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    I spent the majority of my twenties working graveyard shifts, lifting boxes, cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash, and changing oil. At the time, the idea of going to college and working a job where I was able to do something I was good at/enjoyed was a far-off distant fantasy. Although it gets suffocating at times, given the option, I'll always choose the opportunity to work in a creative commercial setting over unloading trucks at 3am. Not that there's anything wrong with that type of work, it's just that I was never any good at it.

    Graphic designers are basically blue collared artists. For those who are actually good at design, it can be hard, honest, steady work. Even though it might not be as glamorous as the life of a fine artist, it's more stable. Some people like to take this challenge a step further and work for themselves. While this can prove to be slightly more chaotic, it offers a unprecedented level of freedom in terms of creativity.

    While freelance can become difficult for more simple minded graphic designers (like myself), there's a small group of people who flourish under these particular circumstances. Bulgarian designer, VessDSign, is one such person. To borrow a line from Kevin Durant, in regards to Vess and other freelance graphic designers like herself... "You're the real MVP!"



    POW: Some artist's like to paint landscapes, while other's like to work with figures, but you seem to specialize in Geometric patterns. Why is that?

    VESS: I come from a very strong Corporate Design background, and an year ago was looking for a little "escape" from my usual work. As a designer (I consider myself more a designer than an artist) you should try everything, and find out what you enjoy most. I probably should mention that I studied Architecture, so the Geometric Designs came more or less natural to me. They give me the freedom to express emotions using simple forms on the one hand and unlimited color options on the other.


    POW: I noticed that a few of your pieces aren't patterns, which also seem to be illustrated in a completely different style. What inspires these artistic deviations?

    VESS: I like to try everything - styles, forms, colors. That is the reason my illustrations are quite different from my pattern work. Music is my usual inspiration, alongside art from the 50's and 60's. I have a huge passion for vintage typography too, just waiting for the right time to create some new designs, which are also going to be totally different from what you have seen until now. :)

    V3MAGIC WOOD by VessDSign

    POW: Most artist's I speak to either begin working in Graphic Design before transitioning into Fine art, or manage to juggle both amongst their professional and personal life (Graphic Design during the day, Fine Art at night). As someone who seems to fall into the latter category, do you feel that one contributes more greatly to the other, or are both mutually beneficial?

    VESS: Both are mutually beneficial and I cannot do one without the other anymore. Some of my Geometric Patterns transitioned and developed into logotypes and some of my typographic work will soon transition into new designs for Prints on Wood.

    V4GET ME TO THE BEACH by VessDSign

    POW: Given the extensive collection of Logos in your body of commercial work, what do you feel are three most important principles of design that make for a good design?

    VESS: Good design comes from the gut, you have to feel it. It doesn't matter if you are creating a logo, an illustration, or a pattern. I know that I've created something good when I get the little butterflies in my stomach. Yeah, some people get that when they're in love... which makes me in love with my job I guess. Ergo, there is one important rule about design: it has to be personal and honest (ok... two rules).

    V5Various Logo Designs by VessDSign

    POW: Assuming that you began your foray into Graphic Design based off of the creation date on your Facebook page (2009), over the past 5 years, what is the most important lesson you've learned to keep yourself happy working as a freelance designer?

    VESS: You just said it . I keep myself happy working as a FREELANCE designer - this gives me the freedom to try out different things, to gather different experiences to be able to say "No, I am not going to work for you!" or "Please, just let me do this one project so I can prove to you how good I am".


    To learn More about VessDSign, please visit: http://vessdsign.tumblr.com/

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