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Renee French

  • Italian Frames Meets Fine Art

    New Year means new you! OR if you prefer to stay the same that works too! Either way, if you're an art collector, looking to switch it up or want something old to look new again, then we have something perfect for you! Some of our fine art selections may include a handmade Italian frame, which is a perfect way to make an art piece stick out such as the ones in this blog post.


    This one of Renee French's limited pieces of Ben Mendelsohn Raccoon. This piece is a DesignerCon 2016 exclusive marquee print and is signed by French as well. Renee French is an American artist, best known as a comics writer and illustrator, who also enthralls audiences as an exhibiting fine artist.



    Did we mention that the Italian Frame comes in different colors? In Drew Merritt's "Eye of the Beholder" piece, you'll find that this print comes in a brown frame. This print is apart of Along the Grain. In collaboration with Treason Gallery and Prints on Wood, Along The Grain presents itself as new take on fine art reproduction, while providing approachability to new collectors as well as those looking to add a one of a kind piece to their collection.


    For the first time ever Prints On Wood is excited to announce our very first Fine Art Sale! Save 20% Off* of your favorite P.O.W. Artist Releases when you use the promo code LOVEART at checkout!

    With hundreds of prints to choose from, order some of our favorites that are still available (while supplies last) but act now, because these will go fast!


    Ben Mendelsohn Raccoon - Renee French / Available in 30"x30" and 10"x10"


    The Nose Knows - Luke Chueh / Available in 30"x40" and 10"x15"


    The Dark Side - Matt Gondek


    Balducci the Marvelous -  Joe Ledbetter


    Totem -  Joe Ledbetter


    Hello Hero Hero Hello - KMNDZ


    Keith Morris - Edward Culver


    Kiss Teletubbies - Ron English


    Quiet Company - Dan May


    Early Bird - Nathan Ota


    Snow White Revere - Jennybird Alcantara


    *Offer not valid on Treason Gallery / Obey Table Print releases.

  • 3 Notable Artist Releases of 2016

    If you ask all of us here what we love the most about Prints On Wood, we'd say it would be working here! But if you asked us what our favorite releases of the past year were, then our collective opinion starts to fluctuate. While we couldn't completely agree 100% on which print we liked the best, there were definitely 3 we all seemed to think were pretty cool...



    What can we say about Shepard's talent that hasn't been said already? We don't care, because his work always deserving for it to be said again! Shepard's work always looks great... whether it's slapped on the back of the a street sign, wheatpasted on the side of an electrical box, or spray painted on the entire side of a building. Being our second collaboration with OBEY, we decided to include some of their iconic street style with each of these prints being spray painted by hand with gold paint. Hang it on your wall or rest your coffee and a couple of books on it... there's no wrong way to rock this bad boy.



    Limited only to a signed and numbered edition of 100, Dutch artist Handiedan came out with guns blazing on Vigo En Mortis. Her work is truly mixed media, combining intricate digital art elements with three dimensional hand cut layers that require painstaking detail. Her work is almost like a WHERE'S WALDO for designers and artists alike, containing flourishes, currency notes, Pin Up Art, sheet music, skulls, and a myriad of other graphic art staples. What impressed us the most about Handiedan's art was how beautiful is translated as a wood print.



    I think we all liked this piece by Renee French becuase STU is a lot like all of us... cute and weird! I mean c'mon... just look at him! Those bulgey eyes, those little arms, that fluffy white fur! I just want to take him to work every day in my pocket and feed him skittles! What is STU? Is he a rat? A squirrel? A gopher? We don't care, he's STU... and that's good enough for us!

  • D-CON 2016 RECAP

    If you've been following along. D-CON 2016 has come and gone, but all the fun still lives on in our hearts! Why? Because it was awesome, that’s why! What was so awesome about it you might ask?


    Pictured Above: This is why I'm broke.

    If you’ve ever been to Comic-Con before they started air-dropping celebrities in to promote their lackluster super hero cross-over movie sequels, the edges of the convention center would have more homegrown offerings ranging from cool posters to collectible toys.


    Batman and Robin looking a little.... ambiguous.

    As Comic-Con began to grow in popularity, so did the big corporations and their booths. This expansion started to push out the smaller vendors to the point where all that’s remaining of the art-geek scene congregated into a small sliver roughly 3 aisles wide, in addition to a handful of booths peppered across the entire convention center.


    Pictured Above: The intellectual equivalent of my teenage mind.

    Sure, standing for line for 4 hours to get Nicolas Cage to sign your t-shirt is fun and all, but for me, the best part of Comic-Con was looking for neat things to slap on my wall or pose on my bookcase. To make a long-boring story short, Designer Con is awesome because it takes that small sliver of indie artists, custom vinyl toys, and all sorts of one of a kind art and wraps an entire convention around it.


    If advertisers we're honest.

    Spanning over 90,000 square feet, D-CON packs a myriad of Artists from all walks of life… be it graffiti, low-brow, toys, or clothing, you’re guaranteed to see someone you recognize if you’re into this sort of thing. If you’re not, then we promise you’ll still see all sorts of awesome merch and collectibles.


    Don't know what that is... but I WANT one!

    As a sponsor of the event and also a vendor, we at PRINTS ON WOOD always feel at home when we attend. Granted, we sell limited edition art prints, but more-so because at heart, we’re all a bunch of art-nerds! Best part is we got to spend an entire weekend with some of our favorite artists!


    D-CON / PRINTS ON WOOD Booth 2016

    This year we had some of the biggest names from the industry were signing their exclusive POW/D-CON limited editions prints at our booth. Saturday we had the pleasure of hosting ...


    Renee French (making smoking look adorable)


    Luke Chueh (making himself look adorkable)


    KMNDZ (signing prints based off of his live painted piece from last year's D-Con)


    and Matt Gondek, "blowing it up" at our booth (Haha... get it?)

    Sundays at D-CON are always a little more chill, but just as much fun. We had Tara McPherson kick it at our booth, promoting her awesome print release, The Fountain.


    Last, but certainly never to be considered the least, we had Jermaine Rogers signing his exclusive D-CON/POW wood print, Tell Me How To Help You...


    While we love all those people and think they're super cool, we have to be honest. They weren't the only important guests at our booth this year. That's right. The people that make us the happiest at D-CON this year, and every year, is ALL OF YOU!


    Pictured Above: Some of you!

    Prints On Wood wants to thank each and every one of you who came by our booth at D-CON 2016. Those of you who bought a print, shook our hand, asked for a sticker, told us we had a cool logo, and yes... even those of you who rolled your eyes when we told you how much some of the bigger prints cost! You are what makes this company and what we do great!


    Although we've got a lot of people on the inside who help with that too!


    For those of you who couldn't make it out this year, stay  tuned to Prints On Wood as we'll start release some of our limited edition, exclusive D-CON wood prints shortly!

  • DesignerCon 2016

    For the past few weeks, our staff has been hard at work with assisting various artists print their artwork on wood pieces to prepare for DesignerCon.

    DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that will feature collectible toys, customs, plush, designer apparel - as well as urban, underground, and pop art. Artists and designers will be able set up their own booths and showcase their artwork and designs. This year, DCon will take place on November 19-20, and will feature over 150+ artists.


    (created by artist Matt Gondek)

    With Designer Con quickly approaching, many artists have asked for our help with creating wood prints. Typically, these artists send us their designs and we take care of the rest of the work.


    (created by artist Joe Ledbetter)

    Why wood prints? Well to start, they're a truly unique canvas that adds another beautiful dimension to artwork. It enhances and transforms the original piece with a natural, more vintage feel. The wood grain gives the artwork a unique appearance, so in a way - no two pieces are the same. Printing art on wood creates a durable, beautiful image that these artists can proudly display anywhere.


    (created by artist Tara McPherson)

    The photos above are just a few examples of the awesome pieces we've created for previous artists. These pieces will be displayed at DesignerCon, so keep an eye out while you're there!

    If you're an artist and you want to see what the hype about printing on wood is about, contact us or check out our website for more information! You won't regret it!


    For our third year in a row, PRINTS ON WOOD is rocking the house at D-CON 2016!


    What is D-CON you might ask? Besides sounding like a Transformer with a 2.0 grade average, D-CON actually stands for DESIGNER CON. Although that might sound like a bunch of bearded hipsters wearing plaid shirts, congregating at their local coffee shop to argue the merits of Arial Vs. Helvetica, I assure you it’s way less pretentious than it sounds!


    Underneath that man-bun, he’s secretly judging your font choices.

    D-CON is kind of like Comic Con... minus the long lines, summer heat, and gender neutral / body positive cosplay. It’s an annual art and design convention taking place November 19th & 20th at the Pasadena Convention Center, featuring 150 different Comic Book Artists, Graffiti Artists, and… uh.. Artist Artists. The best part is that all these weird wonderful people get together to sell awesome looking toys, posters, dolls, t-shirts, and… *drumroll*... PRINTS ON WOOD!!!


    Prints On Wood Booth: D-Con 2015

    That’s right, PRINTS ON WOOD is bringing it’s big ‘ol honkin juggernaut of a wooden booth. and a whole slew of exclusive limited edition wooden art prints from the some of the biggest names attending D-CON this year, with featured art from all of your Prints on Wood favorites!


    Some of them are even going to stop by our booth and hang out to sign your prints over this 2-Day Shabang!


    Plus we’re bringing along a whole stack of t-shirts! “Big deal, there’s all sorts of cool t-shirts a D-CON.” You might say, well guess what? We’re giving ours away FOR FREEEEEEEE!


    That’s right, all you kids have to do is take a picture of our booth with your fancy computer phones and post is all over your instasnaps and facegrams, just make sure you tag us in the process!

    Rad Art, Cool Artists, and Free T-shirts? Could D-CON get anymore awesome!!?

    Yeah… it could if we saw you there! Come by and say “Wasssup!”, you can find us at Booth #517, look for the CMYK color bars!

    In the meantime, check out some of the art we’ll have for sale at our booth from…


























    For more information on D-Con 2016, please visit www.designercon.com

  • POW Chats: A Conversation with Cartoonist and Illustrator Renee French


    Renee French is revered for her uncanny ability to work with detailed and meticulous cross-hatching illustration methods to create tiny characters and beloved cartoons with anthropomorphic tendencies. Well-known as a respected illustrator and cartoonist, Renee is as well a treasured author, constructing children's books under the pen name Rainy Dohaney for little art enthusiasts in the making. Scroll below for a conversation with Renee about her inspirations, dream oddities and more.  

    1. Hi Renee. Tell me about your first print release with POW titled "Stu." Who is this little guy, how did he come about and what's his backstory?

    Hi Kim! The whole POW process was a great experience. Stu was part of a collection of animal portraits that started with my muse, Ivey Breiman -- an incredibly cute, tiny, round, chihuahua with her tongue sticking out -- and morphed into other animals who had similar emotional pull for me. I fall in love with each character as I'm working on them. I really wish they'd just start walking around in the real world, but I guess that would be terrifying.

    2. What ideas or themes do you find are consistently revisited in your work, if any?

    Cute animals with tiny hands and emotional eyes. Swarms of insects, and sometimes those things together. 1970s hair, unrealistic facial deformity, water, islands, and cliffs. And flies.

    3. When beginning on an illustration, how do you prepare for the story you're looking to evoke?

    It depends on what kind of image it is, but almost always, it's got to do with my mood when I sit down. If it's a character, it doesn't matter how much I try to control the emotion, it ends up looking the way I feel at the time, and it can change midstream since the drawings rarely take less than a day to finish.
    4. Can you describe your current studio/work space for readers?

    Mostly I end up working in rooms other than my workspace; wherever there's a comfy chair or couch, or in hotel rooms on the bed. I draw on a board on my lap, on top of throw pillows, or a rolled up jacket, or whatever, and I wear magnifying glasses and listen to podcasts while I draw, so it can be almost anywhere. My workspace is a little room with a stand up desk, and a computer and a tiny tv.
    5. What artists do you find yourself inspired by in this era of your life?

    I love the whole LA art scene lately, but the artists I look at the most lately are Scott Teplin (@steplin ), Benjamin Constantine (@plumpe_ostere ), Allison Sommers ( @allisonsommers ), Mike Lee ( @immikelee ), Matt Gordon ( @mattgordon_paintings ) William Kentridge, Anke Feuchtenberger, and Paul Barnes, and the ones I forgot.


    6. Do you dream? If so, do you remember any of your recent ones? Do you have any reoccurring dreams by chance?

    Yes, for sure. I have a lot of cliffs in my dreams. Pushing Mark Ruffalo off a cliff (I love Mark Ruffalo so that was a nightmare, man!), flying up to the edge of a cliff and seeing it covered in snails so I couldn't grab on... and last night I dreamed that I was living in a carnival tent that was half hanging over the edge of a cliff, and training tiny monkeys to drink from tea cups, and apparantly it was a crucial job, like serious Interpol business with tea drinking monkeys.

    7. What themes/lessons of life do you feel you're encountering right now? 

    Life is short. Do what you love. The classics.
    8. What work/ creative projects do you have coming up that you're looking forward to?

    Scott Teplin -- an amazing New York artist and friend -- and I are working on a 2 person show where we're drawing and painting our school teachers from memory. Some are hazy, pretty, giant hair studies (the hair is giant not the drawings) and some are grotesque and some are sad. I think the exhibition will be at La Luz De Jesus.

    I'm also working on a portrait for the Archibald Prize in Australia, and some portraits for the next issue of Tiny Pencil Magazine, and a secret picture book project that involves tiny animal hands.


  • New Print Release! Renee French Releases "Stu"

    Stu by Renee French wood print

    Artist and writer, Renee French, has just released her long-awaited Prints on Wood collaboration entitled "Stu," available today, April 11th, through Sunday, April 17th. The 10x10 inch wood print is the first collaboration between POW and the artist.

    French is regarded as a treasured participant in the literary and illustrative world, having released numerous comics throughout her career including the award-winning graphic novel, The Ticking. French' work is internationally distinguishable by her almost exclusive use of fine pointed graphite pencil on miniature pieces of paper. Her unique method of choice has brought her great clout in the fine arts world, making her style immediately recognizable to art connoisseurs and collectors.

    French's legacy in the literary and art world transcends that of fine art prints, comics and graphics novels, and stretches far into the realm of children' books as well. Her signature style has met the pages of many children's book titles, and her dreamy, fantastical characters continue to act as a recognizable figures for both kids and adults alike.

    With her first POW release en tow, French brings forth a pleasantly plump and furry figure entitled "Stu." French describes "Stu" by saying, "He's a bear and he's got teeny hands and his name is Stu."

    "Stu is available for purchase with or without a classic, white wooden frame for your home decor needs. Check back on the POW blog for an interview with Renee French in the coming days, and be sure to click here to make your purchase today!


    renee french stu wood print

    Renee French wood print Stu

    Stu wood print by Renee French

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