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App Review: FxCamera


Have you ever wanted a quick fix filter to make a photo get just the right look?  How about an app that offers creativity through a fisheye, symmetrical, or artsy Andy Warhol effect with the push of a button.  I think we have found just the app, FxCamera does all of this and more for FREE!  Let's see if this app preforms as well as the pay apps we have reviewed.

photo 1

Unlike most apps I’ve come across, this one doesn’t have a single home page but instead gives you the several camera options right off the bat, which I thought was a bit cool.  You can scroll through five options- ToyCam, Instant, Symmetric, Fisheye and Normal+.   On their website they offer show an additional option "Poster" which adds a Andy Warhol look, maybe its coming soon?

photo 2

As you look at each option, there are two icons at the bottom of the screen, camera icon and a stack of photos.  The camera icon opens your camera on the iphone, the stack of photos right next to the camera icon, is where your past pictures used with the app are saved.

I chose the first ToyCam option and was immediately shown the camera screen.

photo 4

This screen works very similar to the native iPhone camera where you can choose to take a picture with flash, rotate to the front camera, etc. One interesting feature of the app was the ability to record sound while photographing, which is what that little microphone to the right of the camera icon is for. I don’t really know why you would want to record sound with a picture but hey, I wanted to give it a try anyway. To my disappointment, this feature didn’t quite work and after several failed attempts, the app crashed.

Instead of taking a picture I went and looked for one in my camera roll, as usual. Being the crazy cat lady that I am, I chose a picture of my little one eyed baby, Goonie.photo 5

At this screen I became a little disappointed by the lack of customization options that you are given, which in this case is the option to place a border around your picture and turning on and off the brightness. Not very versatile if you ask me.

One quick look around the other features such as Instant, Symmetric, and Fisheye confirmed my assumption, the app isn’t customization friendly. I can’t tweak anything!

photo 6Symmetric Filter

photo 7Fisheye Filter

I decided to go with the Retro filter under the ToyCam option. By clicking the checkmark arrow directly underneath the picture, it saves the image to your phone’s camera roll.

photo 8

The next screen you are shown is “Share Photo” where you can write a caption and then share on Facebook and Twitter.photo 9

Because I have one too many pictures of my cat on social media and don’t want people un-friending me, I chose to forgo this option. I did give it a try however, just to see if the app was able to connect to Facebook smoothly and was pleased to find that it indeed did!

Overall, I gave this app a wood rating of 3. It was very easy to use but I didn’t like the fact that I couldn't personalize any pictures further than just choosing a filter and brightness, but given that it was a free app, what it did have was worth the time and effort.


Let's see how it printed on wood! Goonie POW

The finished piece was a 6" x 6" print with natural gloss finish, which turned out to look pretty neat despite the app's limited customization features.


For more information on FxCamera please visit: https://fxcamera.com/


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