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Four Wood Prints That Are Perfect For Summer

Summer is almost here!  Time to enhance your wardrobe with fun, vibrant colors - why not enhance your home too? Summertime means cheerful prints, bright colors and endless fun. In this post, I’m going to show you four different wood prints that will fill your home up with summer vibes.

1. Summer Cheer Wood Print
Flowers might remind you a lot of spring but lots of flowers symbolize summer as well! Sunflowers are bold, vibrant and yellow just like the summer sun.  This print will definitely brighten and warm up your home with summer cheer.

2. Summer Fling Wood Print
What’s a summer vacation without a trip to the carnival or theme park? This print captures the mood of a carefree and lively summer moment all in one print, giving your home a happy,  free, nostalgic feel.

3. Summer Time Wood Print
This print is more on the cartoon side compared to the first two photo prints. This creative, cute cartoon print is filled with fun, whimsical summer vibes.  From the floating ice cream to the beach-y waves, everything in this print will surely remind you of summer.

4. Summer Bliss Wood Print
Last, but definitely not least we have a photo print that showcases the clear blue skies and endless ocean. Looking at this print will fill you with the calm, serene summer vacation vibes you were searching for!

If none of these prints stand out to you, there are tons more prints available on our website that would be perfect for summer and they might be more your style. Go check them out!