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When I was a child, my Dad thought it was prudent for me to learn how to play an instrument. Awesome! Keyboard? Guitar? Keytar? Nope, the clarinet. While most of my peers spent their free time watching the Disney Afternoon, I was forced to sit in our garage and learn how to play Ain't Misbehavin' to later recite at family gatherings. Clarinets aren't all bad though. In the hands of the right person, they're actually pretty cool. Take Benny Goodman, Kenny G, and Squidward Tentacles... those guys all played the clarinet and they rock!


The best part is learning an instrument can actually improve a child's mental development in more ways than one. Playing an instrument can help stimulate a child's brain to increase the capacity of their memory, enhance their eye/hand coordination skills, improves reading comprehension and helps to sharpen their concentration. Clarinets for Conservation understands these principals and has set out on an mission to raise awareness and promote the preservation of the Mpinjo (African Blackwood) tree through the power of music. Used for the creation of woodwind instruments and fine furniture, Mpingo trees are being harvested at an unsustainable rate.


Our interest was piqued when we recently printed several wood prints for the organization and discovered their interest in the environment. Based in Moshi, Tanzania, Clarinets for Conservation understands the urgency of this issue as they promote awareness in the community by teaching secondary students how to play the clarinet. The students and teachers involved in Clarinets for Conservation take part in performances and tree plantings throughout Tanzania to reinforce the connection between the Clarinet and the Mpingo tree, fostering a desire for a sustainable future.


For more information on this wonderful organization, please visit: http://www.clarinetsforconservation.org/


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