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Coachella X Sustainable Wood Signs

If you’ve attended the wild, music-filled, goodness that is Coachella, while you weren’t raging and raving, you might have noticed the giant bottle eating monster, Recylcosaurus Rex or TRASHed Recycling.

Coachella Global Inhertance Trashed wood sign

That’s because the annual music festival is taking full advantage of the act to reduce reuse and recycle. This year, they took their sustainability efforts one big step further and redesigned a lot of their signage. Many signs were completely redone on natural grain wood thru-out the venue. This is a great a move because now, their eco-friendly signs can now be reused, year after year

Coachella Terrace entrance wood sign

Those giant set times that we all gaze at anticipating our favorite artists? Completely redone, printed on wood, and posted at each tent.

art of coachella wood sign

Each food vendor sign was made with laser cut out wood letters that will be reused for years to come!

Coachella food vendor wood signs

Large scale maps around the venue were also printed on wood pieces.

Coachella site map wood print

And so was the Coachella boutique sign, which was printed on natural grain wood.


As much as they try to reuse all the wood signage a few pieces, like set times and site maps, have served their purpose and cannot be reused.  Well not as a site map or set time, these wood prints are given a new purpose.  They become large wood planters for the Coachella next year!


Coachella Sahara Tent Wood sign

Wood, wood, and more wood! Each one of these giant wood prints were designed, custom-made, and shipped out from right here in our good ol' 100% solar powered facility.

Coachella Rose Garden Wood entrance sign

2010 Coachella Show Poster wood print

Coachella 2009 show poster wood print