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  • Business Signage

    Wood prints can come in handy for businesses. How? Well, it's because wood prints can serve many functions. It can be used to display a company's logo. It can be used to display a great piece of artwork to serve as decor. Wood prints can also carry great messages.

    Take a look at the picture below. See the wood print?  It actually has 3 different functions:
    1. It provides a friendly greeting. Customers are now aware of friendly service.
    2. It lists the business's hours and days of operation.
    3. it's a cute piece of decor!

    This wood print may be small, but it does make quite the impact.


    Wood prints can even give your business a classy and modern appearance. Fine art wood print and photo art wood prints can do wonders for your decor, and can even help liven up your business's atmosphere. The wood prints can be as colorful or as simple as you'd like; either way, it's sure to make an impact.

    Business signage is important, so why not start with getting your signage done on wood? Instead of settling for poster board, card stock, or other forms of signage, why not try out getting a piece done on wood? You won't regret it!

  • Mountain High Wood Signage

    This weekend, we were busy making lots of wood signage for Mountain High. Mountain High is Southern California's closest winter resort, and is a great place to visit for the holidays. It's split into 3 different regions - North, East, and West. Each region has its own unique features and offers different activities, but they all contain the same charm.

    This year, Mountain High is offering a reusable Quick-E ticket for visitors without a season pass. With a Quick-E Ticket, visitors can skip ahead of the long ticket lines. Simply activate your card online and you'll be good to go! Visitors with a Quick-E ticket will also save $10 on all purchases. By using this ticket, you even can guarantee your reservation in case of a sellout. Because they're reusable, tickets are also environmentally friendly. How cool is that? mountain-high-signage-e-ticket-wood-signage-prints-on-wood-high-quality-wood-print

    To help Mountain High bring attention to its new Quick-E Ticket offer, we've made large wooden signs to advertise their new promotion.  These signs will be displayed all around in large and sturdy frames to help maintain their shape and appearance. Keep an eye out for them as you explore!

    mountain-high-signage-e-ticket-wood-signage-prints-on-wood-high-quality-wood-print-2To find out more about Quick-E tickets, click here.

  • Desert Trip Wood Prints

    Desert Trip is rapidly approaching, and with a great event comes great memories. With Desert Trip, you're guaranteed an amazing musical, culinary, and photographic experience - one you'll be sure to remember.

    This event takes place during the weekend of October 7, 8, and 9, as well as the 14, 15 and 16. Legendary Rock 'N Roll artists such as Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and Neil Young will be performing, so it's an experience you won't want to miss. There will be many photo opportunities, so be sure to have your phone and camera charged up and ready to go.


    With Prints on Wood, you can take your photographic memories and turn them into pieces of art that you'll be sure to cherish forever. Photos printed on wood are a fantastic way to create beautiful and lasting commemorations of your favorite events and memories. Our company uses natural eco friendly plywood.


    Unlike a traditional canvas, a wood print has a wood canvas that adds depth and character to regular photo prints.  Wood photo prints are rich, vibrant, and have a unique, vintage feel. Since each piece of wood is different, no two prints are the same.


    These photos from Desert Trip have been printed in our warehouse. Our high quality prints ensure that they will last for years to come.


    desert-trip-photo-print-on-woodTo get some wood prints of your own, check out our website here. To see other banners and signage we've created for the event, check out our sister Facebook page.

  • Desert Trip Wood Signage

    Desert Trip is just around the corner. With that being said, the creative minds behind Desert Trip needed wood signage to prepare for the trip, so they turned to us to help them.


    When attendees arrive to the dining area, our wooden archway sign will be the first thing they will see.

    Our sign is hand-cut and cut-to-size for the perfect design. It is also printed on eco-friendly plywood. The ink is printed directly on the wood and then UV cured to dry. The natural wooden appearance of our sign is unique and stands out among its plastic counterparts.

    Here is another one of our wooden signs that will be greeting concert-goers as they leave.


    We've also got our Desert Trip wood print signs prepared to lead the way to the Craft Beer Barn.


    However, we don't just do large wood signs. Here at Prints On Wood, we also make custom letters!

    Our letters can be used for designing, decorating, or can even be purchased as gifts. We can typically create these letters in any size or style, depending on the buyer's preference.

    These are some custom letters we've made for the upcoming Desert Trip in Indio. Our letters were made naturally and are also printed on eco-friendly plywood. They are carefully cut and painted to our client's requests. The same process for creating the large wooden signs is also applied to our letters. Letters can also come in be ordered individually or in large quantities. south-north-event-wood-signageservice-staff-desert-trip-wood-signage-wood-letters-prints-on-wood

    Prints on Wood is typically able to do any fonts or styles. No request is impossible!


    Our wood prints are loaded up and headed to Desert Trip! Let us know if you see them!

  • Coachella Desert Trip Drink Menus

    Desert Trip is a 3 day concert that will take place in Indio, California during the month of October. This event features some of the most iconic and influential rock and roll artists, including: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and etc.  But music isn't the only thing to you'll get to experience - there will plenty of on-site culinary experiences as well!  Look for the large wooden archway we made to find your way to the "Culinary Experience."


    Desert Trip promises to bring some of the biggest culinary names in the industry to help prepare their menus. Some of these people will include world-famous chefs, including: Curtis Stone, Ludo Lefebvre, and Duff Goldman. Their dishes will be paired with wine and beer for further enjoyment. Desert Trip also promises an extraordinary "beer experience," at their Craft Beer Barn, which features an extensive list of microbrews and specialty cocktails.  This Craft Beer Barn event signage we made will be a circular wood print hung under Culinary Experience archway.


    When the Desert Trippers get thirsty while watching the show, they will be able to order off the wooden menu of drinks we printed.   The custom-made wooden sign lists all of the drink offerings that will be available to attendees.  With that being said, let's take a look at what drinks are being offered:



    The list includes a variety of beer and wine selections, many from award winning sommeliers and winemakers.  Desert Trip is guaranteed to be one to remember.

  • Sony Entertainment Cubicle Decor

    Prints on Wood aims to create a wood print that fulfills your needs. We like to think out of the box to create something special for you all. We don't just stop at wood prints. For example, we worked together with Sony Playstation to create an awesome working environment for their employees. We created custom wood signs in all sorts of sizes. Each print had an employees face, name and the year they started working there. Sony recreates and updates these every month or so. Now, how rad is that? On the back of the wood prints we added a magnet layer, so it is convenient for them hang them up and change them when needed. IMG_8633

    It's always a pleasure working with Sony Entertainment Playstation because we always get super cool projects. We love how even for their working environment the creative juices flow overwhelmingly. Sony makes their employees feel special by having their own avatar stuck onto their metal cubicles. Within the Playstation office, they have a lot of metal walls where these prints can easily stick onto.
    Sony Entertainment wood print1

    Creating a unique and comfortable working space for your employees influences and increases working performance, which is what you want! It makes employees feel special and welcomed in their work place, allowing them to not dread their hours. Sony does a great job personalizing each employee and making them feel like part of the Sony family. Wood prints make awesome office decor because they are unique and different from simple banners, or let alone no decor. Most offices don't have a whole lot of office decor, so revamping an office with creative wood prints will definitely make your space more lively. At Prints on Wood we love pulling strings to get what you want and need! We'll help revamp your space in no time with just a few prints. Below are the pieces we made for their employees, and they come in all sorts of sizes and colors.

    Sony Entertainment wood print2 Sony Entertainment wood print3 Sony Entertainment wood print4



  • Eco-Friendly Stylin'


    Fashion is a way for people to express themselves. It is an art form that allows an individual to visually represent his or her values. In most privileged areas, art can lead to one's life-long career; however, not every individual gets an opportunity to make something out of his or her art. For instance, women are many times socially limited due to their gender.


    Soothi is an eco-friendly jewelry line that uniquely crafts their pieces with value. Every piece has a special meaning and is casually made by artisans all over the world. Soothi believes that wealth isn't everything, but what is more important is being able to become self- sufficient by using the resources around them. Soothi is a brand that wants to educate others about empowerment and self- sufficiency through their jewelry line.

    With an encouraging working environment, Soothi empowers women and underprivileged artists by giving them opportunities for security and stability, whether it is financially or through self- reliance.


    We were honored to work with a brand that upholds such a great cause, and one similar to ours. Soothi uses repurposed and recycled materials to make their products, by collecting coconut shells and reused wood waste. It is always encouraging to know that other brands are also making use of the resources around them, creating an eco-friendly environment.

    We helped Soothi create three 8" x 8" square custom wood prints, displaying the brand's mission statement.

    Soothi jewlery custom wood print Soothi Jewlery prints on wood


    At Prints on Wood, we are a green printing company, which means we are 100% powered by the sun. We have inserted over 200 solar panels on our roof. Solar panels are a great way to save the environment, such as our ongoing issue of global warming. To us, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing we are doing our best to reduce the impact our large format and wood printing business has on the planet.


  • Your Office Could Need A Little Revamping.

    Does your office seem a little bland or not as lively as it should be? We have figured out a way you can revamp your office with a custom wood sign.

    We have worked with companies such as StateFarm and Wicks Brewing Co to help their offices look a bit livelier. Not only can we print fine art onto wood, but we have also worked with many businesses to print their company logo onto a wood of choice. Statefarm_woodprint_custom

    When logos are printed onto wood, it gives a more expensive and modernistic vibe to the office. The oval State Farm logo printed on a wooden sign, can be hung up on the wall inside a conference room or behind the front desk, giving it a 3 dimensional effect to the logo. Wicksbrewingco_woodprint

    Wicks Brewing Co.'s interior is themed very rustic and vintage, which makes a wood print logo perfectly fit into this restaurant's interior.

    We can print just about any image onto a wooden canvas. We have the option of creating your own custom wood print in just four easy steps. From selecting your image to choosing a thickness and finish, we work hard in making every print as if it were our own art piece. Therefore, whether it is a print for a company logo or simply just an image to display inside your office, we guarantee it will be a pleasant addition for your workplace.

  • 1989 Taylor Swift World Tour

    If you haven’t heard of Taylor Swift you’ve probably been living under a rock. In the past decade, she has gone from your average Pennsylvania girl to one of the biggest musicians in the world. But this isn’t just my opinion...the numbers speak for themselves. With 31 million followers on instagram, 51 million followers on twitter, and 71 million likes on facebook, she is easily one of the most popular artists in the world.

    taylor swift 1989 world your vinyl banner

    So what amassed her all these fans? Her sweet smile? Her charming looks? Her golden voice? Its really a combination of all of these that have given her the rise to stardom, but of course her songwriting has an effect. Swift is highly praised for her ability to connect with teenage issues and teenage life, which initially got her followings and fans with her first two albums. Later on in her career, she has focused on more grown relationships but still holds on to past feelings and relationships with a through her music, making her even more relatable.

    Releasing her 5th album a few months ago, she has once again capitalized on the formula that has provided her success: make songs about the interactions people have with each other and the problems that come from them to be relatable to as many people as possible.

    taylor swift 1989 world tour vinyl banner

    Taylor Swift is going on a world tour for her 5th album, 1989, with 78 dates across Asia, Europe, and North America. For her world tour, her camp wanted signage to properly decorate the venue because what concert is complete without signage!

    The 1989 World Tour wood print Taylor Swift

    Sticking with the neon sign theme of the tour’s logo, we created a custom wood print of the tour name as a neon sign. Each word is connect to the next at the bottom or top of the last letter, making the sign one uniform piece instead of four different words. We also created banners for her world tour, as shown above, through our sister site banner4sale.com. We hope everyone enjoys Taylor Swift’s world tour on every continent she’s playing!

  • The Who 50th Anniversary Tour

    Who can it be now? The Who! The Who is who it can be! One of the cornerstones of rock in the 20th century, The Who is definitely one of the most influential bands ever. Introducing Rock Opera to most of the genre, they were able to create their own unique style while still being able to relate to the issues their fans had.

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the band's creation, and they are celebrating in style! The Who is going on an epic 50th anniversary tour across North America and Europe as a celebration of their work but more importantly as a final send off.

    The Who Wood print

    With only 2 of the 4 members alive, this tour is to pay homage to the work the band has done over the years. Lead singer Roger Daltrey has been quoted saying this tour is the beginning of a long goodbye, making the tour that much more important!

    the who metal collage

    We were lucky enough to do some signage and custom wood prints for The Who’s final send off tour, and it was an honor! For the VIP section, we created a collage of The Who using pictures from when they first started, through their rise to fame.

    The who wood print 2

    Custom wood prints were also created for The Who’s art director, Richard Evans. These prints had their 50th anniversary logo along with a short description of Richard Evans’ “The Who Series” and where to find more of his work.

    Doing work for arguably one of the greatest bands ever is a tremendous honor, and we’re sure they will appreciate our work as much as we appreciate their classics! Don’t miss your chance to see them for the last time!

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