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Edward Colver Releases Iconic Jello Biafra Print


Punk rock photographer, Edward Colver, is no new name to the POW blog. Over the last year, the photographer behind some of punk's most intimate and iconic captures has released four prints, and is gearing up for his fifth.

His first print showcased HR of Bad Brains midair; his second print brought forth Keith Morris in all his glory; his third, a young Mike Ness of Social Distortion; and his fourth, a portrait of Exene Cervenka of pioneering So Cal punk band, X.

With his fifth POW release en tow, Colver offers up a high-impact and electric shot of former Dead Kennedys frontman, Jello Biafra.

Colver's series of vivid punk rock innovators is one of POW's most unique releases. As a hugely important part of contemporary music, punk culture -- in all of its controversial and fantastically contentious glory -- was captured by such a finite selection of photographers. For those present, snapshots of sweaty musicians and passionately chaotic crowds have become enigmatic visuals for audiences that are as rare as they come. With punk's heyday existing in a small window in the late 1970s, Colver is one of the foremost innovators of show photography as a whole.

As a practiced medium, photographing concerts and music performances is unlike the sterile and controlled environment of the studio. Here, you're exposed to all the elements that punk rock breeds. In his fifth POW release featuring Jello Biafra of DK, viewers are presented with a number of unique elements only accessible at a Dead kennedys show from decades past. The snapshot showcases a a crowd surfing Biafra consumed by the audience, microphone in hand.

Edward Colver's live portrait of singer, songwriter and poet, Jello Biafra, will be available January 14th for a limited time. You can purchase your Ed Colver x Jello Biafra exclusive until February 3rd by simply clicking here.