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When opportunity comes a-knocking...what do you do??  Well if your Jose Emroca Flores, you pack up all the art you can stuff into a U-Haul and head down to San Diego to exhibit at one of the largest Pop Art Convention in the world!   But that's just the beginning, I have a feeling we are going to hear his name a lot more in the future...



 POW:  Congratulations on your first San Diego Comic Con exhibition! How would you describe the experience from an artists perspective?

Jose:  A marathon.  It was a full week of setup and manning the booth.  Trying to stay mentally sharp.  Talking to a thousand people.  Trying not to ask the same question twice.  Smiling.  But before that there is the preparation part.  IT was a great experience and I will definitely do it again.  I got to meet some really rad artists and people that liked my work.  That was the best part of it all.  Comic Con actually called me 2 weeks before the event to see if I wanted it.  How could I pass that up???  So I really only had 2 weeks to get ready for the circus.  I think I lost some years off of my life.  Glad I did it though.  Everyone was asking how the heck did I get in?  It must have been my captivating charm and extremely good looks.  At least I like to think so.  I am sure it was just the check I gave them.

EscaparEscapar by Jose Emroca Flores

POW:  I can see a huge influence of video games and movies in your work. I especially love "The M.K" with the re-imagined Princess Peach and Mario. How do you conjure up the rest of your characters?

Jose:  I usually like to paint what I know, so a lot of the characters in my work are actually the characters in my life.  Crazy drunk uncles, wily friends, sleepy cousins and pets.

Santana Snake

POW: You've worked on a lot of visual development for films and games such as Call of Duty and Lord of the Rings. What project was the most creatively taxing, the one that took the most out of you?

Jose: Deadpool was the best and most rewarding even though it was considered a big fail.  I don't care though because creatively it was the best.  Deadpool is soo schizophrenic and crazy.  I got to just let loose in weird and funny ideas.  Just the way I like it.


POW: What project are you working on now?

Jose: At this moment I am working on my very first children's book, gallery shows, visual development, working on a clothing line with a surf company out here, and working toward my own book.  I also wanna make plush toys of some of my work.  Trying to figure that out right now.  I am enjoying working on all types of projects.

POW: You're represented by Shannon Associates for book illustration where I'm assuming the majority of the illustrations are geared toward children. What's it like creating art for both adults and children?

Jose: I am new to the whole children's book stuff but feel that my experience in storytelling in film and games was a good training ground to tackle this new art form.  It is nice to get into my own child like imaginative brain.  It is also kind of nice to allow yourself to draw a bit more naively and let the imperfections be a part of the style.  Unlike working in film and games, everything had to look perfect.

Bianca and her bikeOla Moto Calavera by Jose Emroca Flores

POW: What's your favorite film or game of all time? Is there a piece you created for it?

Jose: My stranded on an island movies would absolutely be; Romancing the Stone "Joan Wilder?!"  and Better Off Dead "Where's my 2 dollars?!"
I have not made any paintings of these yet.  That is a good idea!


For more information on Jose Emroca Flores, please visit: http://emroca.com/


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