintings are a continuation of that series.


    Prints On Wood is proud to present: Sacred Heart, a sign and numbered limited timed release by Jennybird Alcantara. This 8 x 8 diagonal print will be offered on a 3/4" thick bright white wood canvas and retails for $60. Sacred Heart will be available for purchase on May 12th, where it's sale will continue through the week, ending on May 17th.

    For more information on Jennybird Alcantara, please visit her website: http://www.jennybirdart.com/

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