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Chopping Block: Queenikathleeni

If you’re at all obsessed with fashion like I am, then look no further than this week’s spotlight on fashion illustrator and blogger, Katie Ryan, aka Queenikathleeni. Katie had been on the look out for a new medium in which to showcase her talent and recently began working with us to create some amazing fashion illustrations on wood. We got to know a lot about her during our time working together.

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 Katie began her artistic endeavors at a very young age and eventually grew to like the craft so much throughout both her high school and college careers, that she then decided to pursue a career in art full-time. As with many fashion illustrators, Katie began drawing a lot of her inspiration by illustrating fashion bloggers’ outfits and stylish looks. She then found inspiration from textiles and became increasingly interested in them by mixing patterns and pieces she had seen in different places and turning them into interesting combinations.

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 10.41.11 AMPrint on Wood by Katie Ryan

Besides doing fashion illustrations, Katie also paints, blogs, and creates custom greeting cards, to name a few projects. In order to create her exquisitely detailed work, she primarily uses Prismacolor ink and pencils for her fashion illustration that she says she loves because it allows her to get her hands dirty and blend colors to get the perfect shade. Katie’s work is heavily influenced by fashion, which she states is the most artistic expression of ones self. She enjoys the fact that even if you can’t own a fashion piece in real life, she has the ability of recreating the look into a drawing.

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Go Get It Greeting Card by Katie Ryan

As with any career, there will often be obstacles. For Katie, it would have to be the fact that many people take advantage of her skills and her friendliness. She stresses the importance of working only with people that you trust with your work, and who respect your artistic work in return. We couldn’t agree more.

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 As far as any encouraging words of wisdom for fellow artists and bloggers alike, Katie is extremely adamant about two things: Consistency and originality. Because there are so many fashion bloggers and artists out there, she finds it’s very important to not only find your niche as an artist, but also to just get out there and create, create, create. Above all else, never give up when things are not going well. All hail the queen!

For more information on Katie Ryan, please visit http://queenikathleeni.com/