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Chogrin Munoz X Guillermo Del Toro

Most fans can only dream of meeting their idols, but Joseph Game, know in the art world as Chogrin Munoz, is living that dream. Last year, the famous film director Guillermo Del Toro personally visited a gallery that Chogrin curated in tribute to his films. This year, he was invited to participate in the exhibit for the first ever DelToroCon, which will be happening online this weekend, July 10-13.


Guillermo Del Toro at Chogrin's show

Chogrin, whose works for this specific exhibit focus on Del Toro’s original films including Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, and Pan’s Labyrinth, was ecstatic to receive an invitation to the con. Most of the other artists were invited because they had worked on Del Toro’s films, which he jokingly described as being in the “Del Toro circle.”


“Guillermo is so great to fans. A lot of the time he ends up working with them, hiring artists like myself to do concept art or storyboards for his films.”

Chogrin’s own interest in Del Toro’s work began about ten years ago when he got Blade II on dvd and watched the special features (which featured del Toro).

“I saw a Mexican director who was passionate about his work. As somebody from latin America, I was immediately inspired and moved as an artists and began to study his original film work, and what he had to say. I’m just an artist / fan that hopes to be able to work / collaborate with Del Toro someday. That is one of my dreams. I have such respect and appreciation for that man, a true master.


Chogrin is an established curator in addition to being an artist.

“It started as kind of a joke of doing art galleries for everything we liked,” he laughed. “My friends and I graduated from art school about seven years ago and were saying that we should do art shows about what we were passionate about.”


The West Coast had galleries featuring pop art and culture, which is what the Philadelphia-based graduates wanted to replicate on the East Coast.

“We found a comic book store with a gallery area- well, a blank wall- and that was kind of our opening ground for experimentation.”

After their first successful show, Chogrin and his friends were asked back, which has multiplied into over thirty art shows in the last six years.


“It’s kind of like being a band,” he said, “and art shows are like going on tour.”

The majority of artists he features in his shows return every year, which produces a sort of rapport, and drives him to keep improving his shows. Each year, the shows get a little more refined, and everybody goes up a level.


“We try to make works that everybody talks about, that they want to keep coming back to,” he explained.

For more information about Chogrin, please visit:  http://chogrin.tumblr.com/.

If you are interested in learning more about DELTOROCON2014, please visit: http://deltorocon.com/.


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