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    Prints on Wood Offers an exclusive LA Art Show print honoring Mel Ramos, Britt Salvesen & Ben Goretsky. Art by the world rewound artist Shepard Fairey, featuring Hall of Fame Public Enemy member, Flavor Flav the DJ of the Juxtapoz Party.

    Prints are hand signed and numbered by Shepard and Flavor Flav. The 12" x 15" fine art wood print is available for sale at the price of $150 from January 9th to the the morning of the 16th, ending at 10 am PDT. at an exclusive art show price.

    Following the art show, prints sell for $250 and will be available until February 7th at 10 am PDT. Because each print will be signed and numbered by Shepard Fairey and Flavor Flav, prints will ship in early March. Order your print here.

  • Prints on Wood x LA Art Show 2016


    la art show jeff gillette 3Los Angeles' annual LA Art Show was in full effect last weekend, and Prints on Wood was in the building. Between Thursday, January 28th and Saturday, January 31st, the LA Convention Center was the spot to catch the 21st annual LA Art Show (LAAS), unveiling the event's very first year exclusively focusing on on Modern and Contemporary art-- designating a separate space completely for the LA Fine Art Show, where Traditional and Historical art will be on display.

    We're really excited about this year's assortment of artists and exhibitors, and just had to give you guys a taste of the festivities.

    la art show5

    la art show 6

    la art show kilduffs bakery daniel rolnik

    Above, you can see a snippet of what the Daniel Rolnik Gallery cooked up for the event. Rolnik, photographed here, is hanging out chatting with an attendee as he tends to "Kilduff's Bakery." The set up is in collaboration with performance and visual artist John Kilduff, whose Youtube video series titled “Let’s Paint” showcases the artist painting food while on a treadmill. The antics have earned him the title of “the Most Inspirational Outsider Art Maniac You’ve Never Heard Of,” according to VICE.

    At "Kilduff's Bakery," you can also expect Turtle Wayne’s snack packs, Ferris Plock’s pizza sculptures, Tripper Dungan’s hand-carved wooden donuts, Kat Philbin’s sushi paintings, Bwana Spoons’ boba-drinking-sloth toys and Porous Walker’s soda fountain drawings.

    la art show2

    la art show4


    This year's Littletopia region of the show is a real treat. Here, you can see archway construction by artist Jeff Gillette, and a shot of Jeff signing his LAAS x POW exclusive print titled, "Castle Slum."


    la art show jeff gillettela art show7

    Castle Slum is a 16 x 10 in. print -- both signed and hand-numbered by the artist -- that we are so excited to have worked with Jeff to produce. You can still buy your copy of the print until Tuesday, February 2nd by clicking here!

    la art show jeff gillette 3 (2)

    la art show jeff gillette (2)

    la art show 8

    la art show juxtapoz prints on wood

    A humble hello to the Juxtapoz booth also. Couldn't have had a better space for the POW booth to set up shop across from. As we mentioned earlier in the month, POW was also lucky enough to produce an LAAS exclusive with Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine founder, Robert Williams. Williams came correct with a thoughtful piece titled "Puppets Orchestrating Puppets," which you can view, learn more about as well as make your purchase, by clicking  here!

    la art show prints on wood

    la art show prints on wood 2

    Be sure to follow @PrintsonWood for more #LAArtShow coverage. Till next time!


  • POW x LA ART Show: Robert Williams & Jeff Gillette Release "Everything at Once" & "Castle Slum"

    "Castle Slum" by Jeff Gillette

    Prints on Wood has teamed up with the LA Art Show, Littletopia and Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine to release two exclusive wood prints in honor of this year's LA Art Show, commemorating Jeff Gillette, the archway artist of the LAAS' Littletopia exhibition space, and Robert Williams, who is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Jeff Gillette is revered for his expertly crafted work examining the patterns of human settlement. Most intrigued by the shantywood slums of locations such as India and South America, he paints landscapes of these regions zeroing in on the raw persistence of the land and those that inhibit it in order the survive. Some of his most notable works include Hollywood Cliff (2010) and his iconic series Dismayland, which was an exhibition that opened at Santa Monica's Copro Gallery in 2010. Gillette was as well a contributor to Banksy's 2015 headline-making, expaaaansive installation titled Dismaland.


    "Everything at Once" by Robert Williams

    Robert Williams is most notable for being a skilled painter, beloved cartoonist and founder of none other than Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine. Williams is one of the most remarkable and innovative artists working within alternative mediums, having been a vital, vital participant in West Coast art culture as a whole. In 1979, Williams released his seminal book entitled "The Lowbrow Art of Robt. Williams." His style, aesthetics and philosophies on art further shaped the elements of the art world, and continue to do so today.

    In celebration of both Gillette and Williams' iconic careers, POW has teamed up to release two exciting prints. Available now through February 2nd at Midnight, you can purchase Robert William's "Everything at Once," and Jeff Gillette's "Castle Slum," both photographed here, shown with or without frames.


    "Castle Slum" by Jeff Gillette


    "Everything at Once" by Robert Williams

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