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Starting off as a small family owned business in Southern California, we here at Prints On Wood are humbled to see that our company has grown exponentially to resonate with Artists and Art Enthusiasts alike from all over the world.

This week we were incredibly fortunate to get in touch with one such person, the incredibly talented Viviana Gonzalez, hailing from the beautiful Republic of Chile.



POW: Your profile states that you’re a Graphic Designer by trade (a profession which clearly involves a sharp eye for color and detail). Growing up, did you always have a strong artistic inclination before your involvement in this line of work, and did it effect your decision when pursuing this as a career path?

VIVIANA: Yes, since I was eleven years old I've been interested in design. This interest began in art classes at school, I used to draw logos and posters. My art teacher in that moment noticed my interest and introduced me to graphic design. So at that early age I already knew that I will dedicate myself to this.

CB_2Cosmic Dreams by Viviana Gonzalez

POW: When I view artistic imagery, I like to try and deconstruct the process in my mind, creating a step-by-step procedure on how I think the artist completed their final image. When I observe your work however, I’m completely stumped as to how you create your beautiful compositions.

Without giving too much away, tell us how you’re able to create such realistic landscapes while still maintaining a certain hand-painted look and charm, and has your background and experience in Graphic Design contributed to these techniques?

VIVIANA: I always liked works of oil on canvas. When I started to work with landscapes in Photography, I searched for the best way to achieve that technique digitally. And exploring that I found two photographers that have been a great inspiration for me in that area: Paolo Cirmia (Italy) and Dirk Wüstenhagen (Germany). They work with texture in a brilliant way, which inspired me to study more about this subject. Now days I create my own textures which satisfies my search and technique as an artist.

CB_3Observe by Viviana Gonzalez

POW: It seems that more old school/traditional Artists have a great disdain for any form of art created with the assistance of digital software (i.e: Illustrator & Photoshop), believing that they’re a substitute for actual “talent”. On the other end of the spectrum, it seems that most up-and-coming artists embrace the idea of combining hand drawn images with digital elements to create their art.

Out of these 2 groups of artists, which would you say that you belong to and why?

VIVIANA: Right now my work consists of a mixture between illustration, photography and digital elements. Personally I respect both the old school and the new one. Times change and techniques develop and evolve. I use everything that can help me to express that sensation or image that I have in my mind at the moment of creating. I don't have prejudices and neither can I judge or say what is more valid or what is "real" talent and what isn't. For me everybody that has the need of artistic expression deserves my respect.

CB_4Inspiration (II) by Viviana Gonzalez

POW: A good portion in your body of work reflects a very somber and mysterious tone, but you reside in South America, an area well known for it’s bright vibrant colors in both nature and art.

Would you say that your experiences in Chile has affected your artistic style in any way, if at all?

VIVIANA: I live in Viña del Mar, a city located on the coast of Chile. I think the element or natural phenomena that is reflected in most of my works is the sundown. Living all my life near the sea, without a doubt it has been inspiring for me, because of the beauty and melancholy.


 Paths of Light by Viviana Gonzalez

POW: As an exhibitor in the Prints On Wood Gallery, what was it about our product that piqued your interest as an Artist, and what kind of feedback have you received so far?

VIVIANA: As an artist I seek to see my work in something special. Prints on Wood are really unique and beautiful. To see my work printed on this natural element is to me the perfect mix. I am truly flattered to be part of Prints On Wood.


Aww shucks Viviana, as are we to have a moment of your time. To you and your beautiful work, we say "A TODO CACHETE!"

Find out more about Viviana Gonzalez at her website: www.vivigonzalezart.cl


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