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Could your package withstand an atomic bomb?

The life of a wood print is not easy, cutting, sanding, ink drops, UV rays, it's a rough start.  But the good life begins when they meet "Brad."

Prints on Wood shipping

Brad is one of the guys that has the privilege of sending the wood prints off to their forever homes, a feat he does not take lightly.  If you have not had the pleasure of receiving a print on wood packaged by Brad, let me share an email we received from a recent happy customer "Pat".

Dear POW,
Thanks so much for the lovely finished product. I know my husband will love it, and I sure do. Much appreciated.
I would be remiss not to mention the amazing packaging of the product you created. If we'd had a nuclear attack while it was in Caitlin's custody we might have lost Caitlin, but my package would have withstood the blast.
Since this is a surprise for Cal, I hid the unopened box in my closet until he was busy in the garage. Then I tried opening the box with scissors. That met with frustration, so I went after it with a box cutter. Some inroads were made, but it was a slow, slow process, and I was crouched in my closet which didn't give me a lot of room to manipulate. I gave serious thought to going to the garage (where Cal was) to see if I could smuggle the power saw past him. Knowing that enterprise would fail, I once again employed the box cutter and stepped up the fury of my attack. I may have said "Die, box, die" a time or two, but whatever it took the now blunt and misshapen box cutter finally breached the many, many layers of sealing tape so I could wedge my hand into the ragged opening and work the wooden picture out. My right hand is a tad swollen, and I need to vacuum the bits of cardboard, sealing tape, sweat and skin from the floor of my closet. My hat's off to the guy from the Department of Un-openable Packages. I hope he gets a good salary. His talent need not be improved upon because he's reached the zenith of his career.
Many thanks,
Pat D.


Brad prints on wood packing

No thank you Pat, your eloquence and praise are appreciated, we made sure each was delivered to Brad.

Now you can rest assured when you place your next order the package will arrive in sound condition even when you box looks like this:

distroyed shipping box

Many thanks to the diligent focus and attention of our shipping department headed by the best in west, Brad.

Brad packaging wood prints