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  • Macho Mouse - Limited Release by Jorge Gutierrez

    Macho Mouse by Jorge Gutierrez.

    We have a new limited release print coming out called Macho Mouse by Jorge Gutierrez. This is in conjunction with the Cal Art and the Sp[a]ce exhibit taking place in Pasedena in the month of October. The show is called Spatial Reality: Artists Explore the Future of XR. I just threw a whole lot of information at you about a lot of different things. So as you can see we have quite a bit to discuss in this blog.

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  • Lori Nelson and "Soul Twin"

    Are you looking for some new art? Don’t look any further because we have what you’ve been looking for! Lori Nelson has partnered with us to release an exclusive fine art wood print for you all. There will be a limited amount of 25 signed and numbered prints so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

    Who is Lori Nelson?
    Lori Nelson tackles timeless issues like change, fear of technology and isolation. She practices technique utilizing wide, chunky strokes and understated colors. Her paintings have a very modern feel. She really gives her paintings a personality of their own, which is what makes her paintings so remarkable!

  • Artist Spotlight: Jason Limon

    Prints on Wood was recently visited by artist, Jason Limon! He stopped by to personally sign each fine art piece we had printed. This piece is called Light and is a limited edition fine art custom wood print with only 20 copies! 

    Jason Limon is both a painter and a sculptor. His amazing work has been displayed all over the United States in multiple galleries. His work has also reached some parts of Europe as well. He style is based on mythological creatures and paranormal cryptids portrayed with a hint of humor with a dose of strangeness. We have worked with Limon many times previously and each of his works sell out time after time! They are a real crowd favorite.

    Here is another piece that demonstrates Limon’s style. This one is called Meridiem. Through this piece you can see his character brought to life in dimensional form. With the previous knowledge of how quickly Limon’s pieces sell I would definitely jump on the opportunity now.

    For more information about Jason Limon, please visit http://www.limon-art.com/

  • Artist Spotlight: Nick Walker

    I’m sure that you’ve seen at least one of our collaborations with artist, Nick Walker. We have had the pleasure of working with Walker a couple of times and each time has been amazing! If you didn’t know, Walker is one of the world’s best known street artists. He always tries to remain as innovative as possible while being modern and thought-provoking as well. His graffiti is a result of very controlled and intricate stenciling but he doesn’t forget to channel the high energy of graffiti as well!

    A couple years ago we had the honor of producing Walker’s piece, Painting the Town Red / Hong Kong Street Scene Two. Only 25 of these prints were produced! They were extremely limited and were highly desired because of the how highly sophisticated yet modern the print is. Not to mention, the print was signed by Walker himself!

    Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Walker once again! This exclusive print is called Vandal vs Louboutin. It is another extremely limited print with only 50 prints available! These prints are also signed by Nick Walker and are available on our site right now. Hopefully you’ll be able to snag one of these prints before they are gone forever!

  • Joe Ledbetter - DCon Print

    As Designer Convention draws closer and closer, we've gotten a lot more opportunities to work with some rad artists. Today, we'll be taking a look at some artwork by Joe Ledbetter.

    Joe Ledbetter is an artist, illustrator, and toy designer based in Los Angeles, CA. His artwork is inspired and influenced by classic animation, underground comics, skateboarding, and 1980s video games. His work is known for mixing irony, social criticism, and mischief. The creatures in his artwork were meant to anthropomorphize the human condition.

    This piece is called "Balducci the Marvelous," and it definitely lives up to its name!


    Look at those colors! They're so vibrant and beautiful! Many artists prefer wood prints, since they allow the colors blend well with the natural wood canvas. The wood elevates the artwork and enhances the colors of the artwork. Wood prints are also easier to display, and capture attention in a way that no typical poster or non-wood canvas can. These prints are also durable and will ensure that the artwork will last for years to come.


    This wood piece will be displayed at DCon on November 19-20th. Will you be attending?

    If you're an artist and want to create your own wood print, check out our main site at http://www.printsonwood.com/


    For the first time ever Prints On Wood is excited to announce our very first Fine Art Sale! Save 20% Off* of your favorite P.O.W. Artist Releases when you use the promo code LOVEART at checkout!

    With hundreds of prints to choose from, order some of our favorites that are still available (while supplies last) but act now, because these will go fast!


    Ben Mendelsohn Raccoon - Renee French / Available in 30"x30" and 10"x10"


    The Nose Knows - Luke Chueh / Available in 30"x40" and 10"x15"


    The Dark Side - Matt Gondek


    Balducci the Marvelous -  Joe Ledbetter


    Totem -  Joe Ledbetter


    Hello Hero Hero Hello - KMNDZ


    Keith Morris - Edward Culver


    Kiss Teletubbies - Ron English


    Quiet Company - Dan May


    Early Bird - Nathan Ota


    Snow White Revere - Jennybird Alcantara


    *Offer not valid on Treason Gallery / Obey Table Print releases.

  • Recently Added Artists: Fucci & Casey Weldon

    Among others, we've recently added some new prints to our Fine Art section. Of the many artists, we're talking about Fucci and Casey Weldon this week! Fucci's "Let Me In" as seen below, is one of the ten signed custom wood prints that you can purchase on our website! Fucci is a Finnish-Canadian artist and his current studio is located in Toronto, Canada. Using post-pop style, Fucci is reinventing sexual expression through his art. You can order his work here.


    Our next featured artist is non other than Casey Weldon. This So Cal local uses haunting images in order to create melancholy and fantasy for the viewer. After gradutaing in Pasadena, Weldon has moved around from Las Vegas, to New York, back to California, and now Portland. He works as a full time artist, and you may purchase his work "Blood Moon" here.


    "Blood Moon" will also be sold in a limited quantity of ten and will also be signed by Weldon himself. Both Fucci and Weldon are part of Print on Wood's Along the Grain in association with Treason Gallery. Along The Grain presents itself as new take on fine art reproduction, while providing approachability to new collectors as well as those looking to add a one of a kind piece to their collection.

  • Matt Gondek - Deconstructive Pop Artist

    Matt Gondek is one of the many artists that will be showcasing his work at DesignerCon 2016 this year. He is a Pop Artist that specializes in painting Deconstructed Pop Icons. Matt is also currently based in LA. His current motto is, "figure it out as you go along."


    Matt's career started when he created his first comic book in elementary school. After realizing his potential, he began to work as a digital illustrator and created graphics for licensed clothing companies. Matt later opened up his own clothing and art boutique. However, this was not a success story. It shut its doors within a year of opening.

    Although Matt initially struggled with a lack of direction after his first attempt at running a boutique failed, he eventually found his way back up. He began to create artwork that consisted of deconstructed and fractured cartoon characters. His signature style depicts pop icons with exploding heads. They are painted in bright colors and have a clean graphic art style.


    These high quality wood prints that will be put on display are sure to be a hit amongst convention-goers!
    (In this photo, it's being packaged and is ready to be send out.) Wood prints are a great way for artists to display their art. Wood is a truly unique type of canvas.

    Matt's work is now displayed in art galleries and on outdoor murals all around Los Angeles.


    To find more of Matt's artwork, click here.

  • DesignerCon 2016

    For the past few weeks, our staff has been hard at work with assisting various artists print their artwork on wood pieces to prepare for DesignerCon.

    DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that will feature collectible toys, customs, plush, designer apparel - as well as urban, underground, and pop art. Artists and designers will be able set up their own booths and showcase their artwork and designs. This year, DCon will take place on November 19-20, and will feature over 150+ artists.


    (created by artist Matt Gondek)

    With Designer Con quickly approaching, many artists have asked for our help with creating wood prints. Typically, these artists send us their designs and we take care of the rest of the work.


    (created by artist Joe Ledbetter)

    Why wood prints? Well to start, they're a truly unique canvas that adds another beautiful dimension to artwork. It enhances and transforms the original piece with a natural, more vintage feel. The wood grain gives the artwork a unique appearance, so in a way - no two pieces are the same. Printing art on wood creates a durable, beautiful image that these artists can proudly display anywhere.


    (created by artist Tara McPherson)

    The photos above are just a few examples of the awesome pieces we've created for previous artists. These pieces will be displayed at DesignerCon, so keep an eye out while you're there!

    If you're an artist and you want to see what the hype about printing on wood is about, contact us or check out our website for more information! You won't regret it!

  • "Reincarnation" with Greg Mike

    "Reincarnation," is a new piece by Greg Mike, currently painted on a wall in Atlanta. It was painted exactly one year after his "True Colors" mural was painted on this same wall. In this version, the majestic bear was "reincarnated" into a beautiful tiger.

    Let's take a look at this beautiful piece:


    Isn't it magnificent? To watch a full video on how this mural was created, click here.

    Greg Mike is an artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an artist, designer, founder, and director of the ABV Agency/Gallery. The ABV Agency is a studio that specializes in branding, apparel design, and visual production. It also serves as a gallery for artists all over the world.

    Greg is known for his many mural projects in Atlanta, as well as his pop-up art galleries that are based all around the US. His art focuses on infusing cartoons and murals that incorporate vivid explosions of color through a Surrealist Pop Art perspective. "Reincarnation" is just one of his many prints that we've been able to help him bring to life.


    A wood print of "Reincarnation" can be purchased on our site for a limited time only. Add a custom black frame for only $29 by choosing the "with Frame" option. Order yours today while you still can!

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