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Gettin' that Vintage Look

magazine covers_Printsonwood

Photos printed on wood are a great way to set that vintage look. We have worked with many companies that order wood prints from us, wanting to follow their vintage theme, whether it was to print an image with a vintage finish, or recreating old images onto wood to make it look like an antique painting. Or as in this case, reprint vintage magazine covers on bright white finish to keep all the vibrant colors in the images.

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Wood in general sets a rustic and restored vibe, by using our services you can modernize the decor anywhere! A creative customer wanted something that not only gave off an All-American, vintage vibe, but it also fed an antique look.

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He came up with the idea of printing old magazine covers that displayed popular events in American history like the booming times of the Rolling Stones, the 1964 Olympics, and how America came to be. Displaying these magazine covers on top of an antique coffee table, or simply just hanging them onto a plain wall already sets the mood in the room.

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We like to work closely with our customers to satisfy their needs, whether it is what thickness they want, or what finish they need to fit a certain theme or idea.