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Custom Wood Mural

We may be located in So Cal but we have work all across in this country. Our art featured today is no different, however it is quite massive and well--impressive. Down in New Orleans you may find a restaurant, brand spanking new, known as Maypop. This restaurant is located in the South Market District and fuses Southeast Asian food with Southeast Louisiana food.


You see, we don't just specialize in custom wood prints or fine art prints, but we also cater to businesses with even the craziest and greatest ideas. This mural is basically two images in one. From one angle you'll fine that customers can see the Mekong delta, while the mural also shows the map of the Mississippi.

maypop wood muralMurals are great way to get your message across, literally across! By sticking to the theme of a fusion restaurant, Maypop is creating a specific audience of customers who not only enjoy Southeast Louisiana eatery, but also appreciate Southeast Asian food. For more information on getting a custom quote such as this one, or something similar, feel free to contact us!