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Millions of people are bracing for the strong emotional and psychological impact that's common with this time of year. No, I'm not talking about an overwhelming sense of joy or a strong burning desire to participate in some charitable cause, I'm talking about severe soul-crushing disappointment experienced on Christmas morning. This is the feeling I most commonly associate with the month of December since my birthday takes place 4 days after Christmas. The birth of Jesus is always a tough act to follow, but on top of that this also meant that all of my cheap relatives would try to fob off my presents as Christmas/Birthday presents.

During my early formative years, I used to think of this as a disadvantage because I'd only get half of what I was owed in terms of gift giving, but as I began grow older (and more cynical) I realized it was for the best since it meant I would only get half as disappointed. He-Man action figures were promptly returned by my overtly religious Father, Play-Doh was tossed in the trash because it had a 90% chance of ending up matted in the carpet, and toys that were deemed "too nice" were kept locked-up safe far away from the destructive sticky hands of a child. It wasn't all bad though, I never really had much interest in playing with toys of a half naked blonde beefcake, my brother would usually trick me into eating a big lump of Play-Doh (tastes salty), & once in a blue moon I was allowed supervised visits with my nicer toys.

I realized that even though my relatives unknowingly purchased me gifts that caused more trouble than they were worth enjoying, it was their thought that counted. (Even if those cheapskates tried to cheat me out of 2 presents) So this year, if you're the recipient of a crappy Christmas gift, be it because you have mentally disturbed parental figure that will prohibit you from enjoying it, or the gift just flat out sucked, remember that they tried. Although If you're on the opposite end of the spectrum and your the one usually doling out the crummy gifts, then I'm going to have to ask you put down the Josh Grobin Christmas CD and step away from the Bargain-Bin.

With the amount of money you're planning to spend on that Beverly Hills Cop DVD box set, you could get something a little more memorable than Eddie Murphy stuffing bananas into a tailpipe. With prices starting as low as $18, you can purchase a custom wood print from Prints On Wood this year. Let your loved ones know how much you care about them with a unique, one-of-a-kind Christmas present that no pair of footed pajamas (Thanks Grandma!) can hold a candle to. Just upload your favorite photographic memories to our website, then choose the size, thickness, and finish you want, creating the perfect gift this year.

The best part is there's still some time left for you to get your order before Christmas. From now until December 15th, any domestic with Ground Shipping will get to your house before Christmas. If you're unable to make that deadline, the cut-off date to get your order before Christmas using 2-Day air is Dec 17th. For those of you who like to procrastinate Dec 18th is the very last day to get your order before Christmas if you elect Next-Day air during check out. We're also offering free ground shipping on Dec 18th for those of you who want a beautiful wood print but don't need it by Christmas. Lastly, if you miss all of the shipping deadlines and you still want to give the gift of wood this year for Christmas, you can still purchase a Prints On Wood gift certificate for your loved ones.


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