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Highlighting Hangar 24


What do we like almost as much as wood printing? BEER! (The cause of and solution to all of life's problems!) What do we like more than beer or wood prints? Printing wood prints for awesome local beer companies! That's where Hangar 24 comes in.

Inspired by a love of beer and flying (interesting, but definitely not the weirdest combination involving beer), Ben Cook and his buddies would meet up at Hangar 24 after a day jam packed full of aviation to hang out, play music, and drink his home made suds. Next thing you know, BOOM! they're making beer full time. (If only other stories that involved drinking could have such happy endings.) How does Prints On Wood fit into all of this?

Plot Twist: We print their wooden signs!

Yeah, I know, I'm skipping over a lot of details here, but I was planning to write this article about going on a tour of the Hangar 24 Brewery and documenting my experience. Funny thing about that is they aren't offering any guided tours at the moment, so now we're at Plan B: Pull a Mr. Rogers and give a (written) tour of the POW process when printing signs for Hangar 24. : /


As we step into the print room, we see a very hunky (and hairy) POW production associate flexing his guns by hoisting up blank sheet of wood. Note how he carefully avoids ripping the sleeves on his shirt with his arm cannons. After he places the sheet of wood onto the flatbed printer, he saunters out into the parking to take off his shirt so he can drink a diet coke in the most attractive way possible.


While our hirsute friend is outside torturing all the single women in the nearby office buildings with his raw swarthy appeal, through the combination of science and magic, our printer is doing the REAL work. Slaving away at an unforgiving blank sheet of wood and transforming it into a beautiful butterfly of bundled wood prints.


Once all of the artwork for the signs has been printed onto the blank sheets (above), our attractive friend carries them one by one over to our die-cutting machine were the signs are individually cut out of the sheet with pin-point precision. Which brings us to our finished product...


In it's natural habitat, these signs go up in pubs around the world, promoting the sweet delicious nectar that Hangar 24 produces all year long. Inspiring patrons in bars everywhere to raise their glass to friends, fun, and flying.

That, my younger readers, are how signs are born.


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