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    alex yanes

    Los Angeles' ThinkSpace Gallery is one of the city's major access points for contemporary art. The gallery's latest exhibition is compiled of multiple solo exhibitions consisting of work by three revered art entities. Additionally, supplemental work by artist Alex Yanes is viewable and available for purchase at the ThinkSpace head quarters. Check out these photos from our recent visit to the gallery, andif you're in the LA area, stop by between May 28 and June 18.

    Alex Yanes

    Featured works for sell

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    "Warped Passage"

    Known by his pseudonym Curiot, Michoacán artist Favio Martinez, is renowned for his colorful and visually appetizing approach to art. Raised in Costa Mesa, California, the artist relocated to Mexico after highschool. He went on to complete his BFA at the Universidad Michoacana in 2008 and has since then continued to refine and hone unique creative aesthetic in both gallery settings and public mural morks.

    On the topic of his current exhibition "Warped Passage," Curiot shares:

    "The breaking of light will offer first site of the path within paths, at times intertwined or straight, split into two or three or four, hidden exits and glowing welcomes. As some tunnels cave in behind you, one may think, what if? But does it really matter, each road that one takes is that of the unknown; unexplored experiences which build upon a dream, a dream we all share, that slowly unravels within our time. The mirage will remain for others to probe, vanity fades, knowledge transfers, we wake once again to another bright door." - CURIOT

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    James Bullough

    "Breaking Point"

    "Breaking Point," features new works by American-born, Berlin-based, artist James Bullough. Bullough is a technically trained figurative painter who uses the human form -- disjointing and abstracting it -- to create dynamic and evocative images.

    Bullough captures fracture and disruption within his latest series, which employs canvas, reclaimed wood flooring from a Berlin dance studio and panel. For the series, Bullough asked models -- dancers from Berlin -- to channel personal memory, and recall experiences of "breaking." Check out the manifestations below.

    james bullough 2 james bullough 3 james bullough

    UR New York

    "Destroy'ed and Rebuilt"

    UR New York is compiled of graffiti duo Fernando Romero and Mike Baca. Well-respected for their urban aesthetics and varied methods in order to achieve their work, Romero and Baca are New York natives who have been collaborating together since 2006. Combining graffiti, photography, screen-printing and graphic design, the artists inject philanthropic intentions into their art by implementing the mission of connecting youth and to share the power of self-expression. The duo has spent a decade experimenting with their craft, making way for their work to be showcased internationally in museums, galleries, and cultural platforms across the world.

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