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    Prints on Wood Offers an exclusive LA Art Show print honoring Mel Ramos, Britt Salvesen & Ben Goretsky. Art by the world rewound artist Shepard Fairey, featuring Hall of Fame Public Enemy member, Flavor Flav the DJ of the Juxtapoz Party.

    Prints are hand signed and numbered by Shepard and Flavor Flav. The 12" x 15" fine art wood print is available for sale at the price of $150 from January 9th to the the morning of the 16th, ending at 10 am PDT. at an exclusive art show price.

    Following the art show, prints sell for $250 and will be available until February 7th at 10 am PDT. Because each print will be signed and numbered by Shepard Fairey and Flavor Flav, prints will ship in early March. Order your print here.

  • "Reincarnation" with Greg Mike

    "Reincarnation," is a new piece by Greg Mike, currently painted on a wall in Atlanta. It was painted exactly one year after his "True Colors" mural was painted on this same wall. In this version, the majestic bear was "reincarnated" into a beautiful tiger.

    Let's take a look at this beautiful piece:


    Isn't it magnificent? To watch a full video on how this mural was created, click here.

    Greg Mike is an artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an artist, designer, founder, and director of the ABV Agency/Gallery. The ABV Agency is a studio that specializes in branding, apparel design, and visual production. It also serves as a gallery for artists all over the world.

    Greg is known for his many mural projects in Atlanta, as well as his pop-up art galleries that are based all around the US. His art focuses on infusing cartoons and murals that incorporate vivid explosions of color through a Surrealist Pop Art perspective. "Reincarnation" is just one of his many prints that we've been able to help him bring to life.


    A wood print of "Reincarnation" can be purchased on our site for a limited time only. Add a custom black frame for only $29 by choosing the "with Frame" option. Order yours today while you still can!

  • Illustrator and Toy Designer, Chris Ryniak, Releases "MothPup"


    Just in! Visual artist and Detroit-native, Chris Ryniak, releases his fifth Prints on Wood release titled, "MothPup." In this unique drop, Chris offers up his first cut-to-shape release with Prints on Wood in the form of a cute, cuddly, hybrid creature showcasing 18 fingers and toes and a pair of big brown, characteristically in line with the artist's usual aesthetic flare.

    Chris Ryniak is a toy designer, sculptor and painter whose prints and art products have an international tendency to sell out at records speeds. Audiences have continued to showcase a definite interest in Ryniak's particular brand of illustration and sculptural creations, from attending his on-going exhibitions everywhere from the U.S.  all the way to Japan, to supporting his daily monster drawing habits on Patreon. 

    mothpup chris ryniak print on wood

    Ryniak continues on delivering audiences one-of-a-kind and short run releases for legions of collectors who appreciate the presence of tiny monsters. With "MothPup," you can enjoy the presence of a 9 x 7.4 in. cut-to-shape wood print on sustainable birch wood. Available now through June 9th, "MothPup" arrives ready to stand or hang depending on your home, office or studio space's needs. Each print is hand-numbered and signed by the artist, and will ship during early July. Nab your today by heading here!

    chris ryniak

  • Out Now! Mike Ness x Ed Colver Release + 5 Things You Didn't Know About Punk Rock Photographer, Ed Colver


    Social Distortion vocalist, Mike Ness, has a small legion of images of himself captured by punk photographer, Ed Colver, and lucky for us, the two see fit to share the iconic images with the world. In Colver's 6th Prints on Wood release-- and his second visual of Mike Ness-- audiences are able to grab a little piece of punk history in the form of a 10 x 15.5 in. wood print release. In celebration of the latest release titled "Mike Ness '81," here are 5 things you didn't know about the man behind the camera, punk rock photographer, Ed Colver.

    Edward Colver Mike Ness Prints on Wood

    1. Just three months after beginning his photography career in 1978, Colver had his first photograph published in the legendary, however now defunct BAM Magazine, consisting of a shot of performance artist Johanna Went.
    2. Ed is solely responsible for several of the most iconic punk album covers including Black Flag's "Louie Louie" single, Cirlce Jerk's "Group Sex," and T.S.O.L's debut self-titled EP.
    3. Ed Colver's photos have been featured on over 250 album covers for labels such as EMI, Capitol and Geffen.
    4. One thing that Ed is quite proud of is his family's lineage and local impression on California. Ed's father, Charles Colver, was a forest ranger for 43 years. Upon retiring, the tallest peak southwest of Mount Baldy was named Colver Peak after Ed's dad, Charles, keeping the Colver name in local history for an additional reason on top of the punk fame.
    5. With such an impactful handle on punk culture -- even into the era of the 2010's -- Colver's impression on punk and digital media coincide. This is why you can catch plenty of renditions of Ed's famed album covers on his Facebook fanpage located here.

    Learn more about Ed's past releases, and catch our conversation with the photographer here!

  • Inside Scoop: Find Out MEAR ONE's Inspirations for Latest Release, "New World Revolution"

    mear one

    First produced as a live art piece back in 2007, acclaimed street and gallery artist, MEAR ONE, debuted his first Prints On Wood collaboration titled, "New World Revolution."

    In 2011, MEAR decided to recreate the live art piece as as a large format silkscreen with the late, great Richard Duardo of Modern Multiples. In 2013 he was invited to participate in Paris Digard's Urban Contemporary Sale where the acrylic version of his Mother and Child went under the hammer. MEAR once again worked with the imagery during London's Dulwich Outdoor Gallery Festival (DOG), where he painted a mural iteration of "New World Revolution."

    Available until Friday, May 12th, MEAR ONE, DOG and Prints On Wood happily present this 13.5 x 18 in. print on 1/2 in. thick sustainable birch wood for international audiences to enjoy. On the topic of this print release, MEAR ONE has this to share:

    "I am thrilled to announce my latest release with the good folks over at Prints on Wood. With Mother's Day coming up, I wanted to bring back one of my most memorable images celebrating this extraordinary woman in our lives. She is a blazing beacon of motherly love to guide humanity into a future of profound transformation. Her golden halo bathes us in a warmth of spiritual wisdom, positivity, and choice, fist raised in the sky, not in anger, but universal solidarity and strength, perhaps serving as a reminder to us all that a revolutionary time is upon us, drawing focus upon the courageous role that women and children play in this politically charged era." 


    mear one 2


  • New Print Alert! James Haunt Releases "Mystery"


    Just in! Designer, muralist and full-fledged multi-faceted artist, James Haunt, hits us with his fifth Prints On Wood installment titled, "Mystery."

    After a well-received series of limited timed release prints, Haunt returns again with his latest launch, set to unveil April 8th. "Mystery" is a 14 in. x 25 in. print on sustainable birch wood showcasing the artist's signature galactic, spaced-out and color-infused style. The Los Angeles native, born James Gillette, has worked under his pseudonym and alter ego James 'Haunt,' for several years. The artist, who holds a collegiate background in digital art and design, works to bring his creations to life on small and large scale platforms for audiences internationally.

    As a muralist, Haunt's work can be found extensively throughout the streets of Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond. His vibrant creations are accented by pops of colors and bold lines, gracefully constructed to produce a career's worth of iconic, female-centric work.

    His intrigue with the female face stems from his desire to display areas of emotion in subtle and not so subtle ways. Through focusing on the face, eyes and lips, he's able to playfully toy with a number of expressions through one, consistent and universally appreciated vehicle.

    With "Mystery," the title does well encompassing the gist of the piece. An enigmatic gaze peers through the subject's impossibly blue eyes, alluding to vibes of seduction, longing and secrecy. To make this James Haunt limited timed release print a part of your growing art collection, be sure to make your purchase here between April 8th and April 14th.

    Additionally, be sure to scroll below to catch visuals of James live in action as he erects "Mystery" as a mural right at the POW offices. Plus, be sure to check back for an exclusive one-on-one interview with the artist in the days to come.

    MYSTERY_james haunt print on wood

    MYSTERY_james haunt wood print DETAIL

    MYSTERY_james haunt wood print FRAME

    MYSTERY_james haunt wood print


  • New Release Alert! Moira Hahn Releases "Under Water World"

    under water world moira hahn square Print on wood

    In conjunction with her upcoming solo exhibition “Night of 1000 Fire Monkeys” at Los Angeles' Gregorio Escalante Gallery, Moira Hahn releases her first Prints on Wood collaboration titled, "Under Water World," on April 2nd.

    "Under Water World" presents viewers with a visual style very much in line with Hahn's signature approach, depicting ancient Asian aestheticism with a refined fine arts method. As the daughter of a WWII Veteran who served in China, Moira was born into a home where Chinese aestheticism and intrigue of the culture's tradition was felt and explored. Moira's father dreamed of China and its rare fixtures, which went on to have an affect on his daughter's creativity in the year's to come.

    under water world moira hahn detail

    Throughout her career, Hahn has been a fearless explorer of visual art mediums including illustration, animation painting and printmaking. In her 20s, Hahn studied experimental animation at CalArts before going on to work in the animation industry, illustrating books and magazines for a New York agency. Hahn's clients went on to include popular peridicals such as Time magazine, Cosmopolitan, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and The New Yorker.

    Having spent several decades practicing and refining her craft, Hahn has become a notable name in her particular style of Asian-infused and inspired art. Traditional Chinese imagery and mythology are showcased vividly n her work, while contemporary American infusions-- such as skulls or particular characters for example-- can be found hidden within her work as well.

    under water world moira hahn wood print

    Available for a limited time, "Under Water World" is purchaseable between April 2nd- April 16th. To secure yours, be sure to click here and nab your print within the small window of time and avoid the dreaded FOMO effect.

    To catch Moira's original work in person, be sure to head to her upcoming solo show “Night of 1000 Fire Monkeys” at Gregorio Escalante Gallery opening April 9th at 7pm.

  • Out Now! Simone Legno Releases "Selfie"

    Internationally recognized illustrator and graphic designer, Simone Legno, has just dropped his first collaborative release with Prints on Wood title "Selfie." 

    Well regarded for being the co-founder and creative director of worldwide art brand, tokidoki, Legno is a favored name among the transcontinental pop art movement. The young innovator officially launched his brand in 2005, and was met with immediate mainstream interest. With a legion of followers en tow, the tokidoki brand took on a cult-like following of young and enthusiastic art lovers enamored with the brand's specific style.


    Inspired largely by Japanese imagery and aesthetic, both the tokidoki brand and Legno's POW release "Selfie" indicate a love for the illustrative and imaginative elements of Japanese culture and visual street principles. Urban bus vibes and the artist's signature eastern-infused aesthetic are accented in the inaugural POW x Simone Legno release.

    Various characters -- including a juxtapositioned skull-headed, hooded figure -- are illustrated in on this colorful ride. Acting as what could be a fantastic addition to your contemporary pop art print collection, "Selfie," will be available for a limited time. Between today, Tuesday, March 8th and Monday March 15th at Midnight, "Selfie" will be accessible for your purchasing pleasures. To learn more about the print, and to make your purchase, click here! 

    Also, be sure to stay tuned to the POW blog for an interview with Simone Legno in the coming weeks. Till next time!


  • Greg Rivera & Lamour Supreme Release "Rejects" Out Now!

    REJECTS Lamour and greg prints on wood


    Just in! Greg Rivera and Lamour Supreme set to release "Rejects" out today, February 12th. This very limited one week timed release is  going to be one you don't want to miss, created by two artist you don't want to sleep on.

    You may be familiar with Greg Rivera by a pseudonym-- Greg Mishka. He is the president and co-owner of the New York-originated apparel and toy brand, Mishka, and is a long time illustrator and graphic designer. Lamour Supreme -- who undertook his name as an homage to John Coltrane, inspired by the musicians track "Love Supreme" -- has been collaborating with the Mishka brand for several years.  Luckily for us, we get to enjoy the culmination of the two in the form of the newly released "Rejects" print.

    REJECTS Lamour and greg wood print


    "Rejects" includes a slew of illustrated creature friends penned by both Rivera and Supreme. The two-man piece is the first release with POW for both artists, making it a gem for die-hard fans of the Mishka creepy/horror/comic aesthetic.

    The square-cut print, measuring in at 12x12 inches, is printed on sturdy and sustainable birch wood. You can purchase the print with, or without a custom black frame, to fit your home or office decor needs. Be sure to make your purchase by February 18th to ensure "Rejects" finds a special place at your abode. Click here to learn more about the prints, and to make your purchase. Till next time!


    REJECTS print on wood Lamour and greg

  • Prints on Wood x LA Art Show 2016


    la art show jeff gillette 3Los Angeles' annual LA Art Show was in full effect last weekend, and Prints on Wood was in the building. Between Thursday, January 28th and Saturday, January 31st, the LA Convention Center was the spot to catch the 21st annual LA Art Show (LAAS), unveiling the event's very first year exclusively focusing on on Modern and Contemporary art-- designating a separate space completely for the LA Fine Art Show, where Traditional and Historical art will be on display.

    We're really excited about this year's assortment of artists and exhibitors, and just had to give you guys a taste of the festivities.

    la art show5

    la art show 6

    la art show kilduffs bakery daniel rolnik

    Above, you can see a snippet of what the Daniel Rolnik Gallery cooked up for the event. Rolnik, photographed here, is hanging out chatting with an attendee as he tends to "Kilduff's Bakery." The set up is in collaboration with performance and visual artist John Kilduff, whose Youtube video series titled “Let’s Paint” showcases the artist painting food while on a treadmill. The antics have earned him the title of “the Most Inspirational Outsider Art Maniac You’ve Never Heard Of,” according to VICE.

    At "Kilduff's Bakery," you can also expect Turtle Wayne’s snack packs, Ferris Plock’s pizza sculptures, Tripper Dungan’s hand-carved wooden donuts, Kat Philbin’s sushi paintings, Bwana Spoons’ boba-drinking-sloth toys and Porous Walker’s soda fountain drawings.

    la art show2

    la art show4


    This year's Littletopia region of the show is a real treat. Here, you can see archway construction by artist Jeff Gillette, and a shot of Jeff signing his LAAS x POW exclusive print titled, "Castle Slum."


    la art show jeff gillettela art show7

    Castle Slum is a 16 x 10 in. print -- both signed and hand-numbered by the artist -- that we are so excited to have worked with Jeff to produce. You can still buy your copy of the print until Tuesday, February 2nd by clicking here!

    la art show jeff gillette 3 (2)

    la art show jeff gillette (2)

    la art show 8

    la art show juxtapoz prints on wood

    A humble hello to the Juxtapoz booth also. Couldn't have had a better space for the POW booth to set up shop across from. As we mentioned earlier in the month, POW was also lucky enough to produce an LAAS exclusive with Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine founder, Robert Williams. Williams came correct with a thoughtful piece titled "Puppets Orchestrating Puppets," which you can view, learn more about as well as make your purchase, by clicking  here!

    la art show prints on wood

    la art show prints on wood 2

    Be sure to follow @PrintsonWood for more #LAArtShow coverage. Till next time!


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