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  • D-CON 2016 RECAP

    If you've been following along. D-CON 2016 has come and gone, but all the fun still lives on in our hearts! Why? Because it was awesome, that’s why! What was so awesome about it you might ask?


    Pictured Above: This is why I'm broke.

    If you’ve ever been to Comic-Con before they started air-dropping celebrities in to promote their lackluster super hero cross-over movie sequels, the edges of the convention center would have more homegrown offerings ranging from cool posters to collectible toys.


    Batman and Robin looking a little.... ambiguous.

    As Comic-Con began to grow in popularity, so did the big corporations and their booths. This expansion started to push out the smaller vendors to the point where all that’s remaining of the art-geek scene congregated into a small sliver roughly 3 aisles wide, in addition to a handful of booths peppered across the entire convention center.


    Pictured Above: The intellectual equivalent of my teenage mind.

    Sure, standing for line for 4 hours to get Nicolas Cage to sign your t-shirt is fun and all, but for me, the best part of Comic-Con was looking for neat things to slap on my wall or pose on my bookcase. To make a long-boring story short, Designer Con is awesome because it takes that small sliver of indie artists, custom vinyl toys, and all sorts of one of a kind art and wraps an entire convention around it.


    If advertisers we're honest.

    Spanning over 90,000 square feet, D-CON packs a myriad of Artists from all walks of life… be it graffiti, low-brow, toys, or clothing, you’re guaranteed to see someone you recognize if you’re into this sort of thing. If you’re not, then we promise you’ll still see all sorts of awesome merch and collectibles.


    Don't know what that is... but I WANT one!

    As a sponsor of the event and also a vendor, we at PRINTS ON WOOD always feel at home when we attend. Granted, we sell limited edition art prints, but more-so because at heart, we’re all a bunch of art-nerds! Best part is we got to spend an entire weekend with some of our favorite artists!


    D-CON / PRINTS ON WOOD Booth 2016

    This year we had some of the biggest names from the industry were signing their exclusive POW/D-CON limited editions prints at our booth. Saturday we had the pleasure of hosting ...


    Renee French (making smoking look adorable)


    Luke Chueh (making himself look adorkable)


    KMNDZ (signing prints based off of his live painted piece from last year's D-Con)


    and Matt Gondek, "blowing it up" at our booth (Haha... get it?)

    Sundays at D-CON are always a little more chill, but just as much fun. We had Tara McPherson kick it at our booth, promoting her awesome print release, The Fountain.


    Last, but certainly never to be considered the least, we had Jermaine Rogers signing his exclusive D-CON/POW wood print, Tell Me How To Help You...


    While we love all those people and think they're super cool, we have to be honest. They weren't the only important guests at our booth this year. That's right. The people that make us the happiest at D-CON this year, and every year, is ALL OF YOU!


    Pictured Above: Some of you!

    Prints On Wood wants to thank each and every one of you who came by our booth at D-CON 2016. Those of you who bought a print, shook our hand, asked for a sticker, told us we had a cool logo, and yes... even those of you who rolled your eyes when we told you how much some of the bigger prints cost! You are what makes this company and what we do great!


    Although we've got a lot of people on the inside who help with that too!


    For those of you who couldn't make it out this year, stay  tuned to Prints On Wood as we'll start release some of our limited edition, exclusive D-CON wood prints shortly!

  • DesignerCon 2016

    For the past few weeks, our staff has been hard at work with assisting various artists print their artwork on wood pieces to prepare for DesignerCon.

    DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that will feature collectible toys, customs, plush, designer apparel - as well as urban, underground, and pop art. Artists and designers will be able set up their own booths and showcase their artwork and designs. This year, DCon will take place on November 19-20, and will feature over 150+ artists.


    (created by artist Matt Gondek)

    With Designer Con quickly approaching, many artists have asked for our help with creating wood prints. Typically, these artists send us their designs and we take care of the rest of the work.


    (created by artist Joe Ledbetter)

    Why wood prints? Well to start, they're a truly unique canvas that adds another beautiful dimension to artwork. It enhances and transforms the original piece with a natural, more vintage feel. The wood grain gives the artwork a unique appearance, so in a way - no two pieces are the same. Printing art on wood creates a durable, beautiful image that these artists can proudly display anywhere.


    (created by artist Tara McPherson)

    The photos above are just a few examples of the awesome pieces we've created for previous artists. These pieces will be displayed at DesignerCon, so keep an eye out while you're there!

    If you're an artist and you want to see what the hype about printing on wood is about, contact us or check out our website for more information! You won't regret it!

  • POW Chats: A Conversation with Artist & tokidoki Creator, Simone Legno

    selfie simone legno 2 Selfie by Simone Legno


    POW chats with illustrator and tokidoki co-founder, Simone Legno, about his first POW release, "Selfie," and more. 

    1. Can you talk about your first POW release, "Selfie?" What's going on in that image?

    "Selfie" represents both the positive and the negative aspects of life. It chronicles the journey of life and the young girl in the front of the piece is taking a selfie to document her existence. The photo that she is taking is documenting this particular point in time in her existence. The other characters that you see are symbolic details and icons which represent different moments and feelings in life.

    2. What's your connection to Japanese culture and how does your interest in it inspire your work?

    I find a lot of inspiration in Japan. I love the country and the culture. From the urban streets of Shibuya to the quiet beauty of Kyoto, I have been fascinated by Japanese art and culture ever since I was a child. I frequently visit Japan for work, so it is a constant source of inspiration in my art.

    selfie simone legno

    3. Can you talk about where you 're from and what it was like growing up there? How did you gravitate towards and find your creative inspirations in your youth?

    I grew up in Rome, which is a city that is soaked in art. As a child, I was surrounded by works created by the great Italian artists of Western Civilization. Their artistic genius definitely inspired my artistry as I was growing up. In the 80s, Italy was bombarded by Japanese pop culture, so my generation was influenced by the art and animation coming out of Japan. We were also exposed to American pop culture, so my work utilizes iconography from all of these different sources of inspiration. For example, I use iconography from my own culture in my work. So, you will see pizza and soccer - themes from my heritage in my art. Most of the characters that I have created also have Italian names.

    4. So you just returned back home after a trip to Asia. Can you tell about your recent endeavors in the country?

    I enjoy creating and exposing my art to broader audiences. To celebrate the Year of the Monkey, I recently held an exhibition in Shanghai that showcased a limited edition capsule collection that I designed at Lane Crawford. I also just returned from a very successful art show in Manila, where all 40 of the pieces I created sold out pre-show. The pieces included both paintings and sculpture. I would like to hold something similar in China someday.


    5. What were the early stages of the tokidoki brand like? What was going on for you back then?

    It all started with my online art portfolio. Today, everyone seems to have a presence online, but back then, when I created my website, having your portfolio online was a novel concept. My website became quite popular and I caught the attention of the people that would become my business partners: Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold. They convinced me to move to Los Angeles where we partnered to build tokidoki into the brand it is today.

    6. What does your creative process typically entail?

    My day starts very early in the morning so that I can answer business emails from Asia and Europe. I never start painting until I get through my morning emails. I need to be mentally free of business. Once business is out of the way, I feel like I can have my head a little more free. I do most of my sketching in the early hours of the morning and at night. I drink some coffee and then I get started.

    Tokidoki, 2/15/11, 10:03 AM, 8C, 5666x7464 (289+358), 100%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/30 s, R33.4, G23.8, B43.6

    7. What creative projects do you have planned for the coming months that you're able to share?

    This year we are opening retail stores in mainland China and Korea. We are also trying to expand our retail initiatives in South East Asia. I am very interested in painting and fine art, so I would like to hold another art show featuring my work.

    8. Aside from work obligations, what personal plans and goals do you have on your mind in the coming months?

    My team and I are very busy trying to develop tokidoki as a global brand and we hope to become a part of pop culture. Although my work obligations take up a lot of my time, I always strive to be a success in my personal life as well. My family means a lot to me and I want to be a successful father to my daughter. I try to maintain a healthy work-life balance so that I can look back and feel proud about both my personal and professional life.

    tokidoki simone legno

  • Out Now! Simone Legno Releases "Selfie"

    Internationally recognized illustrator and graphic designer, Simone Legno, has just dropped his first collaborative release with Prints on Wood title "Selfie." 

    Well regarded for being the co-founder and creative director of worldwide art brand, tokidoki, Legno is a favored name among the transcontinental pop art movement. The young innovator officially launched his brand in 2005, and was met with immediate mainstream interest. With a legion of followers en tow, the tokidoki brand took on a cult-like following of young and enthusiastic art lovers enamored with the brand's specific style.


    Inspired largely by Japanese imagery and aesthetic, both the tokidoki brand and Legno's POW release "Selfie" indicate a love for the illustrative and imaginative elements of Japanese culture and visual street principles. Urban bus vibes and the artist's signature eastern-infused aesthetic are accented in the inaugural POW x Simone Legno release.

    Various characters -- including a juxtapositioned skull-headed, hooded figure -- are illustrated in on this colorful ride. Acting as what could be a fantastic addition to your contemporary pop art print collection, "Selfie," will be available for a limited time. Between today, Tuesday, March 8th and Monday March 15th at Midnight, "Selfie" will be accessible for your purchasing pleasures. To learn more about the print, and to make your purchase, click here! 

    Also, be sure to stay tuned to the POW blog for an interview with Simone Legno in the coming weeks. Till next time!


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