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Owly making another important company decision at Prints On Wood.

Prints On Wood is an environmentally conscious company.

I know, I know… that might sound a little funny coming from a company that uses a lot of wood for it’s products, but it’s true. Yes, we do print on wood (hence the name), but we do so responsibly. Our wood is fully sustainable and certified. What does that mean? It means the wood we purchased has a new tree plated in it’s place while harvested.  Surely that’s enough right? Nope, not for us. We’re not satisfied with the bare minimum, we want more. That’s why we joined forces with our friends over at Cuipo!


Super Friends!

Cuipo is a lifestyle brand primarily focused on preservation of the rainforest one square meter at a time. The Cuipo Rainforest Preserve, located near the Darien Nation Preserve in Chepo, Panama, consists of 3,300 acres (13,354,600 sq. meters). They safeguard each square meter of this rainforest in perpetuity. The goal is to purchase as much rainforest as possible; buy it, keep it in its natural state before it falls into the wrong hands and is destroyed. With each order received, Prints on Wood buys one square meter of rainforest through our partnership with Cuipo. This means every time you purchase a wood print or gift card from Prints On Wood, you also help save the tropical rainforests for future generations to come.

Prints on Wood is the second biggest owner of land over at Cuipo, but the Christmas holiday made December a big month for us. (Thanks guys!) Which means January is going to be an even bigger month for Cuipo! That’s right, thanks to the support from our customers over the Holidays, we’re headed to #1 on a rocket!

Not only do we thank you, but all the cute fuzzy little creatures who call the rainforest their home thank you as well.


Who knew that saving the rainforest could be so adorable?


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