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Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael.

If you were born in the 80s, then those names might sound familiar to you. Granted we might not immediately associate them with the famous Italian artists that inspired these namesakes, but if there was a fifth Ninja Turtle, they would've been named Giulio.

This week we talked to Italian fashion artist Giulio Iurissevich. A man with a head of hair so gorgeous, he makes Jean Claude Van Damme look like Billy Ray Cyrus. Oh, yeah.... we also asked him a couple of questions too.


hot_stuffPOW: Your artwork is very chaotic and layered. When creating this style of imagery, does it help to have a thought process just as disorderly?

GIULIO: That's right, starting from the assumption that everyone's mind is disorder, with some exceptions, sometimes we think many things together, we associate one thing to another and we get lost in the fog: we speak with a person and think about what we will do later, wash the dishes and think about when we were 8 years old and went to the sea, and then we think about what we will do next summer... and so 'on... the mind takes us away... and life becomes chaotic, confused, often a repetition mechanical things... losing the beauty that generates all this .. that is the the source from which everything comes out, where there is silence and there is no confusion. My thinking is messy until I anchored in what I do... and all becomes silent. Inside, and I become what I do, losing myself in what I'm doing.

GI_1MORFAE by Giulio Iurissevich

POW: I feel that if we dissected your illustrations, each individual element would be strong enough to stand alone as it's own art piece. Why are you inspired to put so much into each image?

GIULIO: I think it represents the set of stories, of things, the patchwork of life, of people, of animals, of all the elements, which by themselves have a certain sense, their beauty, but they are always functioning at rest, and contextualized create new beauty, new meanings. Like the waves of the sea, which of course have their own sense alone, but are always part something more , that it has its own beauty, its own dynamic, so I think that alone we are no much more interesting. and all the waves of the sea are always part of something bigger.


ENVY by Giulio Iurissevich

POW: Do all of the combined elements in your artwork tell a story as a whole, or are they selected purely for aesthetic purposes?

GIULIO: Depends, everything seems to randomly assembled but nothing is random, as in life.

GI_3PN KILLS ME  by Giulio Iurissevich

POW: How did your artwork evolve over the years to reach your current style of mixing different images and mediums? Did you begin with one specific approach and then add to that over time?

GIULIO: My work has changed in a way it's true... has evolved from simple, clean lines to become this too. But I'm this and I'm that, and more and more without labels or fences... looking to meet me in my various aspects, unpretentious ...with different styles, identities, names.

GI_4MONKEY LISA by Giulio Iurissevich

POW: Through your experiences, have you noticed any great distinctions between the Italian and American art scene? Is one group more receptive to your work than others?

GIULIO: I do not want to be critical with Italy, for me it is a country folded back on itself, who wants to have everything but has nothing to give. Italians always give the best of them out of Italy, because they are valued. Because Italians are special out of Italy. This is all very sad to say, but it is a cultural paradigm. American art scene is a scene, Italy has not a scene today, has a group of artistic fragments who works outside.


Thank you Giulio... fino alla prossima volta il mio amico!

For more information on Giulio Iurissevich, please visit his website: www.giulioiurissevich.com


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