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Don't "Fall" Behind!

A long time ago, a wise man once said "Good Things come to those who wait."

While I'm not objecting to the validity of that claim, it makes me wonder if that smart-alleck ever went Holiday shopping at the last minute. Many moons ago before my current occupation, I had the (dis)pleasure of working for a major retail chain, and I'll tell you, the things I would see at 6 am on Black Friday were horrifying! In the midst of their voracious fervor, tense situations between holiday shoppers hoping to save an extra 5 bucks would escalate quickly, I mean it would get really out of hand fast!

I've seen large gelatinous shoppers fist-fighting over the last CD Player boom box, other shoppers fighting a losing battle with their deodorant in lieu of getting the last set of Star Wars legos, people dodging clouds of pepper spray while trampling over unfortunate stragglers, and my personal favorite, impromptu mexican stand-offs over who's girlfriend cut in line to get a Nintendo Gamecube before anyone else. The most ironic part of all of this is to see people go bat-crap-insane over cheap plastic knick-knacks a few hours after they were thankful for what they already had.

After the doors would open releasing a tidal wave rabid patrons writhing in angst, I would stand there in disbelief, bloodied and bruised from the herds of people spending money they didn't have on things they don't need, and I would think to myself, there's got to be another way! A way to get what I need without having to elbow someone in the face, a way that doesn't involve a depravation of sleep that fuels my misanthropic tendencies, most importantly, a way that doesn't involve me having to put on pants.

In ancient cultures, boys of a certain age would be expected to enter a right of passage to become a man in the eyes of their peers. This would involve them doing something insane along the lines of killing a vicious beast with their bare hands or strapping vines to their ankles and jumping off the tallest tree in the jungle. In Western society, working a retail job that involves dealing with the public on a daily basis can take the most innocent and naive of boys and grind him into a hardened cynical blogger of a man. I stand before you as a man (in the loosest possible sense of the word), and I want to tell you that after many long hard fought battles, I have discovered that way.... the information superhigh-WAY. (Nyuk-Nyuk)

Yes, I'm talking about the internet. It's not only a great resource that allows people to anonymously flame others in the most hateful ways possible while googling pictures of Sofia Vergara, but it can also be a very effective tool in terms of holiday shopping if wielded correctly. Long gone are the days of old where people would actually have to leave their house to buy something, now we can just roll out of bed and have whatever we desire delivered right to our front door.

This year, PrintsOnWood encourages you to embrace the future. To not only buy your gifts ahead of all the craziness that the holidays can inspire, but to do so from the comfort of your own home. Our wood prints are incredibly unique and make the perfect holiday gift. Every year when the people you care about are opening the gifts you thoughtfully selected (or bought at the last minute you big liar), they're secretly making a mental list of which gifts they're going to return, give away, or toss in the trash. A custom wood print is so incredibly personal, the only list they'll make when they receive one as a gift is of all the possible places in their house where they can display it proudly. We also have a lovely selection of Fine & Photo Art wood prints incase a custom wood print isn't a loved one's cup of tea. Don't "Fall" behind this year, get all of your holiday shopping done at PrintsOnWood today! And if you want to do so while wearing pants, that's entirely up to you. ;)


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