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Kathie Olivas

  • POW Chats: A Conversation with Husband and Wife + Creative Duo, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas

    "VIXEN No. 10" by Brandt Peters "VIXEN No. 10" by Brandt Peters

    Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas are the husband and wife duo behind Circus Posterus, as well as gallery owners and enthusiastically talented artisans. Their first POW releases titled "Girl in the Yellow Dress" and "VIXEN No. 10" have just been released, and will be available until January 24th. To learn more about the duo and their prints, we spoke with the team to get our hands on a bit of insight. Learn more below.

    Hello Brandt and Kathie. First things first, can you tell me about your respective POW releases titled "Vixen No. 10" and "Girl in the Yellow Dress?" What's there to know about these two ladies in the prints?

    BP: The first release I have coming up with POW is based on one of my master-works originals I had at my NY show at AFA Gallery last year. It was my most ambitious exhibition to date with giant multi-media works on Canvas that were all life-size, or larger (6’ tall). Basically life scale versions of my pin-up characters, so the viewer could walk right up and take on an all new visceral experience and place them even closer to my vision and universe. This first print with POW is titled: VIXEN No 10 and is based on an original from that show.

    KO: Girl in the Yellow Dress is one of many in a series based on the alter ego. I’ve been exploring the concept of dream states and manifesting a new reality.

    Brandt, you have a bit of a series going with your vixens. Can you tell me about some of the other Vixen ladies of the bunch? How does Vixen No. 10 compare or contrast?

    BP: VIXEN No 10 was one of a series of hit-girl / gang girls I designed for life-size canvas works for my NY solo exhibition, VIXEN (at AFA Gallery) beginning of last year. Each anti-hero took on a tagged number --- based usually on my fascination with numerology, and also as code for the theme/flavor behind each design. No. 10 is actually part of the Trouble-Girl gang. A collective of hit-girls that represent some of my favorite moments in history for design. No 10 represented the turn of the Century / Victorian era I have such a huge fascination with – but with a Jack the Ripper twist.


    "Girl in the Yellow Dress" by Kathie Olivas "Girl in the Yellow Dress" by Kathie Olivas

    Kathie, the characters you create often have a particular look on their face, plus this way of being illustrated and presented. It seems like you think a lot about these little guys. What's the world like where these little guys and gals come from?

    KO: My work has always been heavily influenced by early American portraiture. I love that when you look at old photos, or paintings where the subject had to hold a pose for a length of time, there is a more honest impression of who they are. It would be too difficult to try to pretend to be something you are not for that length of time. I prefer the sincerity of that; it creates a very intriguing vulnerability that it’s not idealized in that sense.

    How did you two end up bumping into each other and deciding to begin a creative business together?

    BP: We actually met in Florida over 15 years ago and immediately started collaborating. We brought the best of our backgrounds to the table and it just felt natural to go to the ultimate collaborative project – a business. We trust each other and are not afraid to be honest and direct. That is the building block foundation to any creative business partnership and we were lucky.

    I'm going to assume you don't mind producing work in the same space. Or am I wrong? Do you have your own separate processes, routines or spaces where you work?

    BP: We have never minded working in the same room, same moment, or even same time… It’s just never been an issue. We do have our own processes and approaches to our work, but we also share skill-sets from training each other over the years. I’m guessing, we are like any other couple, but in particular, as far as creativity or creation… we are just very supportive and not jealous of each other. We are also very competitive – but healthy competition. Just like an athlete or anyone who is somewhat good at their skill or craft, and actually enjoys the whole journey (not just success) – the learning, the development, pushing past walls that hold you back, accomplishments. Maybe it helps that we are such good friends.

    KO: We definitely feed off of each other. I’ll look at something Brandt is making and see something in a sketch that could be pushed further in a way he might not have thought of. Our worlds overlap so much that we are constantly giving each other new ideas and perspectives.

    Some people like to take a bath first, some people like to blare Radiohead. What, if any, are your creative routines when preparing to get to work on a painting, illustration, toy, etc? 

    BP: Not me… I just jump right in, unless you count coffee as a creative routine? Coming from my commercial background, I got used to Directors, Producers and Art Directors needing ideas/work/solutions at the drop of a hat. For good or for worse, I did not come from a fine art school – I came from the school of, I started working at the ground floor in entertainment design for studios and clients beginning in High School and have been working every day since. I am pretty grounded about the idea of being an artist… it’s my job.

    KO: Our studio is packed with work all at various states of progress. We tend to just walk in and get drawn to whatever we feel connected to. Running our own company is a lot of work so when we have a day to just focus on our own work we like to just hit the ground running.

    What plans do you have for the coming months regarding projects, art shows or just life excitement? 

    BP: Kathie and I actually have a two-person exhibition still up at www.wronggalleries.com in Taipei.  We have the 4th installment of Monsters and Misfits IV in Japan opening on April 1st… This is our very highly attended museum level exhibition that Kathie and I co-produce and curate. This is the first year we are holding it in Tokyo (Shibuya Hikarie), first week of Cherry Blossom Festival. Please check out www.circusposterus.com and or our Japanese partner www.tomenosuke.com for more information. Artists include other POW alumni such as artist Chris Ryniak, and more. Kathie and I are also having a two-person exhibition in Manila (Philippines) at Secret Fresh Gallery in September of this year.

    KO:  We are also finalizing our 5th year anniversary exhibition for Stranger Factory, our gallery in Albuquerque that specializes in contemporary character design. Brandt and I will also be doing our first 2 person show together there in August…

    Be sure to make your purchase of "Girl in the Yellow Dress" by Kathie  Olivas, and "VIXEN No. 10" by Brandt Peters, by January 24th to avoid the dreaded FOMO effect. And stay tuned for more POW releases to come. Till next time!

  • Husband and Wife Duo, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, Release "VIXEN No. 10" and "Girl in the Yellow Dress"

    "Girl in the Yellow Dress" by Kathie Olivia "Girl in the Yellow Dress" by Kathie Olivia


    Power couples are kind of everything; like, who doesn't love a tag team duo bound by both talent and good old fashioned romantic love. That's why we're double excited to present a dual release by husband and wife team, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas.

    Peters and Olivas are the proud owners and operators of Circus Posterus, a company which prides itself on being a tight knit collective focused on dispersing original artworks, creating toy designs, printmaking, packaging, marketing, licensing, brand management and art event creation in order to lighten the load of the common artist-- who often times takes on all of the aforementioned load independently.

    "VIXEN No. 10" by Brandt Peters "VIXEN No. 10" by Brandt Peters


    For the pair's first POW release, they've hit us with "VIXEN No. 10" and "Girl in the Yellow Dress." "Vixen No. 10" is a printed rendering of an original work by Peters dawning a dough-eyed sketch of a little lady with seemingly all the descriptive elements that make up a 'vixen.'

    "Girl in the Yellow Dress" is a surrealist painting with a title simply mirroring the portrait's content, plus an antlered snake friend en tow, which comes courtesy of Olivas.  Both works are printed on 100% sustainable birch wood and will be available for purchase between January 18th and January 24th.

    To learn even more about Brandt Peter's "VIXEN No. 10" and Kathie Olivas' "Girl in the Yellow Dress," check out an interview with the two here.

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