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  • Artist Spotlight: Tara McPherson

    Tara McPherson? More like Tara Mc-FIERCE-son! Get it? Because... you know... that... uh... er.... um... yeah. Lame jokes aside, we love Tara McPherson! We got a chance to speak with her at DesignerCon 2016 where she revealed her newest print release for 2017: Electric Lola


    Click to see a sneak peak of ELECTRIC LOLA

    While the release date of this piece is still a secret, check out these Tara releases available right now! (While supplies last)


    THE WANDERERS - Tara McPherson


    THE FOUNTAIN - Tara McPherson


    SUPERNOVA II - Tara McPherson


    UMIBOZO LAKE - Tara McPherson

    Don't forget to use promo code LOVEART when ordering any of these, and all of our other artist releases and get 20% OFF* for a limited time!


    *Offer not valid on Treason Gallery / Obey Table Print releases.


    For the first time ever Prints On Wood is excited to announce our very first Fine Art Sale! Save 20% Off* of your favorite P.O.W. Artist Releases when you use the promo code LOVEART at checkout!

    With hundreds of prints to choose from, order some of our favorites that are still available (while supplies last) but act now, because these will go fast!


    Ben Mendelsohn Raccoon - Renee French / Available in 30"x30" and 10"x10"


    The Nose Knows - Luke Chueh / Available in 30"x40" and 10"x15"


    The Dark Side - Matt Gondek


    Balducci the Marvelous -  Joe Ledbetter


    Totem -  Joe Ledbetter


    Hello Hero Hero Hello - KMNDZ


    Keith Morris - Edward Culver


    Kiss Teletubbies - Ron English


    Quiet Company - Dan May


    Early Bird - Nathan Ota


    Snow White Revere - Jennybird Alcantara


    *Offer not valid on Treason Gallery / Obey Table Print releases.

  • You Have 2 Weeks to Find a Gift for Valentine's Day!

    valentines day powValentine's Day is coming up in a couple weeks and I'm sure there are a lot of you who aren't prepared! We got you covered. Prints on wood make great gifts because they are personal and unique. We've been getting quite a few cute orders this past week, and if you're still trying to figure out if a print of you and your significant other is the right way to go, we hope a few of these examples help.

    valentinedaypowDeveloped photos are out and custom photo wood prints are in. You can print your wedding photos, anniversary photos, or any couple photos and we'll make sure they will turn out great! If you're all about quality over quantity, this is the right gift for you! A wood print may cost more than a photograph, but it will definitely last longer and it's the best of both worlds. Here at Prints on Wood, you can get your photos printed onto a wood  canvas. We recently took over Plywerk, a different and new production process for the super aesthetically pleasing bamboo prints. vday pow

    As long as you submit your measurements and photos into us, we'll print it for you in no time. It's that simple and easy. We also have the option to frame your gift with our awesome custom Italian frames, like the one in the photo above. Doing so definitely is the icing on the cake. We recommend ordering one soon because our webpage is currently having a discount on "Make Your Own" prints. Use the code LOVE25 and receive 25% off. valentinesday prints



    Ahoy me irish laddies! Tis be ah foine daye ta sayvin sum green, ya hear? (I know, I'm sorry... me writing in an Irish accent is almost as bad as me trying to speak in one.) It's that time of year again where everyone pretends to be Irish as a flimsy excuse to get wasted, but instead of doing something you'll regret this year, why not do something a little more memorable?

    With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, why not order a wood print and get drunk off of some memories! From March 7th thought March 18th, Prints On Wood has decided to celebrate St. Patty's Day with 25% off all custom wood prints!

    Back by popular demand, here's a 30 sec cartoon of Owly the Owl jabbering about our awesome St. Patrick's promo!

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