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Community Cup: The Documentary

There’s no question. we love what we do. And when we team up with people who are just as passionate about their craft, it’s a recipe for a beautiful turnout. Back in December a turnout took place in Summit County, Colorado, where 15 professional female snowboarders gathered along with the county’s locals for the global release of Community Cup: The Documentary. While learning more about the film and preparing prints for it’s debut, we were given a totally new perspective into the world of snowboarding, thanks to these inspiring ladies, who reached out to us to be apart of the celebration at the release of their film.    CC14_poster9_itunes_pdf

To call a spade a spade, it’d be fair to say lots of sports are geared towards, and overshadowed by men. Right?  Well, in the newly released film, 16 world famous female snowboarders change the game by contributing to the groundbreaking creation of the first rider-designed course and zero-waste snowboard competition ever.

We had the honor of making prints of each one of the skilled athletes who shared their stories in the documentary.

Screenshot 2014-12-16 09.50.15

With their Purps (Organic Energy Drink) and Breckenridge Distillery Vodka cocktails in hand, attendants made their way around where our wood prints were filtered all over and illuminated by candlelight.

Screenshot 2014-12-16 09.50.27

The event was presented by Keystone at the Brekenridge Backstage Theatre, where attendees sipped on cocktails through Simply Straws (reusable glass straws) and craft beer from Denver Beer CO.  Staying true to their commitment to zero waste and support of sustainable, local companies.

Screenshot 2014-12-16 09.52.49

The night was definitely a great kickoff to the movement in women's snowboarding. We are excited to take part in the legacy that is being built and look forward to the progress that’s being made to showcase women’s snowboarding at its best.  Be sure to look for Community Cup: The Documentary now available on HULU and iTunes.


For more information on Community Cup: The Documentary, please visit:  www.community-cup.com