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Having spent countless hours hunched over my computer with my long retired dwarf hunter in World of Warcraft, I can speak from experience when I say that Spirit Beasts are completely badical! (bad + radical) Thankfully for those of you who HAVE a life, you don't need to be a level 85 beastmaster or own an overpriced gaming mouse to subdue one.

Hailing from the weirdest city in the world (Portland), this week Prints On Wood was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with artist, Adrienne Vita. A woman who wields her skill with pencils and paintbrushes to tame these majestic ethereal creatures.



POW: The first thing I immediately thought of when looking at your artwork was "Spirit Animal". What animal would you say is yours, and can they be mythological? (I really dig Unicorns!)

ADRIENNE: Spirit totems are such an awesome way to feel connected with animals. I TOTALLY think Unicorns and any mythical animal falls on the list. Spirit animals are really about how you feel connected to them. So, they can be mythical animals, sea creatures, birds, reptiles, insects, or any kind of land animal, really. We can have multiple spirit animals and they can change over your lifetime. As for mine, it's always been a penguin since I was little but I am very drawn to drawing bears. So, I guess I have two spirit animals.

AV1SAGACIOUS by Adrienne Vita

POW: When I was browsing your website, I must confess, I developed a huge crush on your remarkable portrait paintings. As a (mediocre) artist myself, it seems that one common question I'm commonly asked by people I don't really know when they discover my (mediocre) artistic abilities is: "KAN U DRAW MY PIKTUR!?" (Which I can only assume is a question you get bombarded with on a daily basis.) 

Could you please describe your process when choosing the subjects you depict in these charming paintings? Is your selection process incredibly strict? Do these people inspire you artistically?

ADRIENNE: Aw, if people are asking you to draw them, you must be AWESOME!! Drawing someone's portrait can be a little challenging but very rewarding. I offer custom portraits in my online shop. I generally work off a photo given through an email exchange, so the connection to the customer is really nice. I never know what I will get so it's really fun. I am pretty meticulous and study things to a T. I have my eraser handy to keep working at it until I get it close to realistic. In the old art school days, I had to draw someone from a live pose. It was obviously more challenging, the model has to be frozen for short intervals so I had to work a lot harder and longer at it. But the internet allows me to reach people from afar, so photos really work best. As far as being strict, I just ask that they send me good photos with good lighting. I used to work off of bad photos in the beginning and I don't anymore - mostly because even I wasn't totally happy with how they came out. Live and learn. Good photography definitely inspires me.



ADRIENNE: Anytime!


POW: The "About Me" section of your website highlights your work experience in creative fields such as animation and graphic / product design, which is immediately followed by: "After years of meandering in various creative positions, I came back full circle to pursue my passion of painting and illustration."

While the work involved with the artistic occupations you've held can be fun and challenging at times, what distinction about what you do now would you say is the most rewarding?

ADRIENNE: Even though working more corporate gigs was challenging at times, I feel really fortunate to have worked them because a lot of what I learned helps me today. All the marketing, product design, web design, color, trends, project management and knowing digital art programs, definitely comes into play. The distinction now, is working in a more natural medium. I make all my art by hand and only use digital programs unless they're necessary. Also, working for myself allows more creative freedom of expression to do what I feel is best in the moment. The most rewarding thing is the connection with my customers. They can say the most awesome things in person and on social networking. My art merges with mysticism and I do intuitive readings for people as well, so it makes my work schedule unique. Helping people on their life's journey and knowing that my work creates a memory or a feeling they enjoy, is really special to me. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)


POW: Given your great deal of artistic experience in both your personal and professional life, is there a particular medium, occupation, or project you feel you have yet to experience?

ADRIENNE: I am interested in SO many things but I haven't made an animated film in a very long time. I would love to do that again. In terms of "yet to experience" - having my work in films, books, writing or even teaching is of interest. The sky's the limit.


To learn more about Adrienne Vita, please visit her website at: http://adriennevita.com/


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