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Coastal Obsession Logo Prints

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It's always a great idea to start a business that is inspired by an awesome cause. Coastal Obsession is a merchandise business that was created by a mother and daughter, Nance and Dani, with the idea that was influenced by the ocean. They wanted to build upon the idea of keeping the ocean clean and healthy, including the wildlife inside and out of it. All their designs portray either a part of the ocean or how they raise awareness to help the ocean. For example, the logo above is of a pelican, which adheres to the idea of keeping the ocean clean to save those pelicans. Coast Obsession works together with One Percent for the Planet, an organization that works with business who want to contribute to helping out the wellness of the environment.

Coastal Obsession has created three circle logo wood prints with us, that displayed their pelican logo. These custom circle wood signs are fairly small, allowing them to be easily displayed inside their facilities. We love working with companies that aim toward influencing the wellness of the environment in a positive way!