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  • Your Office Could Need A Little Revamping.

    Does your office seem a little bland or not as lively as it should be? We have figured out a way you can revamp your office with a custom wood sign.

    We have worked with companies such as StateFarm and Wicks Brewing Co to help their offices look a bit livelier. Not only can we print fine art onto wood, but we have also worked with many businesses to print their company logo onto a wood of choice. Statefarm_woodprint_custom

    When logos are printed onto wood, it gives a more expensive and modernistic vibe to the office. The oval State Farm logo printed on a wooden sign, can be hung up on the wall inside a conference room or behind the front desk, giving it a 3 dimensional effect to the logo. Wicksbrewingco_woodprint

    Wicks Brewing Co.'s interior is themed very rustic and vintage, which makes a wood print logo perfectly fit into this restaurant's interior.

    We can print just about any image onto a wooden canvas. We have the option of creating your own custom wood print in just four easy steps. From selecting your image to choosing a thickness and finish, we work hard in making every print as if it were our own art piece. Therefore, whether it is a print for a company logo or simply just an image to display inside your office, we guarantee it will be a pleasant addition for your workplace.

  • Style Rooted in Sustainability

    What will the world look like when your son or daughter is 50 years old?  Will there be clean air, clean water?  The responsibility lies with us, as it did with the generations before and those that come after us.

    But what does that have to your wood print?  Well, if you could make this world a little better with each purchase, how would it change the world? If every company gave something back to the earth, took as little as it could to create the product, and thought about sustainability every step along the way, how different would this world look?

    It's these questions that have shaped Prints on Wood and continue to dictate the way we create your photos and fine art on wood.   Sustainability isn't just a word to us, it embodies who we are, so we made a little video about it.

  • Sony Playstation X Prints on Wood

    We were recently contacted by Sony Computer Entertainment America, or to you gamers out there, Playstation! They had a interesting project and wanted to know if we were "game".


    They were planning a move to a new workshop building where the magicians that create your games would thrive and be motivated. If you've ever wondered how cool a place of work could look, this went past that by a few levels. Many areas on the walls and partitions where made of metal, but we will get to that later.


    One of the projects was to print 64 bit type artwork renderings of each employee face onto pieces of wood. Those pieces were backed with our magnetic sheeting so they can attach to the metal areas on the walls when you enter the building.


    They are also placed on the outside of each employees work station. We also printed their names on a contour shape, and the artwork to each of the games they have worked on. Those were placed at their work area as well. Each piece is full color, detailed and movable. Sure beats the old engraved nameplate your dad had on his desk at work back in the day!


    Another part of the project was one big 72" x 40" printed wood piece with the logo "Santa Monica Studio", That was backed with magnet material, deconstructed, with each piece given a number on the back.


    The pieces were scattered around the new office for employees to find during a treasure hunt and reassemble on a metal wall using corresponding numbers to place the pieces correctly. If the photos are any indication, it was a fun day and the results were awesome!



    We are very happy to be part of such a original project with Sony on an important day for the people that work there. We are flattered that creative minds like the people that make these games chose us to turn their ideas into physical reality! As you can see in the photos, the results are fantastic.


    Thank You Guys! Looking forward to many future projects.

    Contact us if you too would like to do something creative and cool with your office, we are always game for fun, new, innovative uses of Prints on Wood!

  • Style Rooted In Sustainability


    Sounds pretty catchy, eh? Well, we're glad you like it. It's Prints On Wood's slogan. Sure it sounds great rolling off your tongue, but what exactly does that mean? We get bombarded by meaningless commercialism daily through every conceivable form of media, and we've learned to ignore it completely.

    Why is that?  That's because if you sit down and actually think about it, most slogans are painfully inaccurate.  Which brings us back to my original question: What does "Style Rooted in Sustainability" actually mean?

    Well, we started this company so our friends would have a new and exciting way to display their favorite memories, in addition to pairing up with some of the most talented Artists & Photographers around the world, allowing us to create elegant eye-catching wood prints... hence the Style.

    We realized we wanted to operate our business in such a way that didn't encroach on the planet's natural resources, especially if we're dealing exclusively in wood products. This inspired us to not only plant thousands of brand new trees, but to join forces with Cuipo in preserving the Earth's already existing Rainforests, reinforcing our already insane level of commitment to the World's natural ecosystems... hence the Rooted.

    Finally, we wanted to power our business with a renewable source of energy that wouldn't have any adverse effects on the Earth's atmosphere on both a local and global level. Five years ago we had our first set of solar panels installed onto the roof of our office building and workshop.  It was a set of one hundred 185 watt solar panels, affording us the honorable distinction of being the very first rebated solar energy project in Riverside, CA. This drastically cut our carbon footprint in half, as well as our utility expenses, allowing Prints On Wood to offer an affordable eco-friendly product.


    A very saucy Mick Jagger once said: "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing." (which we can only hope was emphasized when he put his hands on his hips, flapped his arms like a rooster, while pouting his lips and strutting out of the room.)  Which is exactly how we felt about adding extra solar panels to our room when given the option (in addition to feeling very saucy).  In 2013 we added over a hundred more solar panels.  This time they were more powerful coming in at a whopping 290 watts, which now entirely powers Prints on Wood with 100% green solar energy... hence the Sustainability.

    So to answer the question, what does "Style Rooted in Sustainability" really mean?

    It means we actually care about what we do.

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