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Shepard Fairey


    If you couldn’t tell, we here at P.O.W. liked to nerd out when it comes to street art. We have the pleasure of working with some of the coolest, most talented artists in the world, like our good pal Shepard Fairey!


    Shepard has a talent for stripping down the detail of pop culture imagery, leaving only the most recognizable traits in a minimal 4 color composition. Take his recent wood print Flavor Flav for example, iconic yet simple.



    But that’s not to say Shep’s work lacks detail. His work is unique in the sense that when you recognize his flourishing compositions, you slowly notice all the bits and pieces of underground culture tossed in. It’s in these little details where his talent truly shines.



    Our collaborations with Shepard aren’t fixed solely on limited edition wood prints, sometimes we help him take it to the streets (legally :P) with our rockin’ banner printing skills. Check out this huge large format installation we produced currently hanging in beautiful Downtown Riverside across the street from the Mission Inn.




    Describing itself at an "Art Machine For Social Change", The Amplifier Foundation  has commissioned our good friend, Shepard Fairey to design some posters for their upcoming "We The People" campaign.


    Serving as an art based protest of America's 45th Presidential Inauguration for President-Elect Donald J. Trump, The "We The People" project is focused on distributing posters featuring the art of Shepard Fairey as well as Ernesto Yerena, and Jessica Sabogal, at this event.


    As as some areas of Washington DC will have restrictions on the carrying of signs and posters, The Amplifier Foundation intends to get around these restrictions with their kickstarter campaign. where they have taken out full page ads in the Washington Post of these images, allowing people to carry them into these areas discreetly, paste them on walls, or hang them from the windows of their home.


    For those planning to attend the Inauguration in person, or who are local to the area, keep an eye on the social media accounts of Obey Giant and The Amplifier Foundation to discover how to get some of these signs that Prints On Wood was able to produce for this event, as they will be distributed in DC at Metro stops, out the back of moving vans, and drop locations to be announced as the 45th Inauguration approaches. The artwork of these files will also be available on The Amplifier Foundation's site for download should you want to print these images yourself.


    For more information on this event, please visit The Amplifier Foundation at http://theamplifierfoundation.org 



    Prints on Wood Offers an exclusive LA Art Show print honoring Mel Ramos, Britt Salvesen & Ben Goretsky. Art by the world rewound artist Shepard Fairey, featuring Hall of Fame Public Enemy member, Flavor Flav the DJ of the Juxtapoz Party.

    Prints are hand signed and numbered by Shepard and Flavor Flav. The 12" x 15" fine art wood print is available for sale at the price of $150 from January 9th to the the morning of the 16th, ending at 10 am PDT. at an exclusive art show price.

    Following the art show, prints sell for $250 and will be available until February 7th at 10 am PDT. Because each print will be signed and numbered by Shepard Fairey and Flavor Flav, prints will ship in early March. Order your print here.

  • 3 Notable Artist Releases of 2016

    If you ask all of us here what we love the most about Prints On Wood, we'd say it would be working here! But if you asked us what our favorite releases of the past year were, then our collective opinion starts to fluctuate. While we couldn't completely agree 100% on which print we liked the best, there were definitely 3 we all seemed to think were pretty cool...



    What can we say about Shepard's talent that hasn't been said already? We don't care, because his work always deserving for it to be said again! Shepard's work always looks great... whether it's slapped on the back of the a street sign, wheatpasted on the side of an electrical box, or spray painted on the entire side of a building. Being our second collaboration with OBEY, we decided to include some of their iconic street style with each of these prints being spray painted by hand with gold paint. Hang it on your wall or rest your coffee and a couple of books on it... there's no wrong way to rock this bad boy.



    Limited only to a signed and numbered edition of 100, Dutch artist Handiedan came out with guns blazing on Vigo En Mortis. Her work is truly mixed media, combining intricate digital art elements with three dimensional hand cut layers that require painstaking detail. Her work is almost like a WHERE'S WALDO for designers and artists alike, containing flourishes, currency notes, Pin Up Art, sheet music, skulls, and a myriad of other graphic art staples. What impressed us the most about Handiedan's art was how beautiful is translated as a wood print.



    I think we all liked this piece by Renee French becuase STU is a lot like all of us... cute and weird! I mean c'mon... just look at him! Those bulgey eyes, those little arms, that fluffy white fur! I just want to take him to work every day in my pocket and feed him skittles! What is STU? Is he a rat? A squirrel? A gopher? We don't care, he's STU... and that's good enough for us!

  • DesignerCon 2016

    For the past few weeks, our staff has been hard at work with assisting various artists print their artwork on wood pieces to prepare for DesignerCon.

    DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that will feature collectible toys, customs, plush, designer apparel - as well as urban, underground, and pop art. Artists and designers will be able set up their own booths and showcase their artwork and designs. This year, DCon will take place on November 19-20, and will feature over 150+ artists.


    (created by artist Matt Gondek)

    With Designer Con quickly approaching, many artists have asked for our help with creating wood prints. Typically, these artists send us their designs and we take care of the rest of the work.


    (created by artist Joe Ledbetter)

    Why wood prints? Well to start, they're a truly unique canvas that adds another beautiful dimension to artwork. It enhances and transforms the original piece with a natural, more vintage feel. The wood grain gives the artwork a unique appearance, so in a way - no two pieces are the same. Printing art on wood creates a durable, beautiful image that these artists can proudly display anywhere.


    (created by artist Tara McPherson)

    The photos above are just a few examples of the awesome pieces we've created for previous artists. These pieces will be displayed at DesignerCon, so keep an eye out while you're there!

    If you're an artist and you want to see what the hype about printing on wood is about, contact us or check out our website for more information! You won't regret it!

  • New Print Alert! Shepard Fairey Set to Release Limited Edition Art Print x Coffee Table Hybrid

    shepard fairey prints on wood coffee table

    OBEY founder and street art icon, Shepard Fairey, has been engaging audiences with his unique brand of artful propaganda for decades, and now, the artist, designer and political visionary is releasing an extra special piece to add to and extend his collection of art prints, apparel and home decor products.

    coffee table shepard fairey prints on wood

    Available April 27th, Fairey gears up to release "Hi Fidelity," an art print that simultaneously operates as a stylish and functional coffee table. This exclusive, handmade art piece is hand-embellished and features stenciled black and gold spray paint creating its unique design. Consisting of signature OBEY insignia, the print showcases a distinctly recognizable Andre the Giant visage, plus the referencing of musical signage and symbolism.

    hi fidelity coffee table shepard fairey

    "Hi Fidelity," -- Fairey's 10th Prints on Wood release -- is limited to only 15 hand- numbered, signed and resined prints. Preparing itself to be one of the most unforgettable products to come from the Sheperd Fairey/OBEY creative dynasty, "Hi Fidelity" will be a super versatile piece for art collectors to enjoy.

    hi fidelity shepard fairey coffee table

    Capable of dual uses, this 40 in. x 40 in. print on solid black walnut hardwood frame consists of a satin finish, and is capable of being either hung or used as a stand alone coffee table by simply attaching the steel hairpin 10 in. handmade legs-- which will come in a separate box with hardware included. To nab this unique art print x coffee table hybrid for yourself, be sure to click here on April 27th and order yours.

    prints on wood coffee table shepard fairey

  • Ron English "NeoNature" Opening @ Corey Helford Gallery


    NeoNature, a colorful dive through the mind of contemporary pop illustrator, Ron English, opened this Saturday, December 12th, at the newly unwrapped Arts District location of Los Angeles' Corey Helford Gallery.

    On view now till January 9th, the premier show centers around the theme of evolution— described by the show's press release as "the flaw that propels civilization." Showcased throughout the body of work, English offers up a multitude of mediums to make his point, ranging from paintings on canvas, to sculptural figures to poignant pieces of performance art depicting what appears to be an evolved species of gun-wielding cow.

    Within the show, English offers his adaptation of the concept of 'evolution,' breaking down what the word means for an array of creatures; expect diabolical looking chihuahuas and ruinous reptiles among others.  In his usual fashion, English bites off a fantastically large existential topic, producing work surrounding the notion of evolution that is of course elite in its execution and mastery, but is wild, absurd and completely punk rock.

    Attended by hundreds, the show brought out many appreciated attendees from the curious general public, to collectors and local artists. The crowd that night included POW artists Greg "Craola" Simkins, Lola and Luke Chueh, as well contemporary favorites Shepard Fairey, Gary Baseman, Brandi Milne, Shag, Korin Faught and Natalia Fabia.

    For a taste of the show's progressive content, and to catch the waves of few underlying social, cultural and political themes, scroll below. Also, to view and purchase exclusive POW x Ron English prints, view the artist's catalog of available collaborations here.

    ron-english-neonature-corey-helfordron-english-neonature-corey-helford.jpg2ron-english-neonature-corey-helford12ron-english-neonature-corey-helford.jpg3 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford5ron-english-neonature-corey-helford7ron-english-neonature-corey-helford8ron-english-neonature-corey-helford4 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford9 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford10 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford11 ron-english-neonature-corey-helford13

  • Summer Tour of New York Murals

    A quick summer trip to New York would not be complete without a walk around SOHO and Little Italy in search of the murals from a few of our favorite artist.

    Prints on Wood in Little Italy New York

    After a few bites to eat in Greenwich Village headed over to SOHO and ran into a mural in process by New York local Soft Circle.  After a quick chat and Instagram exchanges he was back to work.

    Soft Circle New York Mural

    Just a few blocks away we spotted a little Vandalism by Nick Walker peeking around a corner.

    vandalism by nick walker new york mural graffiti

    Little Italy was so colorful already, but this beautiful mural by Tristan Eaton of Audrey Hepburn was still a standout.

    Audrey Hepburn new york mural little italy Tristan Eaton

    The vibrancy of color and imagery was amazing.  Check out this vibrant mural by Beau Stanton also in Little Italy.

    Beau Stanton new york mural

    Around another corner we found another huge mural by Tristan Eaton of the Statue of Liberty.

    statue of liberty mural Tristan Eaton

    A few blocks away we found this towering Baby Hulk mural by New York resident artist Ron English.

    Ron English baby hulk mural new york

    Ron also had this "little" fella on the Houston Bowery Wall in front of the American flag.  The Bowery Wall is a temporary mural that is changed every few months.

    Houston Bowery Wall New York Ron English

    Ron English baby hulk Houston Bowery Wall

    No tour of New York murals could be complete without spotting at least one Buff Monster mural, and we did.

    buff monster new york mural

    It never fails to make me hungry for ice cream!

    We almost passed by a mural by Shepard Fairey but thankfully our son caught sight of it before it was too late. It is so elegant it blends in well with the surroundings.

    shepard fairey new york gold crest mural


    Shepard Fairey New York murals Soho

    After that we said goodbye to Little Italy and headed off to the Cotton Candy Machine to grab dinner with Tara McPherson, Sean and Ronin.

    Cottoncandy Machine Tara McPherson Sean


  • Aaron Paul - art collector

    Walking up to a signed HPM at Shepard Fairey's opening of "50 Shades of Black", price book in hand, I hear a familiar voice ask, "Where did you get that?"  Everything clicks the moment I look up, but I still expected him to belch out "Yo! B**CH!"

    I don't know much about Aaron Paul, other then we seem to share an affection for similar artists.  Last weekend he walked into another Prints on Wood featured artist solo gallery show called "The Younger" by Lola.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.59.53 PMLola's solo show "The Younger" at 80Fourty gallery

    Aaron compared his new found love for Lola's work equal to that of Mark Ryden. His Instagram post went on to say "...she is now becoming one of my favorite artists to follow. Not only is the world she paints in beautiful and unbelievably poetic, like a childlike dream, she herself is incredibly sweet and kind. This piece is called "Book Soup" and I could stare at it for hours."

    Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.54.32 PMLola and Aaron Paul in front of "Book Soup"

    From what we heard, he hung out for a couple of hours just chatting and being... normal.  Why does it feel so oddly unique when a famous person acts like.. I don't know.. a regular person?  Probably because it is so unusual.  He did do something even more humbling and incredibly sincere, he bowed to Lola in a show of respect for her talent.  If I wasn't a huge fan before, I am with out a doubt one now!

    Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.31.14 PM

    But we actually were huge fans before, caught up in the Breaking Bad obsession we fashioned our sustainability page with suttle references to the show.


    What better way to brag about the 200 solar panels on our roof?

    If you find yourself as taken with the piece as Aaron is, Lola has released an edition of twenty signed and numbered limited edition fine art wood print of "Book Soup", 18x24, $300.

    IMG_6862Close up of "Book Soup" by Lola

    The show was a work two years in the making, beginning after Lola's move to Bristol, England.  Finally commencing after a long move back to LA earlier this year.  A celebration of patience and beauty each piece is a sight to behold.



    Although the show is now closed, a few originals are still available.  For more information about available pieces or about Lola please visit: http://www.lolafineart.com/

  • Designer Con 2014

    It would be hard to find a person that has not heard of ComicCon, well at least in Southern California.  You know, that little convention in San Diego with an attendance of over 130,000 people.  Well, it wasn't always that popular, just a few years ago it was a relatively modest comic book and science fiction/fantasy convention.   It was also a place were up and coming, along with established pop artists could show and sell their latest work.

    In recent years, because of the rising booth space costs and the expense, not to mention hassle, of attending ComicCon, many artists and vendors began to look for other options.  Two of those vendors being October Toys (Ayleen Gaspar) and 3D Retro (Ben Goretsky) who happen to be the co-producers of.....yep you guessed it, DesignerCon.

    DSC00867 Considering they are both manufactures of collectable toys, it made sense that DesignerCon initially focused on collectable toys and figures.  Within a few years, pop art found its way in through a natural crossover as so many contemporary artists release both toys and prints interchangeably.


    We found out about DesignerCon or more commonly know as "DCon" just after the 2013 convention.  After a few enthusiastic reviews, we couldn't wait for DCon 2014!   With months of planning, booth building, print making behind us, on Friday, November 7th we were ready for DCon!

    Setting up the booth:  Here is where the fun begins!  We roll into DCon and see Jeff Soto setting up his booth right behind us and To Die For setting up on the other side, we could not have asked for a more perfect combination of neighbors....umm well uhh.. asking helps too. (thanks Ayleen and Ben!)  Not sure if Soto will be as excited to be our neighbor next year after he pulled out the longest sliver I have ever seen.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.30.52 PM

    Sorry Jeff, that looks like it hurt, good thing it wasn't your drawing hand.

    Immediately we begin uncrating and setting up the booth walls, hanging the art and in no time the booth begins to take shape.  Before we finish Luke Chueh swings by, after fighting a few hours of Friday night LA traffic to sign his Boba prints and the marquee print.


    I think he was just as excited as we were about the release the next day.

    Before we go, Jason Limon finishes signing the Catcreeper figures and Berrytop Swirlpapa.  He is jumping back and forth from setting up his booth to taking care of the print release with our booth.   That's after a 20 hour drive from Texas the day before!  Your amazing Jason!


    As they begin to kick everyone out of the hall we are the last to leave, but at long last, the booth is done!


    DAY 1: D-Day is here and we are ready...well almost!  Before the show opens Chris Ryniak stops by to sign the official DCon prints, with not much sleep, I won't mention how many times we lost count signing the prints.  My brain definitely needs a few hours to warm up when computing large math problems like 12 plus 1.


    As if right on cue, in comes the beautiful Tara McPherson ready to sign her release of Umibozu Lake.  A little Starbucks and a silver sharpie is all she needs to get through 100 prints in no time flat!


    Once those are done, we are ready to roll!  Oh wait, where's Jeff Soto??  His booth is right behind us... we steal him over for a few minutes to sign his prints.


    Nathan Ota comes by and creates the perfect photo opp with Jeff and the big marquee prints.


    Then Nathan grabs a chair and begins to draw on the back side of each print in his DCon release of Early Bird.


    It was amazing to see first hand his immense talent and desire to give each print a special touch, making each one a sort of original.

    Boba! Boba! Boba!  For the first hour of the show it was the most used word and for about two hours, Luke was busy signing and doodling on the back of the prints.

    DSC00835Just like Nathan, Luke Chueh took his time to draw a unique sketch for each fan who patiently waited in an line that stretched on for over an hour.

    DSC00893 DSC00906

    Luke was busy signing prints for over two hours until he had to run off to another booth that was releasing his vinyl toy. Around that time Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez was there to pick up where Luke left off.  Johnny's print "Nothing New Under the Sun" was his first release with us, we were pumped to premier it at DCon.

    DSC00912 DSC00914

    Maybe we just got lucky but every artist we worked with at DCon was gracious, down to earth and most of all generous with the time they spent with each fan that came to visit them at the booth.

    In between signings we broke away from the booth to walk around the convention, do a bit of shopping ourselves and meet some of the other vendors.

    One of the first stops was at one of our favorite artist's booth, Jason Limon.  His hand made figures were incredible, we couldn't leave with out taking home one of the strange creatures.


    IMG_6438This ^^^ lucky fellow has a new forever home with us.

    But our home was not complete with out a few other peculiar looking creators to keep him company. IMG_6460

    The only problem is you can't take just one, you know.. they get lonely.  Yep, we have a pair, not identical twins, fraternal, they have the same momma, Circus Posterus.

    By the time we got back to our booth To Die For was hosting an artist signing with Craola and the line was overflowing down the isle.  Afterwards he stopped by our booth to sign his marquee print, "Puppets Pathos“.



    Always incredibly friendly and polite, it was great catching up with Craola before he had to leave to another event that evening.  Which also marked the end of Day One!  And an unbelievably great day at that!

    DAY 2:  One of the best part of Sunday was opening the convention at 10 am, but the next best thing was opening with Jason Limon signing at the booth.


    The release of our first dimensional art piece, The Catcreeper, was the brain child of Jason.  The first sketch was drawn on this plane ride home after his first visit to Prints on Wood.

    catcreeper-1We love to experiment with new ideas and materials so we jumped at the opportunity to try something new.

    Speaking of new, Jeff Soto's marquee piece, The Soto Fish, was a collaborative print/original piece where we alternated printing and painting on the medium including a bit of hand laid gold leaf on the tooth of the "fish".


    This was a test run for a smaller edition of prints coming soon in 2015.

    For DCon, Jeff re-released "The Guitarist Seeker" in a limited edition larger print, twice the size as the original 6x6 release.  DSC00971 IMG_6466

    Probably the most sought after print at our booth was the little Soto Fish prints that were given away for a IG post and mailing list sign up.  By Sunday afternoon over 400 Soto Fish prints had swam into the arms of happy DCon attendees and most of them signed by the artist himself.
    DSC00980 DSC00982

    Rounding out the day, Tara McPerson came back to a line of fans eager to meet her.

    IMG_6468 IMG_6470

    Her marquee piece "Supernova II" was a personal favorite and may be a release coming soon...


    At the conclusion of Designer Con 2014, we were extremely pleased with the whole experience and cannot wait until next year to raise the bar further. We already have tons of ideas floating around to make the event even better (Hint: double the size?). We would also like to sincerely thank our artists and buyers for their continued support. Without all of you this could not have been made possible. Thanks to you, we are able to successfully create art that embraces style rooted in sustainability.   See you next year!


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