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Father's Day Prints for Your Old Man

May is half over (boooo....), but where there is Spring, there is also Summer. Whereas May was devoted to all things motherly, June is devoted to all things fatherly. It’s Father’s Day!

Generally, you wouldn’t quite think to get your old man a piece of art for Father’s Day. It’s always some sort of geeky tie, a Blu-Ray, or a new tool for his ever-growing dusty collection in the garage. But I’ve learned from my own dad that fathers want the same sappy mementos as you would bestow on your mother. They may not show it, but that’s how they feel. Soft and sweet on the inside.

So, don’t be afraid this June to get your dad a nice custom wood print for Father’s Day. If there’s a funny vacation photo of you and him somewhere, perhaps trying snowboarding for the first time, or a family BBQ gone haywire, make those silly memories last with a wood print. Even better, hang it up somewhere in the house so that when he sees it, he’ll have a good laugh.

If your dad is the hard-working office type, remember that dads want office pictures too! My own dad loves to add to his small collection of pictures of me and my siblings. The shrine sits on the corner of his desk and when people ask about us, he’s the type that’ll go off on tangents on the recent ridiculous thing we just did the other day. Yeah. What you do at home, gets told in the office. Even I’m thinking of adding a wood print for his collection. I can make it small and personable, or large enough to be noticed when hung on the wall. It’s a long-lasting lovely gift that will never fade and has a touch of class, with the wood grain showing through.

And if your dad is a nature guy and a little skeptical about wood printing, you can tell him all about how our wood is harvested from sustainable wood farms. Every tree that’s cut down gets a new one right in its place, and we also donate to the Plant A Billion foundation with every custom wood print we sell. Guilt-free gifts!

So, take a gander over to our custom wood prints page and create your own print by uploading your photo from Facebook, Instagram, or your own computer. If you don’t have a photo in mind, no problem! We have a large variety of Fine Art Prints to choose from as well; there’s even some Star Wars prints in there too. If he’s into that.


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