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Custom Wood Printing for Hangar 24 Craft Brewery

Good Beer, Good Printing on Wood

What better way to showcase this fantastic Southern California local beer than to print some of their most famous offerings on FSC certified wood. If you’re native to So Cal, you’ve probably seen these awesome marketing pieces on display locally in restaurants that serve Hangar 24 on tap. We printed these fine point-of-sale wood prints for three specific Hangar 24 beers: Amarillo Pale Ale, Columbus IPA, and Double IPA.

As you can see the Hangar 24’s artwork is absolutely perfect for printing on wood. The negative space allows the grain of the wood to show through, something that complements the art style beautifully. The corners of each piece were finished with a rounded edge giving it a refined look that is suitable for any display location.

Okay enough about the wood, tell me about the beer!

Amarillo Pale Ale: A true classic, an “American Pale Ale.”  Smooth, balanced and resinous with flavors and aromas rooted from Midwestern malted barley. With its carefully selected hops and post fermentation processes, the Amarillo Pale Ale “breaks the mold” of traditional Pale Ales. As far as Pale Ales go, this one has deep flavor without the bitterness that many people associate with “ales of kin.”

Columbus IPA: A single hop, American style IPA that features 100% Columbus Hops. The result is complex and what can only be described as “an intense citrus, floral and spicy aroma and flavor.”  Refreshing and satisfying, and a must drink IPA for those looking for a “dry hopped” finish.

Double IPA: Hangar 24’s “gift to beer lovers.” This IPA is described as a beautifully balanced brew that is a sensational balance of five malts and four distinct American hops. Luckily, for all the fans of this assertive and drinkable “sensory overload” of an IPA, this beer is brewed regularly throughout the year and when weather permits.

All beer descriptions were taken from information presented at Hangar 24 website.

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Custom Wood Printing for Point of Sale (POS) Displays

Printing on wood is something that has been around for quite some time and using wood for point-of-sale displays has been a favorite of many simply because of its durability and cost. Some of the most popular applications of wood prints and point-of-sale displays have been in retail marketing for niche products. The organic look and feel of a printed wood display is very appealing to companies who appreciate branding with organic tones.


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