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With the up and coming timed-release of The Crystal Waterfall by Tara McPherson at Prints On Wood, we thought it would be a good idea to get to know her a little bit better since she's decided to join our little family.

This week we got the chance to speak with Tara over the phone. She was able to share some incredibly interesting and helpful information about herself... most importantly, how to say her name correctly. (Pronounced: t AA - r uh)



POW: So the first thing that I noticed about your art is that it's very character based. Let's say that all of your artwork embodied a single living person. If that person suddenly went missing, how would you describe them to a police sketch artist?

TARA: Well in regards to my newest painting, I would say they're going to be glowing. Luminous. They're going to be radiating light. They're going to have mists of water surrounding them, and pink hair.

TMC_2Wandering Luminations by Tara McPherson

POW: Your body of illustrated work contains a lot of concert posters, which works really well with your style. If you had to do the same for movie posters, what are some films (be it past or present) you would have liked to have worked on?

TARA: The Goonies, Sleeping Beauty, and Donnie Darko.

POW: Was there anything in particular about those films, or are those selections based on personal preference / sentiment?

TARA: They're just fun movies. Some of my favorites.

TMC_3Lost Constellations by Tara McPherson

POW: Your artwork seems to be very tattoo-friendly. Is this a conscious part of your design process when working on a new illustration, as in someone could very well run out and get a tattoo of this tomorrow?

TARA: No. A nice aspect of the style and the way I do my work is that it does lend itself to tattooing. I don't do it on purpose, I think it's more of my line quality because of my training. The way that I approach my drawings is to make very clean lines, and maybe because of my own interest in getting tattoos. I also interned on Futurama, and I feel that I absorbed a lot with the way that they do the line work for the characters. Making it clean and easy to color worked well and resonated with me, so it just works well for that line work to become a tattoo, which is awesome.

POW: Do you have any interesting stories related to fans getting ink based off your art?

TARA: No, usually people just e-mail me and ask me, but nothing really super interesting.

POW: Really? Nothing horrifying?

TARA: No, not really. Sometimes I get sent the photos which are so awesome, there are definitely some crazy looking ones, but it's always so neat to see them.

tattTara posing with fan Potatoknish, and his saucy new tattoo. SDCC 2010

POW: You've really embraced utilizing your artwork on a vast array of modern mediums such as posters, toys, t-shirts, comic books and soon you'll be releasing a wood print with us, which adds to that list. Is there any field you haven't worked in yet that you would like to use your art on? Such as an iPhone game, or maybe a children's book perhaps?

TARA: Yeah, I mean there's always going to be things out there that would interest me that I haven't done. I definitely would love to do a children's book someday. There is a lot of artists doing murals and that's something that I've never done, like painted on a huge wall with one of those things, what are they called? Cherry-pickers?

POW: You mean a hydraulic lift?

TARA: Yeah, a lift. Working on that scale would be a really neat challenge, so I hope to do that at some point. Doing some kind of animation would be really cool too. The thing that I find with doing those large projects (like a children's book) is that it's so hard to budget the time for that because there's so many other amazing opportunities that pop up, and those projects take so long that it's hard to clear the time for that. So I do hope that happens eventually.

TARA_TOYSGamma Mutant Space Friends figure series by Tara McPherson / Kidrobot

POW: Speaking of your upcoming timed release with Prints On Wood, would you mind telling us a little bit more about The Crystal Waterfall?

TARA: I think a lot of my work kind of explores the themes of water and females in nature, and working with elements. So the water theme is something that I've been exploring and has evolved for many years with my work. My most recent body of work that this piece comes from is exploring these characters that have evolved and grown in darkness. Like the deep-ocean, space, caves, and how these bio-luminescent creatures are so fascinating to me that evolve with lack of light, but create their own light. There's this lack of pigmentation, but they glow with these gorgeous beautiful colors. So theres this girl who's kind of embodies those characteristics of the females that I was trying to explore with this work, like glowworms and bioluminescent waters.

TMC_4The Crystal Waterfall by Tara McPherson

POW: What was it about this piece in particular that you felt would make for an awesome wood print?

TARA: Well, I wanted to use it for this medium because I feel like it's a bold striking image, and I really love it. I think it will be a really good piece to experiment with in this new venture, to try the print on wood. I want it to be a really beautiful image, and this works perfect for it.

POW: Lastly, is there anything on the horizon for your fans to keep an eyes out for? Will you have a booth again this summer at San Diego Comic-Con?

TARA: Yes. I will be at San Diego Comic-Con and I'm starting to work on my next art show, which will be in the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in August, which is the next week after Comic-Con. So I'll be going straight up from San Diego to Los Angeles for my art show.

TMC_5Tara flanked by two very, uh... "interested" fans at the Darkhorse Booth. SDCC 2010

POW: Is there a certain theme for that show? Is it just you, or will it be a group art show with different Artists?

TARA: Yeah, it's a two-woman show. Audrey Kawasaki and myself.

tm_akTara, Audrey, and what appears to be a tiny adorable human. (Baby Ronan)

POW: Awesome. Well, thanks for your time Tara.

TARA: Cool. Thank you.


The Crystal Waterfall will be offered as a 5-day timed release starting Monday, February 24th at 12:00pm, and continues through the week ending on Friday, February 28th, at midnight.

For more information on Tara, you can visit her website at: http://www.taramcpherson.com


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