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Growing up in the late 80's/early 90's and watching stuff like Small Wonder, Short Circuit, Not Quite Human, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 had me convinced that I would some day grow up to build my very own robots(s). Sadly, the closest I ever got to this dream was when I was assembling my Voltron Vehicle Team robot, trying my hardest not to break the helicopter blades on his arms.

Some kids don't give up so easily though. Take James "Jimbot" Demski for example, a boy who grew up with a similar dream and stuck to his convictions. Now as a fully grown man with a beautiful family living in Milwaukee, he somehow manages to find the time needed to build his own robots, and they're all programed for awesome!



POW: Your imagery is very playful, with most of your paintings take place outside on a field of grass, why is this?

JIMBOT: I love spending time outside... especially in a grassy field. It's just peaceful! To me, a grassy field is one of the purest forms nature can take. The thing I really love doing is placing my robots in these organic settings. The juxtaposition of the two just fascinates me.... and the idea of making machines part of nature is fantastic.

jb2IT EATS THE LIGHT by Jimbot

POW: It seems that you have a reoccurring bio-mechanical theme in your paintings, combining robots with natural elements. What is your reasoning for this? A combination of 2 great loves? A subtle commentary on the current state of consumerism? Or am I just REALLY over-thinking this question?

JIMBOT: Well, I guess my answer to the above question answers a lot of this, Haha. Like I said, the juxtaposition of the machines to nature is fantastic. A lot of times, when I paint my robots, I picture them experiencing these natural elements for the first time. It's very innocent and child-like. These bots are kind-of like my kids I guess :). Over-thinking it? Well, maybe, but look at all the fun topics you brought up!!!!! Now THAT is a great thing!!!! If I can get my work to bring up discussions like this, then I am a happy gent!

jb3HAPPY HOME by Jimbot

POW: Even though your artwork embodies a funky surrealism, are there any personal elements found in your artwork that we should know about?

JIMBOT: Well, you can know about SOME OF them.... but I don't think I will completely explain them all, Haha. One of the things I love to do with my work, is to put all kinds of hidden things in my work, and wait for people to discover them. The meanings aren't usually apparent (and sometimes you need to have other paintings with them to complete the "equasions"), but it's fun to hear people say what they think it means. If you look at all of my work, you will see the numbers "3", "5", "8", and "0" used. Without getting too much into it, those numbers represent a lot to me! Love, life, events in my life, and they even represent the date I predict I will die! Or do they? What do you think they mean?


POW: Your notoriety as an artist has garnered mentions in Juxtapoz and Artbox quite frequently. I also read that your submission won the Paul Frank Art Attack! Contest. With being relatively well known in the art community and having your art showcased in numerous galleries across the years, what would you say is your single most definitive accomplishment as an artist?

JIMBOT: Well known? I'm not sure about that, haha... but those things were fun to be a part of. I am just happy that people get into my work. The single most definitive accomplishment? Well, at this point it probably has to do with my oldest daughter. She is only 4 now, but she loves working with me in my studio... to the point where she now has claimed a part of my studio as her own (art supplies and all). Recently she was working with me, and showed me this really great piece she was working on. When I told her that I thought she would be a better artist than me someday, it's like I gave her the moon on a platter, Haha. So I guess, getting my daughter so interested in art is probably my greatest accomplishment as an artist.... now I have another, younger, daughter to work on.


POW: With paintings, prints, posters, toys, t-shirts, and now wood prints under your belt... what can we expect from the future from Jimbot?

JIMBOT: MORE TOYS! I'm actually working on my own line of wood toys as I type this! They will be going on sale soon! At this point they are all hand-produced by me, but I hope to grow it bigger! I am a child of the 80's and I love my toys! I've always wanted to have my own toy line, so I decided to make my own. Past that, I am working more and more sculpture into my paintings. There is a lot of fun stuff in the future.... you'll have to just follow up with me to find out. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you want to see sneak peaks of stuff.... and pics of my toy collection, HA!


Thank you James, I... uh... I mean my "friend's kid" is looking forward to playing with your robots!

For more information on James "Jimbot" Demski, please visit his site at: www.jimbot.com


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