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    kozyndan is the joint pseudonym of Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife illustrator team Kozue and Dan Kitchens, known particularly for their whimsical, intricate and occasionally absurd illustrations of modern cityscapes. The two are highly obsessed with and influenced by the ocean and oceanic topics which highlight the vast bodies of water and their complexity. kozyndan collectively have a respect and admiration for the natural world, with their passion for diving and love for marine environments also popping up consistently in their work.

    The two met  after Kozy left Japan to study art in California where she eventually met Dan while majoring in illustration at California State University, Fullerton. Since then, the two have been creating together on a number of projects including -- but not limited to -- CD covers for bands such as Weezer and The Postal Service, clothing (including lines of illustrated shoes) and posters for companies such as Nike Inc.

    In a 2014 interview with Empire Times kozyndan discuss their mediums and influences:

    What mediums do you use? Do you have a favorite?

    Dan: Pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, color pencil, acrylic, silk screen, Photoshop, clay, etc etc. I think I just like sketching with leafless pencils. The rest I do because I have to.

    Kozy: I really like my .03 mechanical pencil, and acrylic gouache paints by Holbein. Most of the paintings we make are made with that paint.


    How do the senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling) effect kozyndan’s artwork?

    Kozy: Interesting! I guess, obviously for me – my eyes and ears are united in their love of trippy-ness. Music is a big part of creation for me. I am always playing music in the studio. THe audio journey often guides and influences my hand.

    Dan: In a literal sense our work is filtering our experiences in life. SO what we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel, or at least the memory of those experiences, are in some form illustrated to become the basis of a lot of our artwork.

    Today, we're extremely excited to announce that the two have teamed up on their first Prints On Wood collaboration dubbed "Breathing, Floating, Spawning." The print is a 12.5 x 14 in fine art wood print denoting a beautifully, pastel-hued image of a woman enraptured in oceanic coral reef. "Breathing, Floating, Spawning." is available today, Thursday September 29 through October 6. Head here to make your purchase today and stay tuned for an interview with kozyndan to come. kozyndan-breathing-floating-spawning-wood-print

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